Best Sweet Subscription Box in the UK (2022 Update)

Fizz bombs, gobstoppers, sherbet straws, aniseed twists, pear drops, jelly babies, penny chews, lollipops, liquorice… How many sweets can you remember from those childhood trips to the sweet shop, where you were greeted by the tinkle of a bell above the door and wall-to-wall shelves stacked with jars of sweets in every imaginable shape, colour and flavour?

Many of those traditional sweet shops have disappeared from our high streets – replaced with hair salons, bistros and supermarkets – but you’ll be glad to know that you can still find those sweets of yesteryear from dedicated confectioners selling sweet subscription boxes so we’ve compiled a list of the best sweet subscriptions available in the UK, including American candies, too, plus sweet treats from Korea and South Africa.

A note to our American readers. When us Brits talk about sweets, we mean candy. And when we say crisps, we mean potato chips… But our chips are French fries.

Best sweet subscription boxes in the UK


Best 70s pick ‘n’ mix sweet subscription

Bonbonville sweets subscription

Build your own 1kg pick-and-mix pouch with a selection of Haribo penny sweets and other favourites from the 1970s like Cola Bottles, Black Jacks, pink and white Chocolate Mice and Love Hearts.

Deliveries are monthly and choosing your sweets is easy. You just add different types of sweets by the scoop on the subscription page. Twenty scoops makes a kilogram so you can get plenty of variety in your bumper variety bag. Sometimes they throw in drinks too.


Best South African sweets and snack subscription

Yebobox sweet subscription

Yebobox is a monthly snack subscription from South Africa – ideal if you are staying in the UK and craving snacks, sweets and teas from the Rainbow Nation. The boxes contain sweet and savoury snacks sourced from Zimbabwe and South Africa that you won’t find in British stores. Fancy some Romany Creams washed down with a cup of Five Roses Ceylon tea?

You get a choice of two box sizes; the YeboBox Mini and YeboBox Classic, which you can subscribe to receive monthly or send as a one-off gift.

Signature SeoulBox

Best Korean sweets and snacks subscription

Seoulbox sweet subscription box

Sweets and snacks from Asia are so vastly different from what we’re used to here in the UK, which makes getting a subscription box of Korean nibbles is quite an adventure in new taste experiences without having to get on a plane yourself to go and try them out.

Young teens love the K-pop culture emerging from Korea. It’s a fun mix of colour and cuteness. The monthly subscription boxes contain up to 25 authentic Korean items. Not only hand-picked snacks and sweets but K-pop merch, too. A 12-page tasting guide also comes with the box sent directly from Korea, which takes about two weeks to arrive at your door in the UK after ordering.

Carway’s Candy

Best pick ‘n’ mix variety box

Carways Candy sweet subscription box

Carway’s Candy monthly subscription is a purely pick-and-mix box. There are hundreds of sweets on their list to customize your box but you don’t have to bother going through them all. Just let them know a few of your favourites when you subscribe and they’ll fill up your box with a variety to suit your sweet tooth.

Easily replenish your sweet supply with this subscription, which you can have delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Update your choices any time and enjoy a regular supply of surprise sweets too.

Choco Club by Fellow Creatures

Best vegan chocolate club

Choco Club sweet subscription

The sweet subscription from the ethically oriented Choco Club by Fellow Creatures is strictly vegan plant-based chocolate with the aim of providing you with chocolate that’s harmless to animals and helps us make ethical choices.

They’ve found a way to make delicious chocolate without any dairy products in a range of weird and wonderful flavours such as Creamy Hazelnut, Salted Caramel and Raspberry White Choccy.

With a monthly subscription you get three veggie chocolate bars every four weeks.

The Old Tuck Shop

Best old school sweet subscription

The Old Tuckshop sweet subscription box

The name of this sweet subscription tells you exactly what to expect in a monthly box packed with boiled sweets and retro treats just like tuck shops round the corner from school, where they sold sweets by the pound in paper bags.

The Old Tuck Shop’s selection of sweets is vast, just like the jars of sweets lining the walls of a traditional sweet shop. They’ve got a massive pick and mix selection, too, with Barratt Fruit Salad Chews, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Foam Shrimps and more sold by the 100g.

Subscribe and they promise to send you limited edition sweets that you won’t find advertised on their online store as well.

The Sweet Club

Best British & American sweet mix

The Sweet Club subscription box

The Sweet Club lets you customize your subscription with British and American sweets plus a plethora of sweet categories, boasting a range to suit every taste.

Apart from a large selection of traditional sweet shop goodies, plus pick ‘n’ mix they’ve got specialist collections for vegans plus gluten-free and sugar-free selections.

Taffy Mail

Best exclusively American sweet subscription

Taffy Mail sweet subscription box

Taffy Mail is a sweet subscription filled with treats loved by Americans, including Twinkies, Pop Rocks and especially taffies, or what the Brits call ‘chews’. Some of the subscription boxes include good old American soda, too!

Subscribe for a monthly box of the exclusively American sweets in three box sizes: Lite, Classic and Extra. The Lite subscription box contains 4-5 American goodies. In the Classic box you get up to 10 sweet treats plus a can of American soda. In the Extra box you get up to 20 treats and at least one can of soda.

Sweet Society

Best seasonal sweet subscription

Sweet Society sweet subscription box

The Sweet Society is a monthly sweet subscription by Sweets in the City, which sends you seasonally themed boxes of hand-picked sweets each month, ideal for the office.

Expect fun fillers such as gummy bunnies for Easter and spooky trick-or-treat sweets for Halloween like fangs and eyeballs. They’ll also send you exclusive or limited edition sweets.

You can choose from two sizes of monthly subscription options: Letterbox or City Sharer with vegan options for both. The City Sharer is an ideal subscription to give you a regular supply of sweets and chews for the office. The sweets are kept fresh in separate resealable containers so you can leave out a pot at a time on the desk or reception counter.

The Great British Box

Best British sweets, chocolate and snack combo subscription

The Great British Box sweet subscription

Instead of wandering round supermarket isles pondering what to throw in your trolly, get a box of sweets and snacks delivered to your door by British Candy Box.

They offer three choices of subscription box. For a mix of sweets and snacks, including crisps, choose either the Great British Box (10 – 12 items) or the larger Ultimate British Box with up to 16 items.

In the Great British Box you’ll get 4 full-size chocolate bars, 3 smaller chocolate bars, 2 snacks or bags of crisps and 3 sweets. In the Ultimate British Box you’ll get the same as the smaller box plus a large chocolate bar and more snacks and sweets.

Super Loot

Best premium sweet subscription

Super Loot sweet subscription UK

The Candy Subscription Mystery Box from Super Loot for £19.99 a month is a surprise delivery of premium British and international brand sweets and other treats. It’s quite a bargain, really, as you’d probably spend about £35 if you bought the lot from the shops. We love the retro themes of these boxes featuring nostalgic gems from English and American sweet makers. No two boxes are ever the same so you can be assured of getting new sweets each month, which are well packed to ensure the contents reach you in excellent condition.

Sweet subscription boxes: The verdict

One of the best things about some of the sweet subscription boxes here is that they are cheap so experimenting with new flavours is inexpensive. A 100 grams of pick and mix sweets usually costs only a few pounds so a kilogram of pick and mix will cost you around £13. Check before you order whether postage is included. In most cases you need to pay a little extra for delivery. If you are looking exclusively for chocolate then we have some recommendations on our blog for the best chocolate subscription boxes.

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