Best Alcohol Subscription Box UK (2022 Update)

In the UK alone there are thousands of independent breweries creating craft beers. Plus a plethora of whiskey and rum distilleries hidden away in the highlands producing rare spirits that might never whet your palette unless you actively seek them out. 

Your local pub won’t stock much beyond the standard fare from the big breweries, and choosing new drinks to try from the supermarket shelves is pot luck that often ends in disappointment.

Alcohol subscription boxes are a convenient and fun way to try out a bevy of brews and find a new favourite to tickle your taste buds. 

Having home deliveries of hand-picked alcohol is also an inexpensive way of indulging in rare ales and wines while learning the nuances of what makes a great tipple.

In this article we’d like to share with you the best subscription boxes and clubs for alcohol aficionados in the UK, from beers and spirits to creative cocktails.

Best alcohol subscription boxes in the UK

The Alcohol Discovery Bundle

Best booze variety bundle

The Alcohol Discovery Bundle subscription box

The Alcohol Discovery Bundle is a splendid booze cruise for adventurers thirsty for all kinds of spirits, ales, craft beers and do-it-yourself cocktails. Unlike the other alcohol subscriptions listed here that supply you with specific types of alcohol, this subscription box is a lucky dip of five of the best alternative alcoholic drinks in class plus two snacks. You might get a sparkling spritz squeezed in with a pale ale brewed with organic hops from a mountain spring with a bar of dark chocolate sandwiched between. You won’t have to wait long for your discovery bundle, which will arrive at your door within two working days of placing your order. Tucked inside you’ll also get a free surprise gift. Can’t say fairer than that, Guv! This box is available directly from The Box Hut. Give it a go and give your taste buds a thrill.

BeerBods Weekly Beer Tasting

Best beer club subscription

BeerBods Weekly Beer Tasting

BeerBods get our appreciation as the year’s ‘best beer club subscription’ for their inspiring efforts to foster widespread appreciation of beers from around the world.

Their weekly online beer tasting sessions are joined by their more than 7,500 members to sample the same beer together each week and hear the story behind the hand-picked brew.

The BeerBods boxes of 8 cans and bottles are delivered to subscribers every two months so you’ll have to exercise some disciplined drinking to join the live tasting sessions held every Thursday night with the week’s featured beer in hand.

The beer box is quite a bargain, too, working out at about £3 a beer. Join any time and you’ll get the next 8 beers delivered within a few days.

Best of British Beer

Best British beer variety subscription

Best of British Beer

Britain boasts more than 2,000 breweries with more than half of them popping up over the past decade, providing beer lovers with an almost endless supply of craft beers from every nook and cranny in the country.

You’ll get a crate of 12 different full-size bottles of beer each month. You can customize your subscription to suit your taste and pre-order the craft beers for 3, 6 and 12 months at a time.

Hoppily – Craft Beer Club

Best craft beer & snacks subscription

Hoppily Craft Beer Club

UK-based beer supplier Hoppily makes it on our list for the ‘best craft beer & snacks subscription’ for supplying a vast range of beers from independent British breweries along with selected artisan snacks to complement the experience.

Subscribe for 3, 6 and 12 months at a time to discover 8 or 10 craft beers delivered to your door every month. Hoppily aims to surprise subscribers with rare beers you might never have heard of. They also include trump cards of details about the beers and regularly slip in beer lover collectibles too.

Savage Vines 3 Bottle Monthly Wine Subscription

Best wine lovers subscription box

Savage Vines 3 Bottle Monthly Wine Subscription

There are few wine subscription boxes which give you as much variety in a single month as the hand-picked bottles of plonk put together by Savage Vines, who receive our vote for the ‘best wine lovers subscription box’.

Each month’s supply of reds, whites and rosé delivered to your door takes you on a jolly jaunt of discovery to experience 3 different wines from small, independent family run vineyards around the world. 

The wines are accompanied by tasting notes plus a podcast discussing each wine and recommendations for fantastic food pairing.

If you are a real wine aficionado then this wine subscription is a wonderful way to directly support independent vineyards and small family businesses while fueling a passion for fine food and wine combinations.

The Wine List

Best wine connoisseur subscription

The Wine List subscription box

We’ve given The Wine List our vote for the ‘best wine connoisseur subscription’ as a fun and inexpensive way to gain confidence and hone your senses as a wine connoisseur.

Each month subscribers receive two new bottles of wine hand picked from small and independent vineyards. You’ll learn the basics of wine tasting with a 12-part course, which includes interactive tasting cards teaching you how to identify aromas, improve your senses and understand grape varieties.

Batch Innovations Spirit Club

Best branded spirit blends

Batch innovations Spirit Club subscription

The exclusive gin, rum and botanical blends in the monthly subscription boxes from Batch Innovations gets our all-round approval for the ‘best branded spirit blends’.

The 700ml handcrafted bottles filled with fruity gins and sweet rums are enticingly wrapped in eye-catching artwork, which subscribers can download as a digital copy, too. Among the exotic flavour combinations we found that the pear & blackberry gin went down exceedingly smoothly.

The longer you subscribe, the bigger the savings you make. Go for a 12-month subscription and you’ll save £70!

Master of Malt Dram Club

Best spirit tasting subscription club

Master of Malt Dram Club subscription

With more than 5,500 individual drams exclusively available to Master of Malt Dram Club members, you’ll never run dry of whiskies, gins and rums to sample and help you discover your all-time favourite spirit.

Master of Malt wins our ‘best spirit tasting subscription club’ listing for two reasons. Firstly for their vast range of 30ml spirits – five of which are delivered to you each month – and secondly for the extras they include with subscriptions for spirit aficionados such as crystal tasting glasses and free edibles with 3, 6 and 12-month subscriptions.

Flaviar Spirit Tasting Club

Best spirit variety subscription box

Flaviar Spirit Tasting Club subscription

The award-winning themed subscription boxes from Flaviar Spirit Tasting Club offers the broadest selection of spirits that we’ve found so we’ve voted them the ‘best spirit variety subscription box’.

Each monthly box contains three 50ml samples of rare and original spirits such as scotch, bourbon & rye, whiskey, rum, gin, brandy & cognac, tequila & mescal from all over the world.

Subscribers also receive personalized samples and complimentary bottles from time to time plus invitations to events and booze-themed entertainment.

Microbarbox Monthly Cocktail Club

Best DIY cocktail subscription box

Microbarbox Monthly Cocktail Club

Each month you get a collectible micro bar in a themed box which doubles as a display case containing either rum, gin, tequila or Jack Daniel’s complete with artisan mixers.

The 8 to 14 units of alcohol in each box are enough to invite a few friends around for a round of cocktails expertly made by you with the help of the recipe cards included in each box, making this a well-deserved winner of our ‘best DIY cocktail subscription box’ award for the year.

Princess Prosecco Cocktail Box

Best sparkling wine subscription box

Princess Prosecco Cocktail Box

We really like this creative twist on Prosecco as a personalized pampering experience so it gets a special mention as the ‘best sparkling wine subscription box’. 

A lot of thought goes into the monthly subscription boxes from Princess Prosecco. The contents of each month’s box are based on the birthstone colour for that month.

You can choose a full-size bottle of either classic or premium (organic and vegan friendly) Prosecco in your subscription box. You’ll also get a surprise miniature (50ml) spirit bottle and collectable recipe card so you can mix two of your own cocktails plus a couple of surprise snacks to go with your bubbly.

Alcohol subscription boxes: The verdict

There is no single alcohol subscription box listed here that’s better than all the rest but we would like to give kudos to the suppliers in each category that stand out for providing subscribers with quality service and a unique tasting experience.

The best beer subscription is BeerBods for being seriously fun about beer appreciation.

For wine subscriptions, the best is Savage Wines is the winner for unrivalled variety.

As for spirits subscription boxes, you get larger samples (50ml) with Flaviar Spirit Tasting Club than you do with Master of Malt Dram Club (30ml), but with Batch Innovations Spirit Club you get much more (700ml bottles), and you save more money, too.

Microbarbox is our winner in the cocktail subscription category for giving you everything you need for an impromptu cocktail party, where you play the role of mixologist.

Even if you’re not a drinker yourself, a box of booze is always a great gift for a special occasion.

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