Best Spirit Subscription Box in the UK (2022 Update)

What’s your favourite way to enjoy a tipple? Do you only crack open a bottle with friends or on special occasions, or do you have a special time and day of the week to be alone in the company of a bottle, a glass and a bucket of ice? We’re guessing you’re reading this because you are looking for a more intimate experience with spirits rather than a boozy night of debauchery. You appreciate the work and wisdom handed down through generations of distillers to patiently mature spirits in time-honoured tradition; creating blends of flavours that whisk you away on wafts of botanical bouquets.

Have you ever tried non-alcoholic spirits or did you even know they existed? They are surprisingly palatable and so for the first time, we’ve included an alcohol-free option in our updated list of the nine best spirit subscription boxes available in the UK this year.

Best spirit subscription boxes in the UK

Batch Innovations


Summerton Whisky Club

Craft Whisky Club

Pour & Sip Club

Flaviar Spirits Club

The Cocktail Man

Craft Gin Club

Spirits Monthly (alcohol free)

Batch Innovations Spirit Club

Best bespoke gin and rum spirit blends subscription

Batch Innovations spirit subscription box

We love the bespoke hand crafted 700ml bottles of botanical blends that you get with a monthly subscription of exclusive fruity gins and rare rums from Batch Innovations Spirit Club. The bottles are clad in eye-catching artwork that you can literally hang on your wall as you get a free download of the digital artwork on the bottle that comes with each subscription. Like the artwork, the spirits inside the bottles are totally unique, blended exclusively for Batch Innovations Spirit Club members. In our box we got a bottle of sweet and tangy pear and blackberry gin. If you are not a rum fan, you can opt for a gin-only subscription delivered to your door. Subscribe for a year and save £70. Delivery is free in the UK.


Best whisky dram subscription

Whisky-Me spirit subscription

Putting whisky into a squeezable 6ml pouch is a fantastically innovative way of delivering drams to aficionados so they can explore the wonderful world of malt spirits. The innovation won Whisky-Me a £75,000 investment from the Dragons’ Den; the first whisky company to do so, helping them expand their procurement of fine whiskies from around the world for their subscribers.

There are three Whisky-Me subscription options: Traditional; Discovery; Adventure. The Traditional subscription is for single malt scotch whisky curated exclusively from Scottish distilleries. The Discovery subscription introduces you to fine whiskies from around the world, including Japan, India and and the USA. The Adventure subscription gives you two monthly drams; one single malt and one world whisky. Each subscription comes with detailed tasting notes, food pairings and the chance to tune in to monthly live tastings.

Summerton Whisky Club

Best international artisan whisky subscription

Summerton Whisky Club subscription

Discover unique, rare and artisan whiskies that you won’t find on supermarket shelves with a Summerton Whisky Club subscription. For £50 per delivery of their ‘bottle of the month’, which is actually a bi-monthly delivery. They justify the hefty price of this spirit subscription by sourcing single malts; blended malts; blend; grains; bourbon’s and ryes from distilleries and craft producers around the world, importing from America, Japan, Taiwan, Sweden and of course the Scottish Highlands with free delivery to your door if you are in the UK. Their delivery months are February, April, June, August, October and December.

Craft Whisky Club

Best craft whisky subscription

Craft Whisky Club spirit subscription

You can trust the expert curators at the Craft Whisky Club to help you discover fine scotch whiskies – mostly from small distilleries in Scotland but also beyond – and pair them with delectable edibles for home tasting sessions. Subscribe to receive a delivery of a new artisan whisky (or two) every two months along with tasting notes. The club also gives subscribers a heads up on exclusive first releases and early alerts and access to their latest caskshare offers. We like this spirit club for their contemporary approach to preserving the traditions of fine whisky appreciation.

Pour & Sip (formerly The Dram Club)

Best whisky taster subscription box

Pour & Sip Whisky taster subscription box

Formerly The Dram Club, Pour & Sip is a new spirit subscription box from alcohol experts Master of Malt. The Pour & Sip subscription box contains five hand-picked 30ml whisky tasters. You can choose to have them delivered to your door either monthly or bi-monthly. This spirit subscription is an economical way of experimenting with new whiskies without forking out for a full-size bottle. When you first subscribe you’ll get a stylish welcome pack containing a gleaming pair of Glencairn tasting glasses and a how-to-taste whisky guide. Members of this spirit subscription also enjoy exclusive discounts on full-sized bottles. We like the added bonus of having access to live bi-monthly tastings with Master of Malt’s sommeliers and the chance to chat with fellow whisky-lovers.

Flaviar Spirits Club

Best variety of spirits in a box

Flaviar Spirit Tasting Club subscription

Flaviar Spirit Tasting Club is an award-winning spirit subscription with themed boxes containing three 50ml samples of unique spirits from around the world. Subscribing to this spirit subscription is an adventurous way to try rare spirits from far-flung distilleries without splashing out on a full-size bottle. Some of the spirits in the boxes include scotch whisky, bourbon & rye, rum, gin, brandy, tequila and mezcal. You can personalize your subscription depending on your spirit preference. The spirit subscription boxes also contain tasting notes and info about the drinks. The club occasionally sends out free samples and complimentary bottles to subscribers as well as invites to get-togethers and booze-themed entertainment – a cracking subscription to help you quickly become a bona-fide spirit connoisseur.

The Cocktail Man

Best spirit subscription for making cocktails

The Cocktail Man spirit subscription UK

The Cocktail Man is award-winning mixologist James Vyse. He sends out monthly letterbox-sized subscription boxes containing bespoke spirits and special ingredients to make up to 5 generous cocktails. Each month introduces you to a cocktail recipe created by James exclusively for subscribers. Prepay for three, six or twelve months’ subscription at a time and you’ll get a monthly delivery of three 50ml Super Premium Spirits (40%); a 100ml bottle of The Cocktail Man’s Sliqueur (10%) and signature garnish. You’ll need to get your own shakers and glasses plus any fresh ingredients that the monthly recipe requires. Oh, and don’t forget the ice!

Craft Gin Club

Best fine gin subscription

Craft Gin Club subscription box

The Craft Gin Club curates obscure gins from around the world and packages them beautifully in themed boxes. If not for yourself, the boxes make fantastic festive gifts. Each month the gin club sends subscribers a new full-sized bottle of craft gin along with tonics, garnish and any other ingredients you need to make your own G&T cocktail of the month. For £40 per box, you get a few sweet and savoury snacks thrown in, plus a glossy club magazine. Delivery is free in the UK.

Spirits Monthly Subscription Service

Best alcohol-free spirits

Spirits Monthly alcohol free spirits subscription

We ummed and ahhed over whether we should include alcohol-free spirits in our list of the best spirit subscription boxes but after sampling their wares we are delighted to say that alcohol-free spirits is a whole new experience in enjoying exotic blends of flavours that’s on a par with the best alcoholic spirits – and without the risk of enduring a ghastly hangover as penance for an evening’s indulgence. Alcohol-free spirits are produced by distilling natural ingredients often used in botanical-flavoured spirits such as American White Oak, European Juniper, and Mexican Blue Agave. The essential oils extracted from them is what gives the drinks their flavor. With a Spirits Monthly subscription you get to try new alcohol-free spirits every month. The number of bottles in the box varies but has a total retail value of at least £24.99.

Spirit subscription boxes: The verdict

Spirit subscriptions tend to be a bit more pricey than beer subscription boxes so if you are just starting out on your exploration of the spirit world, we’d recommend trying subscriptions that give you several small samples to try before taking the plunge and buying full-size bottles (Pour & Sip; Flaviar Spirits Club). But if you’re already familiar with a wide range of spirits and want a new flavour experience then we’d recommend the Batch Innovations Spirit Club for discovering contemporary spirit blends and eye-catching artwork.

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