Best Baking Subscription Box UK (2022 Update)

Pottering around the house cooking and baking have become new pastimes in today’s ‘normal’. This becomes even easier with the help of monthly deliveries of baking subscription boxes containing pre measured dry ingredients for the month’s recipes plus any baking materials you might need. 

There are baking kits for all ages and abilities, from beginners to pros. Those aimed at kids are a fantastic way to serve up wholesome edutainment that teaches youngsters self sufficiency and is a source of pride as they discover the joys of baking and eating their own cakes, cookies and brownies. 

Having baking subscription boxes delivered also saves time and hassle by not having to shop for unusual or special ingredients. It’s also good to know we are doing our bit to support independent bakers and bakeries around the country. 

This article will list the ten best baking subscription boxes that we’ve found this year.

Best Baking Subscription Boxes in the UK

If I knew You Were Coming Baking Mix Subscription

Best cookie and brownie baking subscription

Best cookie and brownie baking kit subscription.

Be ready to give visitors a warm welcome to your home with colourful cookies and sumptuous Belgian chocolate brownies with a six-month baking mix subscription from the award-winning baking club If I knew You Were Coming. Their monthly boxes fit through your letterbox and come with all the dry ingredients you’ll need to bake up a hearty batch of snazzy snacks for house guests or the kids along with an instruction card and baking parchment. There’ll also be a short shopping list for a few basic fresh ingredients that you can easily get at the local supermarket. A bonus for eco warriors: no plastic is used in their packaging and delivery is free in the UK.

Bake Club Box Subscription

Best all-round bakery subscription

This subscription is perfect if you’ve never baked before and want to make a professional cake for a birthday or special occasion. Kids will love the colourful subscription box and packaging too!

Join the Bake Club as a Box Club subscriber and you’ll get the recipe and all the ingredients you need to make a professional looking cake with each box, plus access to live baking classes online.

As a Box Club subscriber you’ll need to download the Bake Club app so you can get privileged access to dozens more cake recipes plus a plethora of interactive options.

You can opt to receive one, two, three or four boxes of baking ingredients each month. You’ll also enjoy discounts and special offers from the Bake Club’s partners, including Brigit’s Bakery.

Best family-friendly baking subscription box

Cookie Crumbles Baking Subscription

Our vote for the ‘best family-friendly baking subscription box’ goes to the letterbox-sized packages of ingredients for healthy and nutritious cakes, muffins, cookies and bars from Cookie Crumbles. 

The monthly baking kits are aimed at introducing kids to wholesome homemade food made from natural ingredients such as wholemeal flour, various seeds and dried fruit. 

With these baking its you’ll be baking tasty treats packed with goodness such as blueberry and vanilla muffins, gluten-free cinnamon brownies and even granola bars.

Chocolate & Pecan Millionaire Squares

Best for impressing guests bakery subscription box

We think these millionaire squares of caramel and chocolate layers on a bed of shortbread are the best bake for impressing guests. They look and taste great as an after dinner dessert or as a side bite with a tea or coffee.

The recipe is from the November baking subscription box from Bakedin baking club, who send you the pre-measured ingredients and recipe for a unique bake in each monthly recipe kit. 

The three layers have to be made separately so the recipe is quite complicated but we found it super easy with Bakedin’s brief online how-to video accompanying the subscription box.

BakedIn Box

BakeBox Monthly Baking Kits

Best decorative cake baking box

Bakebox monthly baking kits

Our vote for the ‘best decorative cake baking box’ goes to BakeBox Monthly Baking Kits, which includes ingredients and decorations for baking a snazzy birthday cake bursting with colour.

The kit also includes packages of the dry ingredients measured out in the exact weights that you need, plus easy-to-follow baking instructions on a colourful recipe card. You’ll have to buy some of the wet or fresh ingredients separately such as cream and eggs.

The Great British Bake Off

Best bespoke baking box


In the ‘best bespoke baking box’ category are subscription boxes for some of the cakes you might have seen on the Channel 4 TV cooking show, ‘The Great British Bake Off’.

In each Bake Off box you’ll get a bespoke piece of baking equipment selected by the show’s culinary experts along with all the dry ingredients you need to make your bake, including a pre-prepared flour mix, a checklist and a collectable recipe card with step-by-step instructions.

Young Bakers Club Subscription

Best kids baking box

Young bakers subscription box

The ‘best kids baking box’ award for this year’s list goes to the Young Bakers Club’s 6-month rolling subscription from home-based baking supplier Honeywell Biscuit Co., which gives children under 12 years old a fun learning experience in the kitchen with a new baking recipe and ingredients delivered to the door each month. 

Last year’s themed recipes for little bakers included Rainbow Blondies, Spooky Chocolate Traybake, Beehive Scones and Gingerbread Penguin Biscuits. 

You’ll get cookie cutters and piping bags when needed. The subscription boxes also come with a themed puzzle or activity with familiar characters to do while the bake is in the oven. The boxes are letterbox friendly and made of recycled materials whenever possible.

Meg Rivers Cake Club

Best freshly baked cake

Meg Rivers Bake Club

The Meg Rivers Cake Club wins our hungry hearts for the ‘best freshly baked cake’ bakery subscription box available in the UK. Based in The Cotswolds – a bastion of great British cakes – Meg Rivers has been delivering cakes for all occasions across the British Isles for 15 years. 

If you go for the 12-month subscription you are guaranteed to receive a Simnel cake at Easter and a fully iced Christmas cake in December. The monthly cakes for the rest of the year are seasonal surprises.

BakeBox Premium Baking Kit

Best professional bakery subscription box

Bake Box professional baking kit

This high-quality baking kit from Bake Box gets our award for the ‘best professional bakery subscription box’, which is sent out to subscribers on a bimonthly basis. 

You get everything you need to bake beautiful cakes just like the pros with each box containing at least 6 specially curated bakeware items that you won’t find in high street stores. 

You’ll also get six new recipes plus professional-grade cake decorating products in each of the themed subscription boxes; ideal if you are an experienced baker looking to up your game and bake like a pro.

Little Bee Bakes Monthly Cake Subscription

Best dessert bakery box

Little Bee Bakes cake subscription box

Winning our ‘best dessert bakery box’ award for the year is the very popular monthly cake subscription from Little Bees Bakes. Literally selling like hotcakes, the Little Bees Bakery reached capacity for subscriptions until February 2021. 

With a rolling subscription, you get a new selection of 3 different types of sweet dessert bakes each month (2 slices of each) such as white chocolate blondies, sticky flapjacks, buttery cookies and chocolate brownies. 

Another winning feature of these subscription boxes is the biodegradable and recyclable packaging designed to fit through letterboxes.

Bake A Day of It

Best themed bakery subscription box

Bake a Day of it

Our choice for the ‘best themed bakery subscription box’ goes to Bake A Day of It; a brand new bakery subscription box supplier on the scene that began delivering across the UK during the country’s lockdowns. 

The inspiring bakery kits are ideal if you are a budding baker with a creative flair and already have essential baking ingredients in your home such as flour, sugar and cacao. 

In each box, you get reusable equipment such biscuit cutters and piping tools plus special ingredients aimed at creating two highly decorative seasonal baking recipes, which could be anything from brownies, cookies, biscuits and doughnuts to fairy cakes.

The Favourites Selection – 6 Month Baking Subscription Box

Best variety baking subscription box

The Favourites Selection

We love the monthly subscription boxes from If I Knew You Were Coming for the variety of bakes that you get over a 6-month subscription. The recipes really help improve your baking skills to conjure up beautiful brownies, biscuits and muffins. 

In the boxes you get the ingredients for classic and caramel brownies plus a myriad of mouthwatering muffins during the six-month subscription. 

Our personal favourite is the Strawberries and Cream Muffin Baking Kit, which is a sensuous new twist on the classic muffin experience.

In the monthly baking kits, you get all the dry ingredients you need along with recipe cards with instructions that are easy for kids to follow too. You’ll need to shop for the main ingredients and have some basic equipment handy such as spoons and baking trays before beginning your baking. Postage is free within the UK.

Baking subscription boxes: The verdict

Overall this past year has been great for trying out new baking subscription boxes, especially kits for kids. The ten we’ve listed here are just some of the growing number of subscription boxes being delivered to British households that we are making available from TheBoxHut with free shipping anywhere in the UK.

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