Best Gin Subscription Boxes & Clubs (2022 Update)

Gin is a godsend any time of year. A straight shot in the winter warms you up and a classic gin and tonic or Tom Collins cocktail makes an excellent summer sun downer.

Juniper, lemon, coriander, orange and anise are among the botanical infusions in classic gins such as London Dry and Genever but the spirit’s versatility makes it an ideal base for contemporary experimental concoctions.

Here’s our 2022 list of the best gin subscriptions from distilleries producing limited and small-batch craft gins just waiting to be discovered by discerning connoisseurs.

We’ll start with the best value gin subscription and work our way up the wobbly ladder to those reserved for exceedingly special occasions. Hopefully we won’t be too tipsy by the time we reach the top!

Some are best served straight to appreciate the dance it makes on your palate right through to the finish. Others go down best with a specific tonic mixer depending on the botanicals infused with the gin.

Best Gin Subscription Boxes & Clubs

Little Gin Box

Best value mini gin subscription box


Why buy a big bottle of gin when you can have a pair of pocket-size craft gins with exotic flavours from around the world for a fraction of the price?

Priced at just £10 per month, this is the ‘best value mini gin subscription box’. Choose a rolling subscription or subscribe for a fixed number of months to get a monthly delivery of two 50ml bottles of selected craft gins with obscure origins along with tasting notes to really appreciate the little tipples.

I Love Gin Club

Best value gin and tonic subscription box

 Love Gin Club gin and tonic subscription box

For £14 per month, including delivery, get a box of 2 mini gins from unique distilleries that you won’t find in the shops plus 2 tonics or mixers – enough to make 4 G&Ts in all – from the I Love Gin Club, which gets our vote for the ‘best value gin and tonic subscription box’.

In each subscription box you’ll get a little booklet telling you the story behind your selected gins plus garnish ideas.

So despite the low price you still get to try a monthly supply of good quality gins. Then you can use your membership to get special discounts on full-sized bottles available at their online gin store.

The Old Curiosity’s Secret Garden Gin Club

Best natural botanical gin subscription

Old Curiosity Secret Garden Gin Club subscription box

Now we’re getting into organic gin appreciation with the Secret Garden Gin Club, which we’ve awarded the best ‘natural botanical gin subscription’.

Old Curiosity’s secret garden is a real garden, where the herbs and botanicals are grown to be infused with the seasonal 100% natural gins.

The all-natural ingredients earn these craft gins the ‘best natural botanical gin subscription’ on our list. 

Each month you’ll get a unique, limited edition 20cl bottle of gin with a seasonal twist created exclusively for the gin club’s members and not available in retail stores.

The gin subscription boxes include a 50cl bottle of gin and exotic mixers, plus freshly picked garnishes from the secret garden to go with your gin. From time to time you’ll also get invitations to exclusive Secret Garden Club events.

Think Gin Club

Best gin club for learning how to make cocktails

Think Gin Club subscription box

Do you want to learn the secret to serving a perfect Plymouth or making an Old Tom gin cocktail?

We think the Think Gin Club is the best gin club for learning how to make your own cocktails. Your first subscription box includes a classy cocktail shaker to begin your gin cocktail making masterclass.

In each monthly gin box you’ll get a different full-size bottle of premium craft gin with a selection of mixers and snacks.

You’ll learn how to conjure up classic gin cocktails in a jiffy with the copy of ‘High Spirits’ magazine included in the subscription boxes featuring fun facts about the gin of the month and recipes to help you refine your mixology knowledge and skills.

You can order monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly gin subscription boxes. Each box contains a surprise gift to expand your cocktail creating toolbox.

Friday Night Gin Club

Best mini gin medley

Friday Night Gin Club subscription box

The Friday Night Gin Club lets you choose a monthly subscription for either a full-size bottle of craft gin or a four pack of mini gins for half the price (£15).

We love the variety of Great British gins you get to try when you subscribe for a monthly delivery of 4 miniature bottles (40ml) of clear and yellow gins such as Copper Star Moonshine and their ‘Forever Autumn Gin’.

As a subscriber you’ll be invited to join live tasting parties online. And if you find a mini gin that you really like you’ll get a discount when you buy full-size bottles of gin from their online store with your membership.

Craft Gin Club

Best limited edition gins subscription box

Craft Gin Club subscription box

With a Craft Gin Club monthly subscription you get a full-size bottle of one of the world’s finest small-batch gins and limited editions not available anywhere else.

Throughout the year the gin club supplies you with half a dozen British gins. The rest are from other countries so the Craft Gin Club gets our vote for delivering the ‘best limited edition gins subscription box’.

The monthly gin subscription boxes include mixers, garnishes and sweet and savoury snacks. Bi-monthly and quarterly subscriptions are also available.

Inter Gin Club

Best flexible gin subscription

Inter Gin

Unlike most subscription boxes, which are sent out to all their subscribers on fixed dates, you can order your deliveries of gin from the Inter Gin Club any day you like; every one, two or three months.

Join the Inter Gin Club to begin wading through the more than 80 gin brands including independent craft gins boasted by this gin subscription service.

The subscription boxes include a full-size bottle of genuine small craft gin, a mini 5cl bottle of gin or gin liqueur, two tonics, garnishes, nibbles and surprise gift for budding gin aficionados.

Craft56 Scottish Gin Club

Best Scottish gin subscription box

Craft56 Scottish Gin Club subscription box

A lot of premium gins are made from the pure mountain springs of the Scottish Highlands with the region’s hardy botanicals giving them full-bodied flavour.

Craft56 Scottish Gin Club is the ‘best Scottish gin subscription box’ in our opinion with their eclectic offering of small-batch craft gins exclusively from Scottish distilleries paired with Scottish tonics or mixers.

The monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly gin subscription boxes contain a 50cl or 70cl bottle of craft gin with a collectible card featuring the distillery plus sweet handmade treats paired with the gin of the month.

First-time subscribers get a free gin glass in their first subscription box.

Sipsmith Sipping Society

Best gin subscription directly from the distillery

Sipsmith Sipping Society gin subscription box

Sipsmith is a bespoke British distillery producing gin and liqueurs based on their unique London Dry Gin recipe.

This is your chance to try truly experimental gin recipes with real character such as Spiced Pumpkin Gin, Toasted Marshmallow Gin Liqueur and Musket Navy Gin, to name a few.

In our selection of the ‘best gin subscription directly from the distillery’ you get 20cl bottles of gin procured by Master Distiller Jared Brown, who talks you through the gins selected for the month and supplies tasting notes and cocktail suggestions with each subscription box.

Pay for a year’s subscription to receive six subscription boxes with the latest experimental gins over the year.

Batch Innovations Spirit Club

Best savings on a gin subscription

Batch Innovations gin subscription box

Batch innovations Spirit Club offers both gin and rum subscriptions. You can opt for a gin-only subscription to get monthly deliveries of different craft gins such as ‘Buddha’s Hand’ and ‘Pear & Blackberry Gin’ in 700ml handcrafted collectible bottles.

The longer you subscribe for free delivery of these gin boxes the more money you save. Pay for a full 12 month subscription and save £70, which is equivalent to getting two months free.

Gin subscriptions and clubs: The verdict

The world of craft gins is steeped in history dating back to the 17th Century in Britain, which ranks among the top 4 gin-drinking countries. Spain is the top gin-consuming country by the way.

Back in those gin craze days, when the drink was cheap and largely unregulated, London boasted about 7,000 gin shops until the Gin Act in 1751.

Today there are more than 361 distilleries across the country so the choice of craft gins from the UK alone is almost endless. That’s why we’d recommend going for a gin subscription which regularly introduces you to new gins.

Pairing flavoured gins with the best type of tonic is an art form requiring years of experience so if you’re new to the gin-drinking culture go for a subscription which offers you a variety of gin cocktail choices over time.

The Box Hut’s choice of gin subscriptions is growing all the time. We pride ourselves on sourcing tried and tested gin subscriptions while making it easy for you to subscribe for a period that suits you, and helps you save. See the latest additions on our Box List.

If you are not a gin drinker and looking for a different kind of tipple see our feature article on the Best Alcohol Subscription Box.

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