Best Men’s Grooming Subscription Box in the UK (2022 Update)

Calling all millennial men! The age of equality is upon us. Unruly designer stubble and shaggy locks used to be cool in the 80s but today’s modern man is expected to care for his appearance with as much dedication to grooming and skin care as the fairer sex. Men’s grooming subscription boxes are a convenient way to discover the burgeoning range of hair and skin products dedicated exclusively to males that want to look good and smell nice. Grooming boxes focus mainly on morning hygiene and skin care routines. Some are exclusively for shaving or cultivating a stylish beard while other boxes contain creams, soaps and bath suds that are a crossover with more traditionally feminine products containing natural ingredients.

The choice in men’s grooming subscription boxes has grown a lot over the past year or so. New product ranges dedicated to men are emerging from start-up suppliers producing their own bespoke male-oriented and unisex products that leave you looking fresh and smelling like you’ve just had a romp in the hay. Here’s our list of the best 8 men’s subscription boxes for the year. 

Best men’s grooming subscription boxes in the UK

Slay Boxes

Best premium grooming products subscription

Slay mon's grooming subscription box

Slay Boxes sends monthly grooming boxes to subscribers containing premium products from brands such as Aesop, Lab Series, Anthony, Germaine and De Capuccini. Start by selecting your main grooming goal by answering a few questions about your morning routine so they can pick the products best suited to you. Is it shaving or beard maintenance, reducing oily skin or getting rid of blackheads?

Choose one of three subscription plans: Starter, Pride or VIP. Each comes with your personalized Slay routine guide based on the questionnaire. The Starter subscription gives you 2-3 grooming/lifestyle products plus a surprise. The Pride subscription gives you 2 premium grooming/lifestyle products plus a surprise and a pair or premium undies. For a few extra quid, you can get the VIP subscription featuring 2 or more premium grooming/lifestyle products, premium branded underwear, a surprise gift and VIP contact with the suppliers.


Best savings on grooming products

Toppbox male grooming subscription box

The male grooming specialists at Toppbox want to introduce you to premium products for men and help you make big savings.

The bi-monthly boxes include a personalised assortment of 5-7 hand picked full-size premium grooming products based on your age, skin type, facial hair preferences and hair type indicated in your personal grooming profile.

It’s a great way to keep up to date with the latest products without having to hunt them down in the shops so you have more time for actually taking care of yourself.

For just £24 plus postage (about £3.35) you’ll get a bundle of premium products with a retail value of value of £50-£70.


Best male grooming box for a tenner

Birchbox male grooming subscription box

At just £10 a month, Birchbox is about the cheapest male grooming subscription box you’ll find on the market. The way they make it cheap is by sending monthly boxes containing up to 5 samples of grooming products such as beard oils, shaving essentials, shampoo, moisturisers and hair gel. It’s an ideal, inexpensive way to try new products without splashing out for the full-size version.

You’ll also get to try innovative products such as anti-ageing moisturisers, depending on your needs based on your personalized grooming profile.

The Beard Club

Best beard grooming subscription

The Beard Club subscription box

Get proprietary growth oils, vitamin sprays and everything else you need to begin growing and grooming a stylish beard from The Beard Club. The one-stop shop for blossoming beards focuses on supplying beard grooming balms and oils made from nice-smelling natural ingredients, like their cedar wood and lime beard balm and peppermint & tea tree shampoo.

If you are just starting out with your own face bush, the Premium Beard Growth Kit has everything you need to cultivate a cracking beard or moustache. The kit is good for three months of beard growth and includes beard growth vitamins, beard growth oil, beard growth vitamin spray, beard shampoo, a straight edge razor, travel bag, mustache comb, and a wooden folding comb.

The Personal Barber

Best traditional shaving subscription box

The Personal Barber subscription box

The Personal Barber is an ideal grooming subscription option for wet shave enthusiasts. Get going with the starter kit, which comes with their signature safety razor and 10 replacement blades plus a shaving brush and a step-by-step guide to the perfect shave. After that you can have the Discovery Shaving Box delivered every 6 or 12 weeks, depending on how often you shave, containing a premium selection of classic wet shaving goods including pre-shave oils, aftershave balms, scrubs, solid colognes and more.


Best customizable male grooming subscription box

Cornerstone Men's grooming subscription box

Build your own monthly subscription of quality male grooming and lifestyle products created by dermatologists, engineers, chemists and nutritionists especially for Cornerstone’s subscription box. We’ve ranked the Cornerstone box as the best customizable male grooming subscription for the variety of products subscribers can choose from in the categories: shaving, sex, body, hair and mouth.

Some of the noteworthy male grooming products available for the boxes include a chrome-plated razor and shaving cream for sensitive skin; erectile dysfunction treatment tablets and ultra thin condoms; hair loss treatments and 48-hour antiperspirant deodorant.


Best face & body care subscription box for men

Gruum male body care subscription box

Devised by 4 friends that were fed up with the pink/grey gender divide of body care products on supermarket shelves, the range of unisex Gruum skin and hair care products are inspired by Scandinavian simplicity and practicality. They’ve got good quality razors and shave bars of naturally scented soap (Aloe Vera, Orange & Lavender) plus bath soaks, oils and skin creams made from natural ingredients that are ideal for men and women.

They keep subscription costs low with minimum product packaging. Compile your kit by checking the product boxes then choose whether to have your subscription delivered monthly, every two months or every three months.

Esquire + Beast Grooming Box

Best leading brand grooming subscription

Esquire and Beast subscription box

Esquire men’s magazine has jumped on the male grooming bandwagon by teaming up with Beast to bring you products from eight leading male grooming brands for a complete routine for male body, skin and hair care.

Priced at £50, you get eight full size top-notch products said to be worth £220, meaning big savings. Subscribers are also entitled to a discounted year’s subscription to the digital edition of Esquire.

Men’s grooming subscription boxes: The verdict

Most of these subscription boxes are based on your personal grooming profile but you don’t always know what kind of scents to expect and whether they’ll really suit you. Relying on someone else to make those kind of intimate choices for you can be a let down if you had different expectations.

Birchbox is by far the cheapest out of all these subscription boxes for men. it’s an inexpensive way of trying out at least five products a month to find one that you really like. Esquire’s box is at the other end of the price scale for this type of subscription. You get a mix of premium brands in the box for about £50 but you get close to £200 worth of products.

The Gruum subscription box stands out as one that covers all the bases for male grooming, skin care and hair care. You can choose the products with fruity fragrances that cater to male and female tastes, so it’s nice to know what you’ll get in each box.

For a clean shave the traditional way, the wet shave razors and balms in The Personal Barber subscription box are reasonably priced at £24 for 6 weeks’ supply. 

If you are in the beard brigade and have the time, patience and money to curate immaculate facial hair then you can’t go wrong with the Premium Beard Growth Kit from The Beard Club.

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