Best Tea Subscription Box UK (2022 Update)

Brits are among the world’s most prolific tea drinkers. Almost 60 million of us drink an average of two cups of tea a day and we’ll spend in the region of £12,500 on tea alone in our lifetime.

If you’re a real tea lover you are probably swilling down somewhere between seven and seventeen cups a day. Yet despite the millions of gallons of tea we consume, there’s surprisingly little variety in our teas of choice.

Instead of unceremoniously chucking a teabag in the nearest mug on a dreary morning, why not make tea breaks a bit more meaningful and adventurous by exploring the vast variety of teas available as subscription boxes?

Having tea subscription boxes delivered to your door literally opens up a whole new world of tea colours and flavours; some that are unique to very particular regions of the world, depending on climate, soil and geography.

Best tea subscription boxes in the UK

Tea Adora Tea-Time Surprise Box

Best variety of loose teas from around the world

With more than 70 seasonal tea varieties stashed in the vaults at the Tea Adora emporium, you’ll be spoiled rotten with new flavours from around the world in each monthly Tea-Time Surprise subscription box. In fact you’ll never receive the same tea twice, so it’s always a total surprise when you open up your box to reveal four expertly chosen 20-gram sachets of premium loose tea in each monthly box, which are selected from 10 categories: Black, Breakfast, Green, White, Oolong, Herbal, Fruit, Chai, Rooibos plus Seasonal offerings. The eco-friendly resealable and recyclable sachets keep the tea leaves fragrantly fresh. You’ll get two free packs of biscuits to dunk in your teas too, and if you’re a new subscriber, you’ll receive a free wire mesh diffuser with your first subscription box!

Gootea Box

Best ethical tea subscription box

Gootea subscription box

The Gootea Box from Green Eco Box gets our ‘best ethical tea subscription box’ award for 2021 for their focus on sustainability and helping endangered animals around the world.

The monthly subscription boxes containing a different original tea and artisan biscuits each month is an ecological project. The tea boxes don’t contain any industrial products. When you pay for a monthly subscription of Gootea a contribution is made to a non-profit organization. You also get a certificate for a tree planted in your name somewhere in the world.

Eteaket Monthly Tea Journey Subscription

Best tea drinking experience subscription

Eteaket monthly tea subscription box

The tea aficionados at Eteaket really want to help you establish a daily tea drinking routine for re balancing and calming your mind. With a monthly Eteaket tea subscription you’ll learn their ‘tea in mind’ system so you can savour the flavours from around the world and learn about the healthy properties of each tea in great detail, just as if you were travelling to the tea growing location itself.

In each monthly subscription box you get three 10g packs of loose leaf teas and/or infusions plus a plethora of downloadables to help you get most out of your teas.

This tea subscription box supplier is a member of the ethical tea partnership and their tea packaging is 100% plastic-free.

Bruu Gourmet Tea Club

Best customizable tea subscription

Bruu tea subscription box

Aimed at giving you a gourmet tea tasting experience, the Bruu Tea Club sends you a letterbox size box containing 3 different teas each month based on your personal preferences. We’ve given this the ‘best customizable tea subscription’ award for 2021 for the unique way you can personalize your subscription. You can choose whether to receive all or just some tea varieties offered by the Bruu Gourmet Tea Club; blends include black, green, white, Oolong, chai, fruit, herbal, rooibos teas.

You’ll get enough tea in each branded box for a cup a day for the month.

Bird & Blend Tea Co. Loose Tea & Tea Bag Subscription

Best creative tea blend subscription

Bird & Blend loose tea subscription

Bird & Blend is an award-winning tea mixology company with a youthful vibe that makes tea drinking trendy with a variety of highly imaginative tea subscription options.

Their Loose Tea & Tea Bag Subscription has an artistic twist, which earns our ‘best creative tea blend’ award.

You get enough tea to make up to 30 cups of tea from 3 new 20-gram packs of tea blends sent for you to experience each month, or as often as you like, plus a new illustration from a different artist on every box.

Matcha Tasters Club

Best green tea blends

Matcha Tea Tasters Club

The Matcha Tasters Club by Bird and Blend Tea is a ticket to discover some really obscure tea flavours created by blending Japanese green tea powder (matcha) with various other herbs and spices.

Each month you get three matcha sample pots of the exotic blends, which come in flavours such as orange, turmeric and lemon, raw cocoa and many more.

You’ll also get a recipe card in each subscription box and a teaspoon with your first box if you order for three months or more.

The 2-gram matcha mix in each pot is enough to make 2–3 cups of tea. You can also use the powder blend to add flavour to smoothies, pancakes and waffles.

Curious Tea Classic Subscription

Best tea connoisseur subscription

Curious Tea subscription box

The Curious Tea classic subscription aims to please tea connoisseurs and novices alike with new and distinctive teas each month.

In each monthly subscription box you’ll receive a surprise selection of two different teas to make yourself about 80 brews altogether (40 cups worth in each pack). The selection of teas includes light teas, darks teas (black, red and pu-erh); and mixed teas.

You’ll also receive instruction cards with each box, showing you how to achieve the perfect brew for each tea.

Ten Teas Explorer Box

Best eco-friendly tea subscription

Ten Teas subscription box

We’ve listed the Ten Teas Explorer Box as the ‘best eco-friendly tea subscription’ for making the smallest carbon footprint with their non-plastic biodegradable packaging. 

These conscientious tea suppliers have recently switched from delivering monthly subscriptions to quarterly deliveries to further reduce your impact on the environment when you buy their tea subscription boxes.

As the label says, you get an eclectic variety of 10 different teas in each subscription box: Estate Tea, Breakfast Tea, Chai Tea, Flavoured Tea, Fruit Tea, Functional Tea, Green Tea, Herbal Tea, Oolong Tea, and Rooibos Tea.

Tea subscription boxes: The verdict

Most of us have grown used to having a strong cuppa to perk us up in the morning, making black tea the biggest selling type of tea in the UK.

Black teas include English favourites such as Darjeeling, Earl Grey and English Breakfast. These teas are black because the tea leaves have been oxidized by rolling them and exposing them to the air, giving them that strong taste.

If black tea is ‘your cup of tea’, you might want to try varieties of Ceylon, Assam or Yunan teas. Masala Chai is an exotic blend of black tea and Indian spices that you might want to try.

Lighter white and yellow teas from countries including China, Korea, Nepal, Taiwan and Thailand are better for your health as they contain more anti-oxidants to enhance tea’s detoxification properties.

Chinese Oolong tea is a semi-oxidized tea so it’s lighter in colour, making it milder than the other black teas.

Green tea goes through a process to prevent oxidization, giving the leaves and the tea powder (matcha) that much lighter original colour.

Look out for tea subscriptions also offering tea-making paraphernalia such as an infuser for loose tea.

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