Best Cocktail Subscription Box by Post (2022 Update)

Here at The Box Hut we’re all about sourcing the best food and drink subscription boxes but when you need cocktails by post it’s usually as a one-off gift or to treat yourself on a special occasion rather than a monthly subscription.

So instead of focusing only on subscription boxes in this article we’ve rounded up the 10 best cocktail boxes by post we could find in the UK. 

If you need a party pack or a comforting cocktail or two to keep safe for a rainy day, or perhaps take with you on a trip away when there are no bars nearby, read on.

If you are on the hunt for the best beer, wine or other drink subscription box ideas have a look at our article featuring the UK’s best alcohol subscription boxes.

Best Cocktail Subscription Boxes by Post

Moose The Mountain Spirit Mule Cocktail Box

Best organic cocktail spirit by post

Moose The Mountain Spirit Mule Cocktail Box

Moose is a grain-based spirit of botanical blends including mint, mountain pine, chilli, gentian and maple syrup specifically blended for mixing cocktails.

Distilled in the Austrian Alps, Moose is naturally sweet from the aromatic organic maple syrup in the concoction, tapped from trees in Quebec, making it the best organic cocktail spirit in the UK which you can get in the post.

In the Mountain Spirit Mule Cocktail Box you get a 200ml bottle of Moose Alpine Spirit, four Fever Tree ginger ales and four Fever Tree soda waters – enough to make four fizzy cocktails with really sassy flavours – plus a fresh orange, lime and mint for garnishing your home made cocktails.

Lollipop Box of Six Cocktails

Best cocktail variety box by post

Lollipop Box of Six Cocktails

The creative concoctions in the Lollipop box of six premixed cocktails in miniature bottles are guaranteed to give you a brand new taste experience.

If you’ve been to Ibiza before you’ve probably tried something similar to Lollipop’s Sunny Sangria (red wine, brandy, Triple Sec) but have you ever experienced a Flat White Bro (dark espresso, coffee liqueur, vegan Baileys) or a Tangy Paloma (tequila, ting, grapefruit)?

The box of six single-serving cocktails is too large for letterboxes but that’s also why we’ve awarded this craft cocktail collection the ‘best cocktail variety box by post’.

Each cocktail comes with its own set of special garnishes such as dried oranges, coffee beans and chilli.

Bitter Union Bitters Gift Set

Best bitters for cocktails by post

Bitter Union Bitters Gift Set

If you want to have a free hand in your cocktail creations or know a mixologist that will appreciate a gift of essential ingredients to conjure up exotic cocktails then order yourself or your friend a gift set of Bitter Union bitters.

Choose three different flavoured artisanal bitters from natural ingredients (sugar free) to be posted to you in sturdy tubes. Each 100ml bottle of cocktail bitter is enough for 35 servings and contains about 31.5% alcohol.

The choice of bitters includes: spiced orange, lemon, hop and herbs, rhubarb and hibiscus and more, which can be added to almost any kind of cocktail or blended with other mixers such as gin and tonic, Prosecco, rum and ginger beer.

Send a Negroni

Best classic cocktail for a tenner

Send a Negroni

The classic bittersweet Negroni cocktail was dreamed up in the early 20th century by Italian Count Camillo Negroni, when he asked a bartender in Florence to give his usual Americano cocktail more punch by adding gin instead of soda water.

For just £10 you can send yourself or a friend a premixed Classic Negroni with Porter’s modern classic gin, bitters and Baldoria Rosso vermouth or a Passionfruit & Guava Negroni (Sending Love Edition).

The recyclable letterbox-sized cardboard box includes a postcard with a customizable message. Delivery is free and shipped via Royal Mail within five working days. Just have some ice ready to chillax with a classic cocktail on the rocks.

Princess Prosecco Subscription Box

Best sparkling wine cocktail gift box

Princess Prosecco

Best served as a gift, even if it’s for yourself, the Princess Prosecco Subscription Box is put together to pamper with a themed box based on birthstone colours so it gets our vote as the best sparkling wine cocktail gift box.

Prosecco is on a par with Champagne. Just that it’s a sparkling wine from the foothills of the mountains in northern Italy. The Princess Prosecco has a floral aroma and delicate hints of apple, pear and citrus fruits – giving your cocktails a divine fizz with natural flavours.

Order a one-off box or go for a monthly subscription and get a bottle of 11% vol Prosecco D.O.C Spumante Extra Dry Treviso, a miniature spirit bottle and cocktail card to make two Prosecco cocktails plus some handmade artesian snacks.

Gin Lovers Gift Set

Best cocktail gift set

Gin Lovers Gift Set

The Gin Lovers Gift Set by Letterbox Gifts is a great way to get intimate with a friend as you share a passion for gin cocktails for a romantic evening in.

Inside the pearly pink box is everything you need to set the mood for an amorous evening with two 50ml bottles of Salcombe Gin (Start Point and Rosé), a tin of dried rose petals and pink peppercorns to decorate and infuse gin & tonic plus a bar of gin & tonic flavoured chocolate and glass tealights infused with citrus scents.

Microbarbox Variety Cocktail Box

Best cocktail variety box


Unboxing the Microbarbox Variety Cocktail Box is like opening up your very own mini bar with enough premium craft spirits and mixers to make four fantastic cocktails: Moscow Mule; Amaretto Fizz; Almond Cream and Raspberry Gin & Tonic.

You get a card with instructions to make each cocktail plus a surprise snack to go with your cocktail creations all very nicely packaged in a stylish box. All you need is your own cocktail shaker and of course some ice.

NIO Cocktails Build a Box

Best packaged cocktails by post

NIO Cocktails

NIO means “needs ice only”, which is all you need to prepare once you receive these square sachets of individually premixed cocktails made from premium spirits in the post.

To order, build your own customized box containing either three, six or nine cocktail sachets, which you simply tear open and pour over ice.

When you build your box you can choose classic cocktails such as Manhattan and Whiskey Sour or try something exotic and new like their Lemongrass Citrus cocktail or Brown Gold made from Bullet Bourbon, coffee and vanilla.

We think these are the best packaged cocktails by post because of the stylish but extra lightweight packaging which easily fits through your letterbox.

Salted Caramel Old-Fashioned Cocktail Experience

Best contemporary classic cocktail

Salted Caramel Old-Fashioned Cocktail Experience

This letterbox-size cocktail box from The Cocktail Man is a toolbox for creating five classic cocktails with a contemporary twist using premium spirits: Monkey Shoulder Whisky (40%) and The Cocktail Man’s own Salted Caramel Sliqueur (10%).

The bottles come nestled in a letterbox-size box along with instructions for making your cocktails with the sea salt flake garnish included plus a personal postcard from The Cocktail Man.

Mojito & Margarita Lovers Collection

Best craft cocktail box by post

Mojito & Margarita Lovers Collection

The cocktails conjured up by award-winning mixologist Pritesh Mody for the World of Zing are outstanding for the molecular wizardry he employs at his hi-tech cocktail lab in south-east London.

The Craft Cocktail Travel Pack contains four single-serve 50ml bottles of mojito and margarita cocktails premixed with bespoke bitters and liqueurs containing about 20% alcohol.

In the box you’ll get a Strawberry & Basil Mojito; Persian Lime & Nori Margarita; Pineapple & Ginger Mojito and a Hibiscus & Persian Lime Mojito.

Cocktail subscription boxes: The verdict

Having trouble deciding which is the best cocktail subscription or box by post for you? Think about what you want your cocktail experience to be, and whether you will be in when your box is delivered.

If you want to practice making your own cocktails from scratch then get a box containing separated ingredients so you can mix your own. Keep in mind that you might have to get hold of a cocktail shaker, glasses and ice if you’re going to be a mixologist.

To set a romantic mood for an intimate evening we definitely recommend the Princess Prosecco for sparkling cocktails or the elegantly wrapped Gin Lovers Gift Set.

If you are going away to a dry place where you’ll need to take your own supply of alcohol, the NIO Cocktails Build a Box is a good lightweight option to slip in your overnight bag, and the Mojito & Margarita Lovers Collection is essentially a cocktail travel pack.

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