Best Brownie Subscription Box UK (2022 Update)

We could argue all day about what makes a good brownie. I’ve got childhood memories of stuffing my mouth with chewy brownies bursting with sweet chocolaty fudginess so that’s what I personally look for when choosing the best brownie subscription box.

You might have a different brownie memory that you want to relive or even experience for the first time. You could try your hand at making your own batch of brownies but it’s messy and time-consuming. Getting the recipe right to bake perfect brownies takes practise and patience so you need to have oodles of time on your hands plus a kitchen that’s well enough equipped for baking.

Chocolate brownies are traditionally made with dark chocolate. When they are made with white chocolate they are called ‘blondies’. Our list below of the best brownie subscription boxes includes blondies, too, plus other inventive bakes which can be delivered to your door.

Freshness is probably your biggest concern when ordering brownies. They are usually good for a few days and will keep for about a week if you store them in an airtight container, preferably in the fridge.

You also want to know that your brownies will arrive intact – not smeared all over the inside of the lid. Well, we’ve done all the hard work for you by testing each brownie subscription box for taste, texture, freshness and packaging.

Each of the brownie subscription boxes we’ve listed here has earned a place in our hearts and tummies for being the best of its kind.

Best brownie subscription boxes in the UK

Gourmet Gianduja Truffle Brownies

Best luxury brownie subscription box

gourmet truffle brownie subscription box

We’ll begin with the ‘best luxury brownie subscription box’. No bones are made about the naughty ingredients in these triple-layer brownies that make them an exquisitely rich, chocolaty indulgence. 

The thick layer of gianduja ganache (nutty chocolate cream) topped with milk chocolate and caramelised hazelnuts makes these brownies a triple-layer gourmet treat indeed! 

Another reason to feel good about these handmade brownie bakes is that they contain only fresh organic ingredients; no artificial colours or flavours.

Brownie Slab of The Month

Best party brownie

Brownie slab subscription

We unanimously decided to award these slabs of obscene sweetness the ‘best party brownie’. They are the punk rock of brownie subscription boxes. Each slab measures about 15cm x 19cm, which you can cut into 14 equally sized smaller brownies. 

These industrial-sized brownies might look like they’ve been thrown together by a bunch of stoners with the munchies who couldn’t find the knife but they are actually artistic culinary creations that are a fun way to celebrate chocoholism with a wild new topping and different flavour combination each month. We ordered a slab just in time for one of our colleague’s birthdays instead of getting him a cake.

Luxury Matcha & Yuzu Truffle Brownies

Best oriental brownie

Luxury Matcha Truffle Brownie

These brownies get our award for ‘best oriental brownie’. The Japanese chocolate culture is arguably more complex and refined than ours. They don’t have such a sweet tooth and prefer a more subtle and sophisticated combination of different flavours such as these matcha (green tea) chocolate brownies infused with the essence of the tangy citrus yuzu fruit found in the foothills of mountainous regions in Japan, China and Tibet.

A lot of care goes into these organic double chocolate brownies stuffed with chocolate chunks and topped with Matcha and Yuzu chocolate ganache. Each chocolate brownie is topped with a single-origin white chocolate disc.

Luxury Salted Butter Caramel Brownies

Best traditional brownie

Salted Butter Caramel Brownies

This subscription box of delightful bakes gets our award for the ‘best traditional brownie’. They’re not too sweet and o down a treat with a cup of tea. Achieving the right balance of ingredients in a brownie is an art and a science. 

Chocolate with a high cacao content is rich but also bitter so adding salt to the mix along with other sweet ingredients such as sugar, milk and cacao butter make for a more palatable bake.

These rich, soft and chewy Salted Butter Caramel Brownies sprinkled with sea salt flakes are a perfect blend of those contrasting flavours to achieve a uniquely luxurious taste served hot or cold.

Gourmet Lime & Coconut Brownies

Best organic brownie

Lime & Coconut Brownie subscription

Our ‘best organic brownie’ award goes to these rich and zesty Gourmet Lime & Coconut Brownies. The soft, chewy treats are made only from fresh organic ingredients and single-origin chocolate. 

The lime and coconut buttercream and dark chocolate coverings are sprinkled with coconut that gives them an oriental twist that looks and tastes luxurious.

Vegan Brownie Selection

Best vegan brownie

Vegan brownie monthly subscription box

We’ve awarded the ‘best vegan brownie’ to Simply Cake Co. for their variety pack of 6 fantastic flavours in rich and gooey concoctions, which come with a personalised message from the makers, who post their brownies all over the UK from their bakery in King’s Lynn. 

The selection of flavoured layers includes triple chocolate chunk, tangy chocolate orange, caramel blondie, raspberry and dark chocolate, salted honeycomb and Oreo-style rocky road with vegan marshmallows inside.

Little Bee Brownies

Best letterbox brownie

Little Bees brownie subscription

The ‘best letterbox brownie’ subscription in our opinion is the letterbox-sized box of half a dozen freshly baked treats – three brownies and three blondies in each box – posted across the UK from the family-run Little Bee Bakery in Lancashire. 

Dispatched on the 2nd Monday of each month, these brownies don’t have a creamy topping so you can be posted through the letterbox without making a mess, and you won’t have to be at home when they arrive.

Mixed Selection of Chocolate Brownies

Best brownie variety subscription box

Mixed selection brownie subscription

We’ve awarded these brownies from Brownie Heaven as the ‘best brownie variety subscription box’. Each month you get a mixed selection of gluten-free brownies in a variety of fun flavours including chilli, cognac and rum.

In each monthly subscription box, you get 8 brownies, each made with dark Belgian chocolate containing 70% cocoa butter and weighing in at 70 grams.

The brownies are baked to order and arrive at your door expertly wrapped in their sturdy subscription box, which comes with a personal message, making them a great gift with a personal touch.

Brownie subscription: The verdict

All of the above brownie subscriptions are the best we’ve found that can be delivered all over the UK. They are freshly baked and expertly packed to arrive at your door intact.

Our selection of the best brownie subscriptions for 2020 is admittedly a bit thin on the ground compared to say the vast range of chocolate subscription boxes we have available at The Box Hut but in this transitional year of staying at home and working remotely we’ve definitely seen an increase in demand for deliveries of freshly baked brownies with more independent suppliers popping up to cater to that demand, so we expect to see many more home-based bakers joining the ranks of online suppliers in the coming year.

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