Best Korean Subscription Box in the UK (2022 Update)

Korean K-Pop culture is trending among teens all over the world. If you know anyone aged 12 to 15 years old, they probably adore Korean bands such Black Pink and BTS, which is the first band in iTunes history to have eight songs hit number one in the charts in 100 countries.

Did you know that Korea is a modern anglicised word for the country that used to be called Goguryeo, also known as Goryeo (Koryŏ)? We’re talking about South Korea of course, which has a contemporary culture on a par with modern lifestyles similar to ours but a culture that’s heavily influenced by its Japanese and Chinese neighbours, making Korean snacks quite a unique tasting experience. When it comes to Korean beauty and skincare products, the fashion for faces is to give the skin a shiny sheen with a healthy-looking glow.   

For our list of the best Korean subscription boxes available in the UK, we want to introduce you to a mix of Korean snacks and sweets, Korean beauty products and K-pop merchandise featuring Korea’s popular boy and girl bands.

Best korean subscription boxes in the UK

Signature SeoulBox

Korea Treat Box

KPopper Kloot Box

Facemask Club

Koja Beauty – Trouble Skin K-Beauty

K Skincare Box

Mini Lengbox 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine Set

Signature SeoulBox

Best Korean K-pop snack subscription box

Seoul Box Korean snack subscription

Get your hands on authentic Korean snacks and the latest K-pop merch delivered to your door directly from Korea in a Signature SeoulBox. Every month you’ll get a box with a vibrant new colourful theme that takes you on an authentic journey across Korea to sample a hand-picked selection of Korean treats and goodies. The subscription introduces you to between 20 to 25 authentic Korean sweet and savoury snacks each month along with a 12-page tasting guide plus K-pop merch. We got a Monsta X TwoTuckGom coaster in our box, which my teenage daughter has added to her collection of K-ppo memorabilia. As the subscription boxes are sent from Korea, allow 2 weeks for your first subscription box to arrive with ‘fast shipping’.

Korea Treat Box

Best large Korean snack box

Korea Treat Box subscription UK

Get a large box packed with sweet and savoury Korean snacks, including our new favourite office snacks, Korean Noodles! They’re like our Pot Noodles but much tastier and spicier. We find the thick noodles and various packets of flavouring more filling – just right for a snack to keep you going between meals when you need a pick-me-up. Be careful though, the extra spicy ones can really blow your head off! Apart from the noodles, you’ll get 20 Korean snacks altogether in each box, including crisps, biscuits, cakes, savoury nibbles and sweets.

KPopper Kloot Box

Best surprise K-pop merch & snacks subscription box

Kpopper Kloot Box Korean snack K-pop subscription box

We think the Kpopper Kloot Box is the best surprise subscription box for die-hard K-pop fans. The boxes are delivered once every three months to subscribers all over the world, including the UK. Inside each Kloot Box you’ll get a variety of fan-made K-pop merchandise plus a selection of sweet and savoury Korean snacks. Photocards and keychains featuring K-pop idols, cute stationary trinkets, chocs and candies were among the goodies in our box, plus a couple of Korean skincare sample products thrown in for good measure.

Facemask Club – 7 Sheet Mask Subscription Box

Best Korean beauty face masks

K beauty Facemasks club 7 sheets subscription box

If you are a fan of facemasks for your K-beauty routine, you’ll always find a few Korean-made face sheets in the 7 sheet Mask Subscription Box from the Facemasks Club. The sheets, with holes for your eyes and mouth, are laden with gels and serums such as aloe and revitalising fruit extracts – the secret to that shiny Korean sheen. Place the sheets on your face for the time recommended on each pack. Free shipping for subscribers in the UK.

Koja Beauty – Trouble Skin K-Beauty

Best cruelty free Korean skin treatment box

Koja Beauty Korean subscription box

The Trouble Skin K-Beauty Box from Koja is a mini skincare kit. It’s a collection of 12 cruelty-free Korean skincare products specially curated to help give oily, acne-prone and weakened skin a fresh new shine such as Pimple Patches, Vitamin Toners, Cleansing Water, Aloe Serum, masks and more plus cute Korean emoji stickers and the occasional accessory. We got a Etti Cat Ears Hair Band in our box, which is really handy for keeping long hair out of your face when applying the beauty products.

K Skincare Box

Best personalised Korean skincare box

K Skincare Korean beauty subscription box

With a K Skincare Box subscription you can personalise the contents of your monthly box of hand-selected Korean Skincare products based on your skin type, which you can customize by taking the Skin-ID quiz. We like that you get full-sized products plus sheet masks in the boxes along with skincare products in the categories you’ve selected – all for £45 a month, which works out quite a bit cheaper than buying all the products individually.

Mini Lengbox 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine Set

Best Korean home spa in a box

Lengbox Korean beauty subscription box

Make your skin glow with the Mini Lengbox 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine Set. Use the 10 hand-picked and tested miniature skincare products inside each box to give yourself a Korean-style home spa session that cleans, exfoliates, moisturizes and rejuvenates your skin to give your face the healthy-looking shine that Korean beauty buffs love. We went for the gift option to have the box beautifully gift wrapped for an extra £4.99, plus another 99p to add a customized note.

Korean subscription boxes: The verdict

Having tried out all the boxes, there are some favourites that stand out. The best Korean snack subscription in our opinion is the Signature SeoulBox, because of the extra effort made to include the 12-page tasting guide for the 20 to 25 different snacks, which is really helpful as most of the time you’re left guessing what the snack actually is when the box or wrapper only has labels in Korean! If you are buying a K-pop subscription box as a gift for a trendy teen, you can’t go wrong with the KPopper Kloot Box of the latest K-pop merch. And if Korean skincare and beauty products are your bag, we recommend the Koja Beauty subscription box of cruelty-free skincare products for guilt-free beautifying of troubled skin.

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