Best Prosecco Subscription Boxes & Clubs (2022 Update)

Prosecco is one of the best value bubblies you can buy. The sparkling wine, originally from a village by the same name in northern Italy, has a crisp, dry and fruity flavour; making it an excellent aperitif with a Mediterranean meal. Its vibrant fizz is great for making cocktails too.  

Prosecco is on a par with Champagne as a prestigious sparkling wine but doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Probably because Prosecco is made almost exclusively from the region’s Glera grapes unique to a small mountainous region of northern Italy.

Up to 15% of Prosseco can be made from other permitted grape varieties, giving rise to the launch last year of a Rosè version of Prosecco, which uses a blend of Glera and Pinot Noir grapes.

Opening a bottle of Prosecco gives you a satisfying ‘pop’ just like Champagne plus it looks and tastes just as good as its French counterpart for a fraction of the price.

Here’s our list of the best Prosecco subscriptions available in the UK that will save you having to fork out for pricey bubbly for a special occasion or celebration.

Best Prosecco Subscription Boxes and Clubs

Princess Prosecco Subscription Box

Best Prosecco gift box

Princess Prosecco Subscription Box

The Princess Prosecco Subscription Box is put together to pamper the recipient with a themed box based on the colour of their birthstone so it gets our vote for being the best Prosecco gift. 

The subscription box contains a bottle of 11% vol Prosecco D.O.C Spumante Extra Dry Treviso, a miniature spirit bottle and cocktail card to make two Prosecco cocktails plus a couple of artesian snacks.

The Princess Prosecco has a floral aroma and delicate hints of apple, pear and citrus fruits. The snacks are handmade by artisans who value quality and ethics.

Thompson & Scott Organic Vegan Prosecco

Best Prosecco subscription for wellness fanatics

Thompson & Scott Organic Vegan Prosecco

Named after the sparkling wine’s founder and life-long advocate of natural health, Amanda Thomson, this new and unique Prosecco by the Thomson & Scott brand is organic, vegan and halal certified.

Amanda Thompson is a newcomer to the Prosecco production scene but she single-handedly transformed the industry after studying for a diploma in wine from Le Cordon Bleu School in France and launching her own organic sparkling wine in 2007. She gets our vote for supplying the ‘best Prosecco for wellness fanatics’.

You can buy the 750ml bottles vegan Prosecco one at a time or save plenty of pounds by subscribing to receive a case of 6 bottles every month.

Microbarbox Prosecco Box

Best Prosecco cocktail kit

Prosecco Cocktail Kit by Micro Bar Box

The Prosecco Cocktail Kit by Micro Bar Box makes the most of Prosecco’s versatility for making fizzy cocktails so it gets our vote for being the ‘best Prosecco cocktail kit’.

The Microbarbox Prosecco cocktail kit includes three miniature (200ml) bottles of Prosecco, a 50ml box of Raspberry Liqueur plus four luxury Lindt Chocolate Truffles, making the stylish box an ideal gift for a birthday celebration.

Canti Prosecco –The Bottle Club

Best Prosecco bargain

Canti Prosecco subscription

Get a supply of this dry and fruity 11% Canti Spumante Prosecco for three months at a time from The Bottle Club, which gets our award for ‘best Prosecco bargain’ when you subscribe for three monthly deliveries of cases containing six 75 cl (750ml) bottles.

This straw-coloured Prosecco is traditionally dry and has a floral bouquet tinged with the scent of green apples, making it ideal as an aperitif or to sip with lightly salted dishes.

Prosecco subscriptions and clubs: The verdict

If you are a pure traditionalist then you should aim for an original Prosecco made only from Glera grapes, which is quite a crisp and dry sparkling wine and should of course come from the Prosecco region of Italy, such as the Canti Prosecco or the Princess Prosecco Subscription Box.

We especially like the Princess Prosecco subscription box because you get to enjoy Prosecco as it is supposed to be served – as an aperitif to be enjoyed with savoury snacks.

We’ve only listed a handful of Prosecco subscription boxes here but you can check out our alcohol subscription box uk list for more sparkling wines and other alcoholic subscription ideas.

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