Best Beer Subscription Box in the UK (2022 Update)

With the pubs opening and closing like saloon doors flapping in a storm, you ever know when you might get locked down and shut out of the pubs again so it’s a sensible idea to have a supply of beers on hand at home just in case. Getting a monthly beer subscription box delivered to your door is also a fun way to try out rare beers from thousands of micro and craft breweries dotted around the UK as well the spoils from Bavaria, Belgium and other continental craft beer creators.

10 Best beer subscription boxes in the UK

Club 84 Craft Beer Box of 12

Best way to discover new craft beers and save

Club 84 Craft Beer box

Club 84 is a brew house on the edge of the North Yorkshire moors that’s been growing a range of craft ales, beers, largers and stouts for more than 30 years in an old quarry. Every month you get to try a dozen different craft beers from their own vats as well as the latest limited edition brews and single batch beers on the block. These beers come cheaper by the dozen, too, when you sign up for a long-term subscription. Save £20 on a six-month subscription and £60 on a year-long supply.

Each monthly box is a mix of their own branded beer from their ‘Projects’, ‘Heritage’ and ‘Core’ ranges comprising a splendid array of exotic flavors and blends. You’ll get at least three new releases from them along with guest beers from other breweries.

Honest Brew

Best pale ale subscription

Honest Brew beer subscription UK

Honest Brew stocks lots of different types of beer but they specialize in sourcing India Pale Ale (IPA) for craft beer connoisseurs. IPAs originate from the days of the British Raj in India during the 1700s. The beers are traditionally high in alcohol and hop content and there are dozens to choose from.

The ales mostly come in cans, probably because they are lighter than bottles, to keep postage costs down. You can order monthly subscriptions of 6, 9 or 12 cans of ale at a time. Given the wide variety and new brews continually coming on line, it’ll take you a while to drink your way through them all.

Beer 52

Best themed beer subscription

Beer 52 subscription box

Subscribe to the Craft Beer Discovery Club to try a box of themed beers each month. The only decision making you have to do is choose between mixed beers or exclusively light beers, which include vegan-friendly options.

For £24 a month you get 8 beers in each box plus a magazine and a snack. You can also earn points towards your subscriptions by rating and reviewing the beers sent to you each month.

Hop Burns & Black

Best premium beer subscription

Hope Burns & Black beer subscription

Hop Burns & Black is a shop in South London with an obscure character which brings together a trio of obsessions: craft beer (the Hop), hot sauce (the Burns) and vinyl records (the Black). They are curators of natural wine, cider and small batch spirits, too, with a focus on sustainability.

In each monthly All Killer No Filler box you get 12 craft beers from ethical suppliers, including international rarities and small-batches from bespoke breweries. Subscribe for a monthly rolling subscription or get discount prices when you subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months at a time.

Brew Republic

Best choice of beer subscription packages

Brew Republic beer subscription UK

The three choices of subscription are pretty straight forward. You get a dozen beers in each box, which you can subscribe to receive monthly or bi monthly. The Discovery subscription is the cheapest, giving you a mix of craft beers from small-batch breweries. For a few quid more you can get the Hop Hunters subscription, which is exclusively hop beers (no stouts or sours). Top of the range is the Premium subscription, which promises 12 top-notch beers, including three new collabs each month. Delivery is free.

Craft Metropolis

Best big box of craft beers

Craft Metropolis beer subscription UK

Get a mix of 24 bottles and cans of pale ales, IPAs and a few dark horses sourced from all over the world in the ‘Big Beast Craft Beer Box’ for £99.95, including delivery, which works out to about £4 a beer.

The craft beer box isn’t really a subscription service; more of a one-off purchase, but you earn beer tokens to get discounts of future deliveries and you can sign up for their weekly shout outs by email of new beers they’ve discovered.

Brewdog Beer Club

Best beer club subscription

Brewdog beer subscription

Brewdog is a contemporary beer club at the heart of a community of craft beer lovers. They claim to be ‘the world’s most sustainable beer club’ and consider social responsibility integral to their corporate vision to support independent businesses in the hospitality industry.

Sign up with the beer club and get a monthly delivery of 8 seasonal beers plus the latest copy of the Brewdog & Friends magazine for just under £20 a month. Each month they’ll send you four of their own beers and four beers from collaborating breweries with the assurance that you’ll be introduced to at least two new beers a month.


Best value beer subscription

Flavourly beer subscription

The best value boxes of beers we’ve found are the craft beer subscriptions from Flavourly. If you’re an average drinker you can subscribe to have a box of 8 hand-picked craft beers delivered to your door for just under £20.

If you’ve got a big enough fridge and appetite for an almost endless supply of beer, you can get the box of 20 craft brews for £26.99. Both these beer subscriptions include free delivery, a magazine and a snack. Choose to get your box once a month, every 2 months or every 3 months.

BeerBods Weekly Beer Tasting

Best beer club subscription

Beerbods beer subscription

We’ve given BeerBods the year’s ‘best beer club subscription’ for nurturing widespread appreciation of beers sourced from all over the world. With this beer subscription you get 8 cans and bottles of carefully chosen beers delivered every two months (one beer a week) and you can take part in their weekly online beer tasting sessions with 7,500 other members to sample one of the beer’s together and hear the story behind the brew.

There’s no specific delivery date. You can subscribe any time and you’ll get your 8 beers within a few days. The online tasting sessions are held every Thursday. Pricewise, this subscription is reasonable with each beer working out to about £3.

Best of British Beer

Best British beer subscription

Best of British Beer subscription

The Best of British Beer subscription box brings you beers from more than 2,000 breweries based exclusively in the UK that are picked for you based on your preferences for particular types of beer (pale, dark etc.)

The monthly subscription box is a crate of 12 different full-size bottles of beer for 3, 6 and 12 months at a time, introducing you to new beers each month. 

Hoppily Craft Beer Club

Best craft beer & snacks subscription

Hoppily beer subscription

Hoppily is a UK-based beer supplier with a bit of a haughty attitude. They pride themselves on making beer drinking an art form with a craft beer and artisan snacks subscription. They like throwing in beer-lover collectibles, too.

Subscribe for 3, 6 and 12 months at a time to receive between 8 and 10 craft beers every month from an extensive range of beers from a variety of independent British breweries. There’ll always be a rare beer or two for you to appreciate along with trump cards with details about the beers.

Beer subscription boxes: The verdict

The best beer subscription for you really depends on how seriously you take your drinking and any preferences you might have for pale ales or darker cousins. Price is of course a consideration too. You pay more for the assurance of premium beers like the ones you get with a Hop Burns & Black subscription.

The best value beer subscription is Flavourly’s box of 8 for under £20 but don’t be surprised if you are sometimes disappointed with a cheap, obscure beer from the Eastern Bloc that tastes like it was brewed in a rusty vat.

Beer is a lubricator for social gatherings. Drinking alone isn’t fun. But if you find yourself without a drinking buddy then the online beer drinking communities run by BeerBods and Brewdog Beer Club are a lifeline in lonely times.

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