Best Baking Subscription Box for Kids in the UK (2022 Update)

Kids are always keen to help out with baking, probably because it’s just so messy, and they get to lick the icing bowl before it ends up in the sink. Letting youngsters loose on a souffle or a delicate sponge requiring a mix of elbow grease and delicacy to make it light and fluffy can end up being a disappointing flop. If you want to make sure their baking adventures end in success, you are better off subscribing for baking kits made specifically with kids in mind to achieve excellent results with simple recipes and less mess. Thankfully there are plenty on the market from some of the large baking subscription suppliers as well as plenty of home-based suppliers with kids of their own. Here’s our list of the best baking boxes in the UK for 2021.

Best baking subscription boxes for kids

Honeywell Biscuit Co

Best artistic baking subscription for kids

Honeywell Kids Baking subscription box

Rainbow biscuits, Beehive scones, Polar Bear Buns and Gingerbread Penguins are just some of the treats kids can make with the kids baking kits in letterbox-friendly boxes from the Young Bakers Club by Honeywell Biscuit Co. A rolling subscription costs £14.99 a month or you can pre pay for 6 or 12 months at a time and save on the cost of your monthly boxes, which include most of the ingredients you’ll need for the month’s recipe plus tools such as cookie cutters and piping tips. The baking kits also include a puzzle or activity to keep the kids occupied while their creations are in the oven.

Little Cooks

Best educational baking kit for kids

Little Cooks kids baking subscription box

The kids baking subscription from Little Cooks is really well put together as a complete educational package that keeps children keen on creativity in the kitchen with lots of extra activities apart from the actual baking. The recipes are healthy and organic too. Each monthly kit includes all the dry organic ingredients (no refined sugars) needed plus other entertaining hands-on learning materials accompanied by online activities for a fun edutainment adventure. The little cooks are encouraged to keep track of their progress by keeping a record for the year in return for rewards such as collectable stickers. Choose a subscription plan for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months at a time. The longer you subscribe for the more you save. A 3-month plan works out at £12.00 per box while a year-long subscription saves you more than 30% at £8.33 per box. Deliveries are sent via Royal Mail express delivery.

Little Bakers Club

Best baking box for kids with dietary needs

LIttle bakers subscription box

Kids with food allergies can still enjoy learning to bake cakes that they can safely eat with a monthly box from Little Bakers Club, which lets you choose from 4 different dietary options when subscripting: No dietary requirements, Dairy free, Gluten free or Vegetarian. The boxes come with all the pre-weighed dry ingredients the little bakers need plus a recipe card to bake something new each month such as monster cupcakes, flapjacks and cake pops. The Club boxes are sent out mid month but if you need one in a hurry to get stuck in, you can ask for your first box to be sent straight away.

Poppies Bakehouse

Best baking subscription box for toddlers

Poppies Bakehouse kids baking subscription box

Kids as young as 18 months can begin baking with the Cooking Tots personalised baking subscription boxes from Poppies Bakehouse. The baking kits have been a hit since they were first introduced as a way to help infants develop key skills and try out new foods in a Parent & Toddler Cooking Group. The letterbox-sized boxes are personalised with the child’s name and come in a different theme each month so you can teach and play with fun scenarios like ‘Under The Sea’, ‘Ancient Egypt’ and ‘In the Jungle’.

Britain Loves Baking

Best baking boxes for older kids

Britain Loves Baking four pack kids baking kit

The wide range of kids baking boxes from Britain Loves Baking are suitable for children aged 8 years and above. They’ve got double packs, triple packs and four packs of baking boxes so you can get up to four different recipes in each box. All the ingredients are included in pre-measured packages along with simple step-by-step guides for baking pastries, cakes, muffins and flavoured breads. The contents of the four-pack box that we tried had kits and recipes for Orange Chocolate Bread; Fruit & Nut Muffins; Banana Cupcakes and Choc Chip Cookies. Yummie!

Cookie Crumbles

Best all natural kids baking subscription boxes

Cookie Crumbles kids baking subscription box

The baking boxes from the Cookie Crumbles Baking Club subscription are wholesome treats aimed at teaching healthy baking skills to kids of all ages. All the recipes use 100% natural ingredients and colours with no preservatives and no hydrogenated fat. Among the hearty recipes are Sunny Oat and Raisin Cookie Mix, Granola Energy Mix, White chocolate and Cinnamon Muffin Mix and Gluten free Brownie Mix to name a few. Subscribe for 3 or 6 months at a time for your baking mixes to be delivered in the first week of every month.

Bake a Day of It

Best themed baking kits for kids and adults

Bake a day of it subscription

The Bake A Day Of It themed subscription boxes are fun baking kits for bonding experiences between kids and adults. There are two new recipes in each monthly box plus other baking tools you might need such as biscuit cutters, decorating equipment or special ingredients. The changing themes make baking an enthralling experience for young bakers. So far this year themes have included Teddy Bear’s Picnic, Ghostly Gathering and Paris Cafe. The subscription boxes cost £13 a month but you have to subscribe for a minimum of two months. Delivery is free in the UK.

Craft and Crumb

Best themed baking boxes for kids

Craft and Crumb baking kit for tweens

Craft and Crumb sell baking kits for all ages and abilities by making the boxes available in age categories for Little Bakers (2-5 years), Midi Bakers (5-8 years) and Tweens (8-12 years). The baking boxes for tweens are really appealing for creative minds and better hand-eye coordination than younger kids with recipes for bakes such as Pizza Biscuits Watercolour Biscuits. Sign up for a three- or six-month subscription to get monthly letterbox friendly deliveries of seasonal baking kits (Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Halloween etc.) with pre-weighed ingredients and easy-to-follow recipe cards. The boxes usually include a craft as well plus any baking tools needed such as cutters, icing bags and pans. The first box comes with a personalised gift message and welcome note, which is shipped as soon as you place your order. After that the boxes are delivered at the beginning of each month.

Bakester Box

Best classy baking boxes for older kids

bakester baking subscription

Getting the Bakester Box 3 or 6-month subscription is a good way to introduce older budding bakers to more adult-like home baking recipes using classy ingredients such as gourmet Valrhona chocolate blends and French patisserie flour, which are professionally dried and perfectly measured. Baking guides are included in the boxes but if the going gets tough there are online tutorials too. You’ll need to source your own basic ingredients such as eggs, butter and milk.

Katie Bakes

Best pancake subscription box for kids

Katie Bakes kids baking subscription

Kids love making pancakes and with a ready-made mix it doesn’t get as messy as starting from scratch. With a three-month Pancake of the Month subscription for £30 from Katie Bakes, you and the kids can make some really jazzy pancakes with fantastically fun flavours for young bakers such as Raspberry & White Chocolate, Apple Crumble and Cinnamon and Cherry and Dark Chocolate. Each pack gives you enough ingredients to serve four people.

Baking subscription boxes for kids: The verdict

Before you get a baking kit, think about what you already have in the way of kitchen space, equipment and tools such as mixing bowls, whisks and rolling pins because baking subscription boxes don’t usually include fresh ingredients such as milk and eggs. However, most kits come with any small tools needed such as cookie cutters and piping tips. Some of these subscription services also give you the option to send the boxes as a gift with a message. If you are looking for baking kit suggestions for adults then see our review of the Best Baking Subscription Boxes.

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