Best Eco Friendly Subscription Box in the UK (2022 Update)

You’ve got to jump through so many hoops to lead a totally eco-friendly lifestyle. Even if you shop for environmentally friendly products, the very act of going shopping increases your carbon footprint.

If you drive just 5km to the shops and back three times a week in a medium-sized petrol car, you belch out 6-8kg of CO2 into the air each week. That means you should be planting one tree a week to offset your carbon footprint just for going shopping.

On top of that, going from shop to shop and hunting down products that tick all the right boxes for being eco friendly is hugely time consuming and tiring, plus natural products that are kind to the environment are usually pricier than common or garden supermarket products laced with toxic chemicals.

Natural ingredients have the added benefit of giving off a much more pleasant fragrance than the usual artificial pine or floral scents found in household products.

Our list below of the top 10 eco friendly subscription boxes in the UK includes edibles, beauty products and cleaning products, plus a box to educate and entertain kids too.

Best eco friendly subscription boxes in the UK

Eco Made Easy Box + Membership by Smallkind

Best eco-friendly subscription box and community membership

Eco Made Easy subscription box

The family-run sustainable lifestyle store Smallkind was established by mother of two, Natalie, to help you make small changes to the products you and your family use to reduce your impact on the environment. Each month, the Eco Made Easy subscription box introduces you to a curated selection of tried and tested environmentally-friendly consumable products such as organic self-care items, chemical-free household cleaners and other unique, ethical and sustainably-sourced goodies.

Subscribing also gives you access to the Smallkind online community of like-minded eco-lifestyle advocates who you can swap your products with and share affordable environmentally-friendly lifestyle ideas. Most boxes contain five to six products, including trial sizes and full size retail items based on a seasonal theme. You won’t find any plastic packaging in this eco subscription box, either, which costs just £20 per month for a rolling monthly subscription. With an Eco Made Easy Box subscription through The Box Hut you’ll save £10 on six-month subscriptions and £30 on annual subscriptions. Postage in the UK is free.

Between Green

Best value green subscription box

Between green subscription box

Jodie from Manchester wants to help you make small changes to your life so you can adopt a greener, more sustainable lifestyle one step at a time as she introduces you to practical eco-friendly products in a monthly letterbox-sized subscription box. Her motto is, ‘Changing the world one box at a time’. You’ll be amazed just how many eco-friendly products are actually available but it takes someone like Jodie and her dedication to the cause to find them for you. Jodie tests and tries all the products herself and creates a new theme every month. Your subscription box could contain anything from gin to baking ingredients, natural self-care and chemical-free cleaning products all for just £20 a month.

The Natural Wellness Box

Best natural health & beauty subscription box

Natural wellness box

Every two months get a themed box packed with bespoke natural wellness and beauty products sourced from premium UK suppliers.

The contents are a mix of products chosen to calm and comfort your mind, body and skin. The boxes are a wonderful way to try premium luxury products at affordable prices as you’ll pay about half the cost of buying the products individually.

Recent boxes have included exotic combos such as bath salts from Bampton House, a glowing radiance face mask, a superfood pouch and Life Armour Immunity Drops, among many other life-enhancing products.

The bi-monthly collections are released in January, March, May, July, September and November. Buy six or 12 months worth up front and you’ll save on the monthly boxes.

Green Future Box

Best plastic-free essentials for sustainable lifestyles

Green future subscription box

Every month the Green Future Box introduces you to new, essential eco-friendly products for the bathroom, kitchen and daily use, all with zero plastic packaging. You’ll be inspired by new ways to live sustainably with products that are sourced responsibly and create zero waste. Alternative edible treats are a bonus thrown in to sweeten the deal.

The boxes themselves are recyclable too. Postage is free in the UK.

Authentic House

Best eco-friendly homeware subscription box

Authentic House eco friendly subscription box

This eco-friendly subscription box was the first product launched by Authentic House in 2018 to offer a convenient and enjoyable way to discover high-end sustainable and ethical products for the bathroom, cleaning, healthcare, home, kitchen, laundry, pantry and skin care.

The box is a handy way to help you stay plastic-free and discover products for everyday use with a focus on being kind to the environment with refillable containers.


Best eco friendly utensils

Shorebox subscription box

The Shorebox is a lovely little monthly subscription box with a carefully selected collection of natural, eco friendly products for your home and your body; perhaps some soap, natural deodorant and something herbal for cleaning the home.

Subscribers get a heads up each month of three products included in the upcoming subscription box and get to choose a fourth product.

You won’t find any plastic packaging in these boxes and they plant a tree on your behalf for each box that you buy. Postage is an additional £3 per month.

Loving Earth’s Oceans

Best end-to-end eco friendly subscription box

LEO subscription box Lysander

Loving Earth’s Oceans subscription boxes are put together by award-winning environmental activist entrepreneur, Lysander Bickham, who was named ‘The Greenest Young Person in Hammersmith and received a Fulham Civic Honours award. His mission is to stop polluting the oceans with plastic by sourcing eco friendly products without plastic packaging.

Lysander and his team source the products in bulk to sell them on cheaply, so you can save money and do your bit to save the environment when you subscribe to receive the hand trialed eco-friendly products, which range from chemical-free surface cleaners to natural skin care creams.

All their deliveries are sent via a carbon neutral delivery service and they plant trees every month.

The Vegan Kind

Best eco friendly vegan subscription box

The Vegan Kind Subscription box

Get a monthly box of treats and tools for a full on vegan lifestyle with a Vegan Kind subscription Box. Each box contains munchies, vegan recipe cards and a special surprise lifestyle product, which could be anything from a cleaning spray to a bamboo toothbrush. You won’t know until you get the box.

Subscribing also entitles you to discounts on thousands of eco-friendly and vegan products and donations to animal welfare charities are made on your behalf.


Best eco friendly maternity box

Specially for expectant mums and newborns, the ecocobox Mum & Me subscription contains cruelty free and toxin free beauty products for mothers in the 2nd trimester and up to baby age two.

Delivered every two months, the boxes contain four to five items from ethical brands containing no animal products, so they are safe for vegan mothers too. Prepaying for a subscription gives you up to 10% discount.

Earthwise Kids Activities

Best kids activities subscription box

Earthwise kids activity subscription box

This is a really fun, hands-on way to get kids buzzing about the joys of nurturing nature. Inside the colourful boxes are bulbs that the little gardeners can plant and grow; one edible and one for wildlife, plus a booklet to help you make natural crafts from seasonal materials.

The whole package is made from recyclable packaging that fits through your letterbox and delivery is free in the UK.

Wearth Eco Living Subscription Box

Best eco friendly variety subscription box

Werth subscription box

The letterbox-sized Wearth Eco Living Subscription Box comes through your door containing sustainable, vegan and ethical homeware made by cottage-industry UK brands stocked at their store, which has a massive range of products to give you something special and unique with each monthly box.

Choose from two sizes delivered free in the UK. Each month’s box has a different theme but you can be sure it’ll be plastic free and create zero waste with packaging made from 90% recycled materials.


Best eco friendly cleaning subscription

Homethings subscription box

Clean bathrooms, mirrors and other shiny things around your house with a clear conscience using refillable bottles in the Homethings subscription box. Plastic free, the bottles are made of glass, and you fill them with non-toxic, vegan-friendly effervescent cleaning tabs that dissolve in water as a multi-purpose cleaner.

Once you’ve made your solution in a 500ml bottle labelled either: ‘Allthings’, Shinythings’, or ‘Baththings’, they have a shelf life of up to 12 months. How quickly you get through the tablets depends on how often and how much you clean.

Eco friendly subscription boxes: The verdict

To be sure you are buying products from an ethical supplier you can check whether they are a “certified B corporation”, which they’ll proudly display on their website if they are indeed certified. The certification is recognition of meeting the highest standards of social and environmental impact.

At The Box Hut we are passionate about sourcing ethical and environmentally friendly products. We’ve seen a boom in subscription boxes aimed at conscientious subscribers over the past year and we’re continually adding new products to the Box List.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to ask and we’ll see if we can find it for you.

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