Best Pj Subscription Box in the UK (2022 Update)

What do you wear at night to help you sleep well? Maybe you just throw on a T-shirt and some underwear but you could be getting a much better night’s sleep by slipping into something soft and silky that lulls you into a much more satisfying slumber.

Pyjama subscription boxes are a luxuriously affordable way to try out different kinds of sleeping attire. Most of the subscription boxes also include nice treats so you can really make an evening of trying out your new jammies and get a good night’s sleep. You’ll also discover brand new beauty products at the same time that help you get a rejuvenating beauty sleep.

What are the best pyjama fabrics?

Pyjamas made from natural fabrics are the best to wear to bed but your choice of nightwear is probably a seasonal thing. In summer months you want pyjamas that don’t stick to you. In the winter you want pyjamas that are cozy but a little airy – enough to stop you getting too hot under the duvet and let you hop out of bed in the middle of the night without getting cold. Here are some pyjama fabric suggestions to help you decide on the best pj subscription for you depending on the time of year.

Cotton is a good all round material for pyjamas. It’s a naturally soft and breathable fabric that’s naturally cooling on warm nights but as cotton doesn’t wick away moisture so well it can be too stifling on really hot and humid nights or if you sweat a lot in bed. 

Silk is luxurious in its softness and works wonders at regulating your body temperature. With silk pyjamas you’ll stay warm on cool nights and won’t get too hot on balmy nights during the UK’s Indian summers. Although silk is wonderful to wear, keep in mind that it is expensive and should only be dry cleaned.

Linen is very lightweight and isn’t as slippery or as expensive as silk but is generally more expensive than cotton. Linen is really soft and breathable with moisture-wicking properties that soak up sweat and prevent you getting sticky on humid nights. One drawback, if you are really fussed about looking neat even when you’ve just woken up, is that linen creases and crumples very easily.

Flannel is lovely for wrapping up warm in pyjama tops and bottoms on cold nights. It’s breathable but can be stifling if you are a hot sleeper or have a toasty bedroom.

Bamboo fibres are the new cotton. It’s natural and eco-friendly, too, because bamboo uses much less water than cotton to grow (about a tenth). Pyjamas and nightwear made mainly from bamboo (at least 80%) are soft, breathable and absorb sweat well, making them ideal all year round.

Wool pyjamas are an obvious choice for staying warm in winter months but wool also keeps you cool on warm nights. The relatively loose knit of wool pyjamas makes them airy and breathable and wool has natural wicking properties to stop you getting sticky.

Best pj subscription boxes in the UK

Pyjama Drama Box

Best no fuss pyjama box bundle

Pyjama Drama subscription box

Pyjama Drama Box is a monthly or bi-monthly subscription of luxury feminine pyjamas plus a bundle of 3 to 4 self-care treats for a proper pampering while you sleep.

The pyjamas are seasonally suitable and chosen for you, along with a hand-picked selection of products to make you feel and smell good, including skincare, beauty, aromatherapy, fragrances, socks, sleep masks and even snacks and drinks from time to time. All you have to do is pick your pyjama size with a single click. Delivery is free in the UK.

Pyjama Subscription Box

Best pyjama box bargain

Pyjama Subscription Box

The Beauty Sleep subscription is one of the best bargains we’ve found for a monthly delivery of luxury sleepwear and slumber products for under £20. Get a newly designed pair of smooth, soft and glamorous pyjamas delivered to your door every month along with a surprise hand-picked selection of beauty products and sweet treats for a blissful beauty sleep.

Here’s what subscribers got in a recent PJ subscription box: loungeable pair of satin pyjamas; Galaxy hot chocolate drink; silky satin scrunchie and scented wax melt. Delivery is free in the UK.

Jarma Box UK

Best personalized pyjama subscription

Jarma Box pajama subscription

You can get your name or initials added to your pyjamas when you order from Jarma Box. You’ll also get 4 beauty treats in your stylish monthly or bi-monthly box, which is ideal for using as a storage box afterwards.

The boxes are just under £30 but you get jimjams and beauty products worth at least twice that. The surprise pyjamas vary each month and come in a variety of styles and materials. The beauty products accompanying your pyjamas are also a surprise. All you do to subscribe is select the right size for you, add your name or initials and let them know if you have any allergies so they can send you appropriate snacks and beauty products.

The Dream Boxes

Best pyjama subscription box with extras

The Dream Boxes pajama subscription

Dream boxes launched in 2020 to supply seasonal pyjama subscription boxes to ladies with an eco-friendly attitude. The pyjama boxes are climate neutral, recyclable, biodegradable and plastic free. 

You get a lot of other products in each box too! Here’s what subscribers recently received in their monthly boxes: The Foot Factory foot soak, foot scrub and foot lotion; Face Facts clay face mask and body scrub; Co-Zee fluffy slipper socks; Mini Fabulosa wild rhubarb disinfectant; Mum in a millions candle duo and keep sake jar; Ferraro Roche eggs; Bostani white chocolate and raspberry mini bars; Bailey’s milks chocolate bar and tea. Oh, and a pair of pyjamas.

Subscription options are flexible. You can order a one-off purchase or for 3 or 6 months in a row.

Pyjamas Forever

Best cotton pyjama subscription box

Pyjamas Forever subscription

Pyjamas Forever specializes in cute cotton sleepwear for women. The pyjamas have a new motif each month and come in a box filled with a few other things for your nightly ritual, which could be a face mask, night cream or a novelty bamboo toothbrush.

You can get a one-off delivery or sign up for 3 or 6 months at a time to get a fresh box of pyjamas every month.

My Slumber

Best pyjama box price options

My Slumber pyjama subscription

My Slumber is another pyjama subscription exclusively for girls that love lounging around and getting pampered. Create our own box by choosing from three available options of increasing luxury starting with the Snooze subscription; Happy Tee & Shorts or a Bunny Set plus an eye mask. For the Dream subscription box you can choose from four different pyjama styles, including Lace Cami & Satin Shorts, Cosy Pink or Blue Check and Coffee Tee & Shorts plus a couple of surprise treats. Top of the PJ subscription options is the Slumber VIP box with a choice of satin pyjamas and at least 3 treats to snuggle up with for a luxury night in.

Bamigo Bamboo Homewear

Best bamboo pyjamas for men

BAmigo subscription box

Although Bamigo doesn’t offer a subscription box service for their men’s sleepwear, they are worth a mention because we haven’t offered anything up for men in our best pyjama subscription list, and they focus exclusively on clothing made from bamboo fibres, which none of the others mentioned do. You can order T-shirts, pyjama bottoms and bath robes, all made from bamboo fibres, which make them very comfortable and breathable.

Wood’s of Shropshire

Best range of men’s pyjamas

Wood's of Shropshire pyjamas

Another pyjama supplier just for men is Wood’s of Shropshire. Again, they don’t offer a monthly subscription but they do have a wide range of pyjamas, night shirts and other nightwear made mostly from brushed cotton and flannel.

They’ve got every pyjama style imaginable. Just filter your search by size, colour, pattern and price, which ranges from £10 – £128. You can also choose your pyjamas by brand and specifics like collars and garment type (tops and bottoms).

Pj subscription boxes: The verdict

Most of the pyjama subscription boxes work in a similar way. You select your size and wait for your delivery of surprise pyjamas of the month along with a few beauty products and treats to relax with. For bargain hunters, the satin night shorts and shirts from the Pyjama Subscription Box are the cheapest. Although satin looks and feels like silk, it’s cheaper because it’s not a natural material and so it doesn’t have the same breathable qualities as silk.

For a regular supply of seasonal pyjamas we recommend the Pyjama Drama Box, which gives you flexible subscription options too. The My Slumber pyjama subscription gives you a choice of pyjama material with three tiers of price options.

If you like getting lots of extras with your pj subscription, we recommend you go for a subscription with The Dream Boxes. The monthly boxes will introduce you to lots of new beauty product brands to try out. Finally, Jarma Box UK is the only pyjama subscription provider that lets you personalize your nightwear with your name or initials.

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