Best Spirit Subscription Box in the UK (2021 Update)

What’s your favourite way to enjoy a tipple? Do you only crack open a bottle with friends or on special occasions, or do you have a special time and day of the week to be alone in the company of a bottle, a glass and a bucket of ice? We’re guessing you’re reading this because you are looking for a more intimate experience with spirits rather than a boozy night of debauchery. You appreciate the work and wisdom handed down through generations of distillers to patiently mature spirits in time-honoured tradition; creating blends of flavours that whisk you away on wafts of botanical bouquets.

Have you ever tried non-alcoholic spirits or did you even know they existed? They are surprisingly palatable and so for the first time, we’ve included an alcohol-free option in our updated list of the nine best spirit subscription boxes available in the UK this year.

Best spirit subscription boxes in the UK

Batch Innovations


Summerton Whisky Club

Craft Whisky Club

Pour & Sip Club

Flaviar Spirits Club

The Cocktail Man

Craft Gin Club

Spirits Monthly (alcohol free)

Batch Innovations Spirit Club

Best bespoke gin and rum spirit blends subscription

Batch Innovations spirit subscription box

We love the bespoke hand crafted 700ml bottles of botanical blends that you get with a monthly subscription of exclusive fruity gins and rare rums from Batch Innovations Spirit Club. The bottles are clad in eye-catching artwork that you can literally hang on your wall as you get a free download of the digital artwork on the bottle that comes with each subscription. Like the artwork, the spirits inside the bottles are totally unique, blended exclusively for Batch Innovations Spirit Club members. In our box we got a bottle of sweet and tangy pear and blackberry gin. If you are not a rum fan, you can opt for a gin-only subscription delivered to your door. Subscribe for a year and save £70. Delivery is free in the UK.


Best whisky dram subscription

Whisky-Me spirit subscription

Putting whisky into a squeezable 6ml pouch is a fantastically innovative way of delivering drams to aficionados so they can explore the wonderful world of malt spirits. The innovation won Whisky-Me a £75,000 investment from the Dragons’ Den; the first whisky company to do so, helping them expand their procurement of fine whiskies from around the world for their subscribers.

There are three Whisky-Me subscription options: Traditional; Discovery; Adventure. The Traditional subscription is for single malt scotch whisky curated exclusively from Scottish distilleries. The Discovery subscription introduces you to fine whiskies from around the world, including Japan, India and and the USA. The Adventure subscription gives you two monthly drams; one single malt and one world whisky. Each subscription comes with detailed tasting notes, food pairings and the chance to tune in to monthly live tastings.

Summerton Whisky Club

Best international artisan whisky subscription

Summerton Whisky Club subscription

Discover unique, rare and artisan whiskies that you won’t find on supermarket shelves with a Summerton Whisky Club subscription. For £50 per delivery of their ‘bottle of the month’, which is actually a bi-monthly delivery. They justify the hefty price of this spirit subscription by sourcing single malts; blended malts; blend; grains; bourbon’s and ryes from distilleries and craft producers around the world, importing from America, Japan, Taiwan, Sweden and of course the Scottish Highlands with free delivery to your door if you are in the UK. Their delivery months are February, April, June, August, October and December.

Craft Whisky Club

Best craft whisky subscription

Craft Whisky Club spirit subscription

You can trust the expert curators at the Craft Whisky Club to help you discover fine scotch whiskies – mostly from small distilleries in Scotland but also beyond – and pair them with delectable edibles for home tasting sessions. Subscribe to receive a delivery of a new artisan whisky (or two) every two months along with tasting notes. The club also gives subscribers a heads up on exclusive first releases and early alerts and access to their latest caskshare offers. We like this spirit club for their contemporary approach to preserving the traditions of fine whisky appreciation.

Pour & Sip (formerly The Dram Club)

Best whisky taster subscription box

Pour & Sip Whisky taster subscription box

Formerly The Dram Club, Pour & Sip is a new spirit subscription box from alcohol experts Master of Malt. The Pour & Sip subscription box contains five hand-picked 30ml whisky tasters. You can choose to have them delivered to your door either monthly or bi-monthly. This spirit subscription is an economical way of experimenting with new whiskies without forking out for a full-size bottle. When you first subscribe you’ll get a stylish welcome pack containing a gleaming pair of Glencairn tasting glasses and a how-to-taste whisky guide. Members of this spirit subscription also enjoy exclusive discounts on full-sized bottles. We like the added bonus of having access to live bi-monthly tastings with Master of Malt’s sommeliers and the chance to chat with fellow whisky-lovers.

Flaviar Spirits Club

Best variety of spirits in a box

Flaviar Spirit Tasting Club subscription

Flaviar Spirit Tasting Club is an award-winning spirit subscription with themed boxes containing three 50ml samples of unique spirits from around the world. Subscribing to this spirit subscription is an adventurous way to try rare spirits from far-flung distilleries without splashing out on a full-size bottle. Some of the spirits in the boxes include scotch whisky, bourbon & rye, rum, gin, brandy, tequila and mezcal. You can personalize your subscription depending on your spirit preference. The spirit subscription boxes also contain tasting notes and info about the drinks. The club occasionally sends out free samples and complimentary bottles to subscribers as well as invites to get-togethers and booze-themed entertainment – a cracking subscription to help you quickly become a bona-fide spirit connoisseur.

The Cocktail Man

Best spirit subscription for making cocktails

The Cocktail Man spirit subscription UK

The Cocktail Man is award-winning mixologist James Vyse. He sends out monthly letterbox-sized subscription boxes containing bespoke spirits and special ingredients to make up to 5 generous cocktails. Each month introduces you to a cocktail recipe created by James exclusively for subscribers. Prepay for three, six or twelve months’ subscription at a time and you’ll get a monthly delivery of three 50ml Super Premium Spirits (40%); a 100ml bottle of The Cocktail Man’s Sliqueur (10%) and signature garnish. You’ll need to get your own shakers and glasses plus any fresh ingredients that the monthly recipe requires. Oh, and don’t forget the ice!

Craft Gin Club

Best fine gin subscription

Craft Gin Club subscription box

The Craft Gin Club curates obscure gins from around the world and packages them beautifully in themed boxes. If not for yourself, the boxes make fantastic festive gifts. Each month the gin club sends subscribers a new full-sized bottle of craft gin along with tonics, garnish and any other ingredients you need to make your own G&T cocktail of the month. For £40 per box, you get a few sweet and savoury snacks thrown in, plus a glossy club magazine. Delivery is free in the UK.

Spirits Monthly Subscription Service

Best alcohol-free spirits

Spirits Monthly alcohol free spirits subscription

We ummed and ahhed over whether we should include alcohol-free spirits in our list of the best spirit subscription boxes but after sampling their wares we are delighted to say that alcohol-free spirits is a whole new experience in enjoying exotic blends of flavours that’s on a par with the best alcoholic spirits – and without the risk of enduring a ghastly hangover as penance for an evening’s indulgence. Alcohol-free spirits are produced by distilling natural ingredients often used in botanical-flavoured spirits such as American White Oak, European Juniper, and Mexican Blue Agave. The essential oils extracted from them is what gives the drinks their flavor. With a Spirits Monthly subscription you get to try new alcohol-free spirits every month. The number of bottles in the box varies but has a total retail value of at least £24.99.

Spirit subscription boxes: The verdict

Spirit subscriptions tend to be a bit more pricey than beer subscription boxes so if you are just starting out on your exploration of the spirit world, we’d recommend trying subscriptions that give you several small samples to try before taking the plunge and buying full-size bottles (Pour & Sip; Flaviar Spirits Club). But if you’re already familiar with a wide range of spirits and want a new flavour experience then we’d recommend the Batch Innovations Spirit Club for discovering contemporary spirit blends and eye-catching artwork.

Best Cookie Subscription Box in the UK (2021 Update)

Think of cookies and you’ll probably think ‘America’ but the Persians have been baking sweet cookies with locally grown cane sugar since the 7th Century. The chewy bakes were adopted by Europeans in the Elizabethan era and they then took their cookie recipes as they settled in their new-found-land. As America grew, so did the variety of cookie ingredients such as seasonal fruits and nuts. Then in 1837, the first batch of chocolate chip cookies was baked, by accident apparently, at the Toll House Restaurant in Massachusetts. Chocolate was nothing new then but the restaurant’s owner, Ruth Graves, had run out of baker’s chocolate, which melts when the cookies are baked. She used a bar of semisweet chocolate instead. The substitute chocolate ‘chips’ didn’t melt and miraculously kept their shape, heralding a new era of innovation for the humble Iranian bake.

These days there’s no end to the new flavour combos of cookies coming out of Britain’s bakeries. Our list of the best cookie subscriptions in the UK includes monthly deliveries from well-established bakeries offering cookie subscriptions, as well as small enterprises focused solely on delivering boxes of scrumptious cookies directly to your door.

Best cookie subscription boxes in the UK

Cutter & Squidge

The Good Cookie

Cookie Crumbles Baking Club

The Bakehouse

Chummys Cookies

Lulu’s Cookies

Cravory Cookies

Yumbles Cookie Subscription

The Cookie Bar

Cutter & Squidge

Best all natural NYC cookie subscription box

Cutter & Squidge cookie subscription

The cookies from Cutter & Squidge are all natural, 100% vegetarian and Halal-friendly chunks of soft and chewy cookie inspired by the popular New York City style cookie but they are baked daily right here in London and sent out around the UK with a next-day delivery service. As we were ordering for a few of us with different tastes we went for the Mixed Chunky Cookie Selection box, which has 4 or 8 cookies. In the box you get old favourites such as Chocolate Chip and Triple Chocolate, plus a variety of fancy flavour combinations including S’mores, Pistachio with White Chocolate and Choco Salted Caramel. We must admit that Cutter & Squidge do cut cracking cookies that Ruth Grave would most definitely approve of.

The Good Cookie

Best choice of cookie flavours

The Good Cookie subscription UK

Choose from up to 18 different cookie flavours when you get a 3-month subscription from The Good Cookie. Order monthly boxes of 12 to 18 cookies in the flavour of your choosing. This is a good option if you have a preference for a particular type of cookie as all the cookies in a box are the same flavour. If you want some variety you can choose the ‘flavour rotation’ option when you subscribe to get a new flavour each month. You prepay for 3 months at a time for three monthly deliveries then the subscription is automatically renewed unless you put your subscription on hold or cancel.

Cookie Crumbles Baking Club

Best DIY cookie baking kits for kids

Cookie Crumbles subscription

Instead of getting a delivery of baked cookies to your door, why not have a go at baking them yourself? The Cookie Crumbles Baking Club sends you all the ingredients you need to make your own cookies and other sweet treats at home. The ingredients and instructions come in a letterbox-size box. These baking kits are easy peasy for teaching kids how to make their own cookies with minimal adult supervision.

The Bakehouse

Best box of 12 cookie subscription

The Bakehouse Cookie Subscription

Get a monthly box of 12 cookies from The Bakehouse for three months for £74.95, which works out at just under £25 per box of a dozen cookies. The Bakehouse makes small batches of fresh cookies every morning and sends them out by Royal Mail that afternoon, or the next day if you order late in the day, to make sure they reach you still fresh. You get a variety of flavours in the box of 12 cookies. Each month is a different mix. Nuts and gluten are often included in the cookies but they are suitable for vegetarians and they’ll keep for about 7 days if stored in the fridge.

Chummys Cookies

Best New York style cookie subscription

Chummys Cookie subscription box

We have to agree that the colourful chunky cookies in six far out flavours from Chummys Cookies are just like the kind of quality cookies you’d expect to be served in a New York City diner. The 12 Cookie Subscription Box is their best seller with a mix of traditional flavours such as milk chocolate and chocolate chip plus colourful concoctions bursting with flavour. Fancy a White Choc & Raspberry or a Lotus Biscuit Cookie? Extras in the boxes include a nutritional card to help you if you are counting the calories. The cookies come wrapped in eco-friendly packaging. Add a card if you are sending the box of cookies as a gift.

Lulu’s Cookies

Best vegan cookie subscription box

Lulu's cookie subscription

Lulu’s Cookies is based in Swindon and specializes in baking luxury vegan cookies. They are gluten free too and taste great with an authentic chewy cookie texture that hits the spot. You can order boxes of 6, 9 or 12 cookies in a mixed box of single and double chocolate cookies topped with rich double chocolate chunks. A box of 6 cookies contains 3 of each type of cookie. A box of 9 cookies contains a 4/5 mix of each cookie, and a box of 12 contains 6 of each. The cookie subscription boxes are sent out by Royal Mail First Class in the UK. Postage is extra, except for free delivery to addresses in Swindon.

Cravory Cookies

Best big subscription box of cookies

Cravory Cookies subscription box

The Cookies of the Month Club by Cravory Cookies is the best cookie subscription for true cookie connoisseurs. Choose between a monthly delivery of half a dozen, a dozen or even two dozen (24) cookies per box and you’ll get a bumper variety of cookies with six new flavours to experience each month. Expect festive flavour surprises around seasonal holidays like Pumpkin Pie in October and Citrus Shortbread in April. Get a rolling monthly subscription for yourself or as a gift or pre pay for several months at a time and save up to 25% on the lot.

Yumbles Cookie Subscription

Best ethical cookies subscription

Yumbles cookie subscription box

Rest assured that your cookie indulgence in the comfort of your English living room is an ethical crutch that doesn’t cost the earth with a Yumbles Cookie subscription. Their cookie subscriptions come with the assurance that all the ingredients are carefully selected to ensure they meet quality, sustainability and ethical standards. They include special craft chocolate made by Menakao in Madagascar, Fair Trade sugar, organic flax seed, British flour and Cornish sea-salt to make exotic bakes such as Salted Pecan and White Chocolate Cookies. We shared a box of 6 cookies at the office and all enjoyed the malty, buttery and nutty-tasting experience topped with creamy roasted pecans and white chocolate nuggets. They were nice and chewy too; still fresh from the previous day’s baking and sent to us via 1st Class Royal Mail. The cookies are generously large, weighing in at just under 100 grams each.

The Cookie Bar

Best cookie subscription for the office

The Cookie Bar cookie subscription box

We unanimously give the Cookie Bar’s subscription our vote as the best cookie box to add pizazz to office coffee breaks. You’ll also be giving something back to the community. The cookies are baked by student helpers and volunteers at the Cookie Bar’s bakery in Hindhead, Surrey, which was launched in 2011 as a social enterprise in support of the COINS Foundation, which helps the least fortunate in society by reinvesting profits into community projects. Their vision and mission at the Cookie Bar is to bring about positive social change through social enterprise. We certainly felt a positive change in our bellies after polishing off a dozen of their lovely cookies posted to our door in a recyclable packaging priced at £22 per box, which includes delivery.

Cookie subscription boxes: The verdict

On the rare occasion that you ever have any cookies left over, they’ll keep well for about a week in a sealed container or the fridge, and you can freeze them for months at a time. But you probably won’t be doing that, will you? Either way, cookies are best when they’ve just been baked, which usually means paying extra for guaranteed next day delivery. Just make sure you know whether you need to pay extra for express delivery when ordering. Traditional English biscuits on the other hand tend to keep a lot longer. See our list of the UK’s best biscuit subscriptions if that’s more your cup of tea.

Best Knitting Subscription Box in the UK (2021 Update)

Knitting has made quite a comeback in recent months and many a young hand is being turned to the age-old craft of turning yarns into clothes, tea cosies, quilts, throws and fluffy toys. Anyone of almost any age can quickly grasp the basics. Once you’ve got the hang of it you’ll be knocking out scarves and woolly hats for family and friends.

Knitting subscriptions are an easy and affordable way for beginners to start crafting for the home, for gifts and for new kids in the clan. Don’t worry if you are not an old hand like Grandma. Most boxes come with everything you need to complete a pattern or two. In our round up of the best knitting subscription boxes in the UK we’ve included some affordable kits for making small items as well as knitting magazine subscriptions that come with yarn and knitting needle supplies to get you going.

Best knitting subscription boxes in the UK

Knitted Toys and Accessories

Stitch Box Knitting

Yarn for the Soul

Knit in a Box

Let’s Knit Together

Simply Knitting

Hobby Box

Knitted Toys and Accessories

Best knitted toys subscription

Knitted Toys & Accessories subscription box

Make lovely little toys such as fluffy hedgehogs and squidgy turtles for little boys and girls with a monthly subscription of yarns and patterns for knitted toys and accessories from the Hobby Box Club. In each box you’ll get everything you need to make the cute little creatures, including the pattern, the yarn, correctly sized needles and any other materials such as stuffing for soft toys. Prepay for a 6 to 12 month subscription and you’ll get a free knitting bag.

Stitch Box Knitting

Best knitting subscription for home fashion

Stitchbox knitting subscription

Stitch Box Knitting’s Kit of the Month is the best knitting subscription we’ve found for crafty home makers. With the 56-page Stitch Box book that you receive when you first subscribe, along with yarn and accessories, you’ll be making throws and blankets for crafting yourself a fashionable homestead. Each kit of the month includes 4 balls of yarn to knit, a Getting Started guide with a ball of practice yarn, 5 pairs of bamboo needles, a yarn needle and a circular needle.

Yarn for the Soul

Best themed knitting subscription

Yarn for the Soul knitting subscription

Recreate scenes from quintessential English literature with a themed knitting subscription from Yarn for the Soul, which offers you a variety of different knitting club options. Their subscription clubs include the Brambly Hedge Mini Skein Club; The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe Blanket Club and the Beatrix Potter Mini Skein Club. Our favourite is the Luxury Knitting Club subscription. For £45 a month you’ll get themed scenes that are suitable for advanced knitters along with two 100g skeins of yarn in the weight of your choosing. The subscription boxes are sent out by second class post before the end of the month. Delivery is free for subscribers in the UK.

Knit in a Box

Best variety of knitting subscriptions

Knit in a Box knitting subscription

Knit in a Box offers a plethora of different knitting subscriptions from knitting clothes for ladies, babies to garments for boys and girls. Knitting boxes for making clothes for baby girls and boys come with a knitting pattern and at least 3 balls of yarn in suitable colours and buttons plus extra gifts. We like the 3-month Ladies Knitting Subscription with a new pattern each month and 3 to 6 balls of yarn along with buttons and extra gifts and surprises all beautifully wrapped.

Let’s Knit Together

Best knitting magazine subscription

Get 6 issues of the Let’s Knit monthly magazine for £35.99 and receive a large 800g bundle of yarn and a pattern book to make big knits such as stockings and jumpers with a seasonal festive theme, including 6 knitted and 2 crochet characters. After your introductory bundle of yarn, you’ll have to buy more yarns separately. Subscribers get discounts on other knitting items and accessories on sale through their website. The monthly magazine subscription is a fantastic resource for knitting ideas, inspiration and patterns with over 450 knitting patterns for garments, toys and homewares in the pages.

Simply Knitting

Best knitting magazine subscription with knitting free bag

Simply Knitting Magazine
Simply Knitting subscription free bag

This knitting magazine subscription is a tad cheaper, and new subscribers get a free knitting bag too. Fork out £30.95 for six issues of the Simply Knitting Magazine and get a fab knitting bundle in your free knitting bag filled with gifts worth over £50, including Knitpro needles, a book of knitting patterns. The monthly magazines are delivered to your door and you’ll get a free knitting gift with each issue. You need to be a patient knitter as you might have to wait at least a month to receive your first subscription as they are sent out within 28 days of payment clearing.

Hobby Box

Best knitting yarn bundles

Hobby Box Knitting subscription yarn bundle

Knitting patterns are easy to find online so instead of limiting what you can do with a box of yarn, the knitting subscription boxes from the Hobby Box Club let you decide what you want to create. In each monthly subscription box you’ll get 6-8 balls of yarn, depending on the yarn’s weight and size, which is enough to crochet anything from cute toys and baby clothes to blankets. The knitting kits also come with the correct sized needles for each yarn as well as decorative bits and bobs such as buttons, lace and ribbons. Subscribe for 6 to 12 months and get a free knitting bag with your first delivery. The good people at Hobby Box always throw in a few extras for their subscribers too! Well worth signing up for.

Knitting subscription boxes: The verdict

There are lots of reasons to take up knitting if you’ve never tried it before. For kids, learning to knit is an excellent way to develop motor skills and stay focused. Very young kids will need supervision to begin with and there might be a few tears of frustration at first so make sure you’ve got the time and patience to coach them at first until they get the hang of it. Your patience will pay off as the kids will be super proud of their creations. For young knitters and for adults that want to make gifts for kids we recommend the Knitted Toys and Accessories subscription box from Hobby Box. If you are already a dab hand at knitting and want a challenge, then a knitting subscription from Yarn for the Soul will give you something to get your teeth into. If you are a speed knitter with lots of time on your hands and want to try your hand at lots of new patterns, then a knitting magazine subscription will give you hundreds of inspiring ideas. For more fun with yarn, have a read of our article featuring the year’s best crochet subscription boxes.

Best Biscuit Subscription Box in the UK (2021 Update)

We’ve been baking biscuits since the stone age in Britain but didn’t start eating sweet biscuits until we began importing sugar by the shipload from the West Indies in Victorian times. As we adopted the tea-drinking habits of our colonial conquests in the East, tea and sweet biscuits for elenvensis and high tea became a bastion of British tradition. Shortbread, macaroons, cookies and wafers are all part of the British biscuit family. For Americans, biscuits are unsweetened bakes such as scones, rolled biscuits and drop biscuits, which are traditionally served with savoury meals.

Our updated list of the best biscuit subscription box in the UK features only traditional British (sweet) biscuits baked by independent bakers in the British Isles. We’ve got fun-shaped iced biscuits for kids, classic tea and biscuit pairing subscription boxes plus biscuit discovery boxes from around the world.

Best biscuit subscription boxes in the UK

Honeywell Biscuit Co.

Sawley Kitchen Tea & Biscuit Club

Biscuiteers Subscription

Dunk & Discover

Bettys Biscuit Tin

Gardners Cookies

Lottie Shaw’s Biscuits

Honeywell Biscuit Co.

Best biscuit subscription for kids

Honeywell biscuit subscription box UK

Honeywell Biscuit Co. is a top-rated subscription box supplier of biscuits, baking kits and cakes with special appeal for kids. They’ll love the Biscuit Club rolling subscription of beautifully designed biscuits created to look like friendly characters. Each month you will receive a fresh batch of biscuits in a surprise hand-finished design. The subscription boxes are posted by first class mail in sturdy, recyclable gift boxes that fit through your letterbox. Perfect for a kids tea party.

Sawley Kitchen Tea & Biscuit Club

Best traditional tea and biscuit subscription

Sawley biscuit subscription

The Tea and Biscuit Club is a match made in heaven for biscuiteers that appreciate the culinary art of high tea. Tea & Biscuit Club members receive a monthly delivery of a box packed with a seasonal selection of three shortbread finger packs and a pack from the Sawley Kitchen biscuit range along with eight individually wrapped tea bags infused with exotic wild flavours from Taylors of Harrogate. The biscuits and flavoured teas are matched according to the seasons. We enjoyed an eclectic biscuit bouquet of flowers and lemon for our Spring subscription box. We can’t wait for the Winter biscuits and teas with promises of ginger, cinnamon and cranberry. Pay £15 per month for a 3-month or 6-month membership. Sign up for 12 months at a time and your last month’s biscuit box is free.

Biscuiteers Subscription

Best unique letterbox biscuits

Biscuiteers biscuit subscription

The authentic twice-baked English style biscuits by the Biscuiteers are a really unique bake. The traditional biscuits with a twist are fragranced with spice blends, chocolate and Madagascan vanilla. Their texture is somewhere between gingerbread and crumbly shortbread. Get a subscription for yourself or as a gift for monthly deliveries for 3, 6 or 12 months. The biscuits have a shelf life of 4 weeks; just enough to keep you going until next month’s delivery.

Dunk & Discover

Best biscuits from around the world subscription

Dunk and Discover biscuit subscription box 2021

Get educated as you eat your way through a monthly gastronomic journey to discover biscuits, cookies, wafers, shortbreads, crackers and pastries from a different country each month with a Dunk & Discover biscuit subscription. Each monthly box contains a variety of up to 8 full-sized packs of biscuits from a particular country, along with a 16-page booklet of facts and history about the biscuits from the featured country, plus puzzles and recipes. The subscription box even includes a scorecard so you can rate the biscuits with family and friends.

Bettys Biscuit Tin

Best classic biscuit box

Bettys Biscuit tin

We adore the tea time nostalgia served in an old-fashioned biscuit tin containing five biscuit varieties from Bettys Yorkshire Tea Rooms Craft Bakery, who have been baking authentic hand made biscuits in the north of England since 1919. The artwork of an Old English scene on the biscuit tin is by Yorkshire artist Emily Sutton – a charming keepsake. Inside the collectible box you’ll find delicate delights including Chocolate & Orange Biscuits, Swiss Hazelnut Biscuits and traditional Yorkshire Shortbread Biscuits. The biscuits are suitable for vegetarians too.

Gardners Cookies

Best themed hand iced biscuits

Gardners Cookies biscuit subscription box

These endearing hand-iced biscuits are perfect for a themed spread for a kids party or for the table on festive occasions. Each month, the biscuit bakers at Gardners Cookies create fresh batches of iced biscuits in a variety of fun shapes, designs and flavours with special festive themes for Christmas, Easter and Halloween. Subscribers’ orders are freshly baked and dispatched within a few days for a £13.95 monthly subscription (free UK postage).

Lottie Shaw’s Biscuits

Best traditional English cake and biscuits subscription

Lottie Shaw's Biscuit Subscription

Discover traditional biscuits from the north of England such as All Butter Shortbread Biscuits, Ginger and Chocolate Biscuits and the treacle-filled Yorkshire Parkin Biscuit from Yorkshire lass Lottie Shaw, who grew up in her Great Aunt’s century-old bakery in the heart of the Yorkshire Pennines. Now operating from a modern bakery just a stone’s throw from her Great Aunt’s legacy, Lottie Shaw’s bakes and biscuits, often made with Belgian chocolate, are boxed up and delivered in hampers for subscribers all over the UK. Get a 3-month Baked Treat Box Subscription to try biscuits from a choice of five different themed boxes: Chocoholics, Baked Treat, Ginger Lovers, Stay at Home Treats and the Happy Birthday Box.

Biscuit subscription boxes: The verdict

You’ll find that biscuit subscription boxes are so much more flavourful and filling than the biscuits you’ll find on the supermarket shelves, which are full of artificial sweeteners and preservatives to make them last forever. Ironically, ships biscuits given to sailors in the 17th century to keep them from starving on long voyages were notoriously inedible. Some of them have even survived to this day after years at the bottom of the sea and are now displayed in museums.

As you can’t have biscuits without a good cup of tea to wash them down, we really like the Sawley Kitchen Tea & Biscuit Club as a pleasant way to appreciate the bastion of British tradition. Kids don’t care about the fineness of tea drinking. They just want to bite off arms, ears and legs from colourful biscuits in funny shapes. For pleasing little biscuit devourers, we recommend Honeywell Biscuit Co., which after several years of service has a high Trustpilot rating.

Looking for more sweetness to be delivered to your doorstep? Have a peek at our review of the Best brownie subscription boxes in the UK this year.

Best Music Subscription Box in the UK (2021 Update)

Britain has always been the bedrock of great music. I mean we invented Punk! ‘Nuff said. If you’re old enough to remember that era of ripped-jean rebellion by an army of spiky-haired youth in Dr Martens boots, then you’ll remember the smell and feel of vinyl and the clicks, clunks and whir of cassette tapes. Our updated list of music subscription boxes available in the UK features tape, vinyl, CD and music magazine subscriptions delivered to your door. Let’s get rolling!

Best music subscription boxes in the UK

Records Club Monthly Vinyl


Wax & Stamp

Rough Trade

The Retro Cassette Tape Club

Music King CD Subscription Box

Uncut Music Subscription

The Wire Subscription

Records Club Monthly Vinyl

Best vinyl subscription on a budget

Records Club Monthly Vinyl Subscription

This music subscription from The Retro Vinyl Club is aimed at vinyl collectors on a tight budget. For £29.95 a month you can get 3 vinyl LPs in your preferred genres delivered once a month. The records are curated from independent record stores around the UK, bringing you music spanning the past 60 years and giving you more than 20 genres to choose from. You can choose up to 3 genres for your subscription and change your preferences any time you like. The music subscription boxes are professionally packaged and shipping is free for subscribers in the UK and comes with the assurance of no duplicates or bootlegs. If you want more than the standard delivery, you can add up to 9 more titles to your order.


Best music subscription for DJs

DMC monthly vinyl subscription UK

DMC music, fashion and lifestyle store is ‘strictly for DJ use only’. The store has everything for DJs from slipmats and deck covers to bags, caps and other merch. They also offer about a dozen monthly CDs subscription options based on different club music genres, including Pro Latino, Cool Grooves, and Dance Extra Mixes. We recommend the DJ Only Commercial Collection for DJs wanting a monthly supply of double CD albums featuring exclusive megamixes, remixes and two trackers, giving you hours of music for £20 a month.

Wax & Stamp

Best surprise vinyl music subscription box

Wax & Stamp vinyl subscription UK

Wax & Stamp recently acquired vinyl subscription service Hurd, vastly expanding the range of records available to subscribers. We’ve awarded Wax & Stamp the best surprise music subscription because you’ll have no idea what you are getting until the box of records lands on your doorstep. You don’t even get to choose the genres when you sign up, but that actually makes the subscription a really fun way to discover new music, hand-picked by audiophiles, that you might never have heard of otherwise. The music subscription gives you two brand new records every month; one album and one single or EP for a £30 monthly subscription fee. Pay quarterly and you’ll save 5% on your subscription cost. Go for a year at a time and you’ll save 10% on your annual bill.

Rough Trade

Best CD & LP music subscription box

Rough Trade vinyl music subscription UK

Rough Trade is run by industry insiders that have been working with artists and labels since the 1970s. We are impressed with the perks and personal services that come with a Rough Trade music subscription, which includes an ‘Album of the Month’ on CD or vinyl LP plus pre-ordering priorities on exclusive, limited edition LPs. Get a new CD album every month for £11.99 a month or a new LP for £21.99 a month (including postage) and you’ll also get free access to members-only events and giveaways. Rough Trade gets more points from us for being flexible with subscribers. If you end up with an album of music which you really don’t like, then they’ll let you swap it for another of their top-10 albums in stock.

The Retro Cassette Tape Club

Best second-hand cassette tape subscription

The Retro Cassette Tape Club subscription

Get a monthly supply of albums in your preferred genres on good quality second-hand cassette tapes sourced from independent record stores around the UK. The Retro Cassette Tape Club team in Glasgow hand pick 3 albums a month for each subscriber. You can choose from more than 20 genres, including Classical, 50s Pop & Rock, Electronic, Indie, Jazz and Other World. They check each tape to ensure it plays without any issues. Then they are properly boxed to reach you safely in the mail. The music subscription comes with a ‘No Duplicate Guarantee’ and the promise that you’ll receive ‘killer tracks’, not fillers, which are shipped in professional grade packaging. Pay monthly or every three, six or 12 months. There are discount options for students and perks for referring friends to the music subscription service. Delivery is free in the UK.

Music King CD Subscription Box

Best CD subscription box

Music King CD subscription UK

Music King stands out for taking you beyond mainstream and into indie music territory. Get up to 3 CDs, including a new release, delivered to your door each month with a MusicBox CD subscription and discover music not available on iTunes, Spotify or Amazon. This music subscription box gets our vote for giving subscribers more than just CDs. Perks include access to free downloads and other exclusive goodies such as signed pictures and extra gifts at Christmas and on your birthdays.

Uncut Music Subscription

Best music magazine and CD subscription

Uncut Magazine is our go-to guide for the latest news on the month’s best music in the UK. It’s a heavyweight mag at a whopping 148 pages stuffed with reviews of the best new releases and reissues plus in-depth interviews with great names in music from the past 50 years as well as upcoming artists of tomorrow. When you sign up for a monthly delivery of the Uncut hardcopy music magazine, each issue comes with a free CD of the featured artist or artists of the month, which could be an old rocker or the new musical genius on the block transforming the music scene.

The Wire Subscription

Best underground music magazine & CD subscription

The Wire music subscription magazine and CD

The Wire magazine has been the authority on underground sound and music for more than three decades with professional journalism and stunning photography by some of the subculture’s most original critics and observers. Sign up for a 12-month subscription of monthly issues delivered by direct mail in the UK as well as Europe and the US. You’ll also get online access to digital copies of every issue of The Wire plus free CDs delivered by direct mail three times a year from the ‘Wire Tapper’ compilations of new underground music curated by The Wire staff. Six-month and two-year subscriptions of the music mag are also available.

Music subscription boxes: The verdict

Despite the onslaught of digital music subscriptions, which once threatened to eclipse traditional (and better, in our opinion) mediums, we are chuffed that vinyl is still very much alive and kicking in the British Isles. In fact, there are many more wax record subscriptions available in the UK, which you can discover in our best vinyl subscriptions article.

Rough Trade is the only music subscription to give you the choice of having your music delivered on a CD or vinyl LP. The rest are exclusively vinyl, cassette or CD format. We recommend Music King if you’re looking exclusively for CDs.

Best Candy Subscription Box in the UK (2021 Update)

Discover candy, confectionery and sweets from around the world in our Top-10 list of the Best Candy Subscription Boxes available in the UK in 2021. This article focuses on candy from different countries, including the UK but if you are looking for more exclusively British sweets, you can find more in our article on the best sweet subscription boxes. Here we’ve got some retro favourites from high street stores plus candy subscriptions from America, Germany, Japan and Korea. Let’s delve right in!

Best Candy Subscription Boxes

British Candy Box

Super Loot

Korea Treat Box

Sakuraco Japanese Sweets & Snacks

Mr Big Tops Mystery Box

Snack Surprise

Candy German

Auntie Ammie’s Candy

Monthly Chocolate Box

Conscious Candy Vegan Box

British Candy Box

Best British sweet shop candy subscription box

Ultimate British Candy Box subscription

Have you ever just wanted to sweep handfuls of snacks and sweets off the shop shelves into a basket but were too shy to grab so much in one go? For £27 a month you can get a delivery of the Ultimate British Box, the biggest sweet and snack subscription from the British Candy Box, which is packed with up to 16 British treats. You’ll get a new selection of up to 7 chocolate bars in various sizes (full-size and mini), bags of crisps, biscuits, cookies, candies and lollipops. The contents are the kind of snacks and candy you’d expect to find at any high street shop. These boxes are just a convenient way to get in a monthly supply of candy and snacks.

Super Loot

Best premium candy subscription

Super Loot candy subscription

For £19.99 a month, the Candy Subscription Mystery Box from Super Loot is a monthly surprise of premium British and international brand candy and other sweet treats that would cost you at least £35 if you bought them in the shops. The subscription boxes have a retro theme with nostalgic favourites from good old English and American candy stores. You’ll get to try out new candies each month as no two boxes are ever the same. The candy is well packed to ensure the boxes reach you in pristine condition.

Korea Treat Box

Best Korean candy subscription

Korea Treat candy subscription box

The Korean pop culture, K-Pop, is trending among young teenagers worldwide right now with popular Korean bands like BTS being massively influential among western and Asian tweens, who love anything with a Korean theme. Treat your favourite tween to a monthly Korea Treat Box subscription. Subscribe and save with a six-month subscription and get free worldwide shipping plus a Korean silk bag in every box along with a new selection of Korean snacks and candies every month.

Sakuraco Japanese Sweets & Snacks

Best authentic Japanese sweets and snack subscription box

Sukuraco Japanese candy subscription

We love the ornately oriental-themed subscription boxes from Sakuraco, which give you a really immersive experience that promises to introduce you to 20 new seasonal Japanese candies and savoury treats every month. Try traditional Japanese sweet treats such as Mochi, Manju & Yokan cakes from Castella to Taiyaki plus other oriental edibles like Senbei and Konpeito exclusively from the local makers in the Land of the Rising Sun. You’ll get Matcha, Hojicha and seasonal teas in the monthly boxes along with ceramics, chopsticks and patterned furoshiki cloth to really make a meal of it in true Japanese style.

Mr Big Tops Mystery Box

Best candy subscription box for road trips

Mr Big Tops candy subscription box

This candy subscription is a really smart idea for packing sweets when going on a road trip. The Mr Big Tops travelling sweet box has 4 compartments that pop open like a large advent calendar to reveal a surprise selection of candy in each section. Altogether you get six 60-gram bags of candies and sweets including handfuls of retro favourites. A handy option with this candy subscription is being able to pre order for a specific date. The monthly deliveries are via first-class Royal Mail and sent within 3 days of ordering. Allow 7 days for delivery. The postage cost is included in the price of the subscription.

Snack Surprise

Best candy subscription from different countries

Snack surprise international candy subscription box

Ever wondered what the Belgians or the Kiwis snack on? The Snack Surprise subscription box is the best way to experience different types of candy from around the world. The New Zealand-themed box we had delivered in June came with an information guide and was packed with Kiwi classics that we’d never heard of but were suspiciously like candy with other names here in the UK. We’re pretty sure the ‘Fabulicious Sherbert Fizz’ is the same as a UK’s Wham bar but the chewy Pixie Caramel Bar, Whittaker’s Peanut Slab and the Pascall Pineapple Lumps are unique New Zealand candies that were fun to try for the first time. Shipping is free for delivery in the United Kingdom.

Candy German

Best German candy subscription box

Candy German subscription box

German candy aficionados Mark and Natascha from Cologne put together a creative package of exclusively German candy for their subscribers each month. The pair are justly proud of their homeland’s confectionery; considered by some to be the finest in the world, and which you won’t find in shops beyond Germany’s borders.

The pair hand pick each month’s selection of between 6 and 8 candies made exclusively in Germany, including chocolates, wine gums and cookies as well as authentic candies. We have to say that there’s something distinctly different about real German Kinder Eggs from their country of origin. Give the Geman candy subscription a try for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months at a time.

Auntie Ammie’s Candy

Best American candy subscription box

Aunty Ammie's Candy subscription

Aunty Ammie’s Candy has historical roots going back hundreds of years as a quintessential British sweet shop and newsagent. Ammie grew up in the shop stocked with candies from around the world but since 2013, Ammie and her husband have been delivering subscription boxes of English and American candy all over the UK. Ammie and her husband boast a stockpile of more than 700 varieties of candies and snacks, including a huge variety of American candy. A cheap and simple option for a monthly supply of American retro 1980s favourites is their American Candy Variety Pack containing 6 different flavours from the Ferreira Range of Chewy Lemonhead Candy alongside Nestle Runts for just £7.50 per month. You’ll have to pay extra for delivery of small subscriptions but the cost of the candy is much cheaper than buying from stores. Shipping is free in the UK and the Republic of Ireland for orders over £60.

Monthly Chocolate Box

Best luxury chocolate candy

Monthly chocolate candy The Chocolatier

This monthly box of chocolate candy is featured in our article about the Best Chocolate Subscription boxes but worth mentioning here if your desire to explore new candy creations extends to chocolate treats. The 18 water ganache truffles and pralines from The Chocolatier, founded by the chef of a 1-Michelin star restaurant, are a healthy alternative to sugary candies. They are made with quality fresh ingredients and with no artificial additives and come in six fresh exotic flavours each month. They are gluten free too.

Conscious Candy

Best vegan-friendly candy subscription

Conscious Candy vegan subscription

Conscious Candy subscriptions go the extra mile to ensure your candy indulgence is a guilt-free experience. It’s ideal for vegans, who can get their candy fix with a monthly subscription of a 1kg pouch of Vegan Pick & Mix sweets from the UK-based supplier from £8.99 a month. You’ll be spoilt for choice with a box thrown together from a stock of more than 70 varieties of vegan candy, which is delivered in 100% plastic-free compostable packaging. The zero-tolerance policy on plastics means that lollipops and sweets pre-wrapped in plastic are not included in the pouches. The candies are also palm oil-free and stay fresh for up to 10 months.

Candy subscription boxes: The verdict

Candy subscriptions from sweet makers in the UK are generally quite cheap (under £10), and you don’t have to spend much more on boxes of candies from other countries. With the exception of the Super Loot subscription, most of the English candy boxes featured here are filled with selections of sweets that you can find in most high street shops. There might be the occasional treat that you’ve never tried but it’s not much different to popping down to the local newsagents. It’s just handy having someone else do the choosing and shopping for you. Trying American candies can be fun because you’ll get to try a few new flavours, and getting a subscription of American candy from Auntie Ammie’s Candy won’t cost you the earth. If you always want to be surprised and try candy from around the world, we highly recommend Snack Surprise subscription.

Best Cake Subscription Box in the UK (2021 Update)

Victoria Sponge, Bakewells and Black Forest Gateau are among the most consumed cakes among us Brits. Lemon Drizzle and Carrot Cake are also up there but weirdly, Cheesecake (originally from the Greeks) is on a par with chocolate cake as one of the most popular cakes in the UK. If you live in London, you probably have a plethora of cake delivery options from local bakeries but if you live farther afield, ordering cake subscription boxes is an ideal way to savour different cake flavours from around the country without having to shop.

In our round-up of the best cake subscription boxes we’ve focused on seeking out family-run cake subscription services delivering home-baked cakes and other sweet bakes with a sprinkling of healthy alternatives. If you are a budding baker and want to bake your own cakes, have a read of our blog article on the Best cake baking subscriptions.

Best cake subscription boxes in the UK

Cake Tasting Club

Meg Rivers Cake

Little Bee Bakes

Ridiculously Rich by Alana

The Guilder Green

Rosemarie’s Pantry

Zara Cakes

Candy’s Cup Cakes

Cake Tasting Club

Best vegetarian cake variety in a box

sting Club subscription

Vikki and her family bake a selection of truly traditional hand-baked cakes and brownies paired with sachets of tea and coffee to send out to subscribers once a month with a variety of subscription options. All their bakes are vegetarian, except for the free range eggs, and wrapped in snazzy ethical packaging by Vegware. Instead of getting a whole cake in your box, you get several portions of the monthly bakes. In the Classic Box you’ll get four portions for £15 a month. In the Sharing Box you get eight portions for £26 a month. The Taster Box is a good starter option of three mini portions for just £8 a box. For £16 per month you can get a delivery of Vikki’s Box, which contains 4 portions of Victoria Sandwich cakes. The boxes are expertly packed to avoid mess and fit through the letterbox and each month, one lucky newsletter subscriber gets a free box of cake.

Meg Rivers Cake Club Subscription

Best whole cake subscription

Cake Club subscription

The Meg Rivers Cake Club has been in the business of delivering cakes for more than 15 years so you can rest assured that you’ll get quality and customer service. They also make cakes to order for weddings and other special occasions. Sign up for the Cake Club Recurring subscription for a minimum of three months and you’ll get a surprise cake in its entirety delivered to your door for £25 per month. Pre pay for six or 12 months at a time and you’ll save up to £50. Subscribers get seasonal treats including a Simnel Cake at Easter and a fully iced Christmas Cake in December. Another perk of the Cake Club Pre Pay subscription is that you can order your first cake to be delivered on a date of your choosing for a special occasion. After that you’ll receive your cake boxes at the beginning of each month.

Little Bee Bakes

Best no nonsense cake subscription

Little Bee Bakes subscription box

If you just want a straight up surprise cake delivery each month and you aren’t fussed about dietary trends then you can’t go wrong setting up a rolling monthly subscription with Little Bee Bakes to have a letterbox-sized box of 6 freshly baked cake slices delivered each month from mother and daughter bakers Linda and Jess. For £14 per month they’ll send you 2 slices each of three different types of bake in each monthly box. As well as cake slices, your box might have other delights such as sticky flapjacks, buttery cookies and brownies. The subscription boxes are biodegradable and use recyclable packaging. Postage is included in the price. Choose subscriptions ranging between 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

Ridiculously Rich by Alana

Best naughty but nice cake subscription

Ridiculously rich cake subscription box

Alana Spencer became a self-taught chocolatier at age 16 and began selling her luxury chocolates to local shops in her home town in Wales. Luxurious sweetness is her trademark for a cake delivery service that has grown into 50 nationwide franchises after winning a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar on BBC One’s ‘The Apprentice’. Join Alana’s subscription club and you can get a weekly, fortnightly or monthly delivery of her latest mouthwatering original creations, which are guaranteed to be unashamedly rich with no holds barred on the sugar content. You get six slices of different cakes in each box. Our box included Biscoff and Malteaser Fudge Slice Slice, a Smarties Cookie Cake Bar and a Jaffa Cake ‘Brondie’. The cakes are freshly baked and have a shelf life of about 10 days.

The Guilder Green

Best gluten-free cake subscription

The Guilder Green cake subscription

Guilder Green owner Natasha in Liverpool is dedicated to making delicious gluten-free cakes packed full of natural ingredients. There’s just one subscription option available: pre pay for 3 months of monthly deliveries of 4 bakes in each box, which is usually a mix of cakes, brownies, bars and cookies, as well as two teabags from Liverpool Tea. Natasha really does focus on being ‘green’. The cake slices are wrapped in bio-based film in boxes that fit through your letterbox, and all the packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable and compostable. The cakes are different every month and sent out on the third Thursday of every month and should reach you within two days.

Rosemarie’s Pantry

Best community support cake subscription

Rosemarie's Pantry cake subscription

Rosemarie runs her cake subscription service from the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland, where employment among the island’s youth is low. Buying cakes from Rosemarie means you’ll also be helping support youngsters in her community. Her mission is to donate £1 from every order directly to supporting local youth groups with an ambition to eventually train and employ young people in her bakery. Rosemarie’s Pantry cake subscription options are for weekly or monthly deliveries of her lovely home-baked cakes. For each delivery you’ll get a different cake weighing about 700g and cut into 8 slices.

Zara Cakes

Best themed cake subscription

Zara Cakes subscription box

This is one of the best themed cake subscriptions we’ve come across. The beautiful boxes open up to reveal a bounty of sweet treats in all shapes and sizes. Each month’s box is a new surprise theme, which might include new cake flavours, cake jars, brownies, blondies, doughnuts and more. These cake boxes make great gifts too, and you can make a one-off order to try it out first. Cake & Doughnut subscribers can save money on birthday cake orders too.

Candy’s Cup Cakes

Best customizable cake in a box

Candy's Cupcakes subscription box

Candy’s Cup Cakes gets a special mention for their customizable boxes of cakes. They don’t offer a rolling subscription but when you order one-off deliveries of Cake-in-a-Box from Candy’s Cup Cakes you can choose from a variety of different flavours. You get four sizeable slices of cake in each box. There’s no healthy eating nonsense going on here. You are guaranteed to get a sugar rush from their cakes such as the Sticky Toffee Sponge and Red Velvet. All the cakes have glorious vanilla buttercream fillings and are packed in an eco-friendly box. These cakes in a box cost £10 each for next-day delivery. Postage is not included in the box price, which depends on your location.

Cake subscription boxes: The verdict

Cake subscriptions are very reasonable when you consider that on average we spend anywhere between £2.74 and £5 on a single slice of cake when we buy one from a local bakery. Vegan options are scant on the ground because you really need eggs to make cakes so even the vegetarian subscription boxes use eggs in their cake recipes.

You’ve probably noticed that most of these boxes contain slices of cakes as they are less likely to get damaged or cause a mess in transit. The Meg Rivers Cake Club subscription is the only one to send a whole cake in a box.

Best Baking Subscription Box for Kids in the UK (2021 Update)

Kids are always keen to help out with baking, probably because it’s just so messy, and they get to lick the icing bowl before it ends up in the sink. Letting youngsters loose on a souffle or a delicate sponge requiring a mix of elbow grease and delicacy to make it light and fluffy can end up being a disappointing flop. If you want to make sure their baking adventures end in success, you are better off subscribing for baking kits made specifically with kids in mind to achieve excellent results with simple recipes and less mess. Thankfully there are plenty on the market from some of the large baking subscription suppliers as well as plenty of home-based suppliers with kids of their own. Here’s our list of the best baking boxes in the UK for 2021.

Best baking subscription boxes for kids

Honeywell Biscuit Co

Best artistic baking subscription for kids

Honeywell Kids Baking subscription box

Rainbow biscuits, Beehive scones, Polar Bear Buns and Gingerbread Penguins are just some of the treats kids can make with the kids baking kits in letterbox-friendly boxes from the Young Bakers Club by Honeywell Biscuit Co. A rolling subscription costs £14.99 a month or you can pre pay for 6 or 12 months at a time and save on the cost of your monthly boxes, which include most of the ingredients you’ll need for the month’s recipe plus tools such as cookie cutters and piping tips. The baking kits also include a puzzle or activity to keep the kids occupied while their creations are in the oven.

Little Cooks

Best educational baking kit for kids

Little Cooks kids baking subscription box

The kids baking subscription from Little Cooks is really well put together as a complete educational package that keeps children keen on creativity in the kitchen with lots of extra activities apart from the actual baking. The recipes are healthy and organic too. Each monthly kit includes all the dry organic ingredients (no refined sugars) needed plus other entertaining hands-on learning materials accompanied by online activities for a fun edutainment adventure. The little cooks are encouraged to keep track of their progress by keeping a record for the year in return for rewards such as collectable stickers. Choose a subscription plan for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months at a time. The longer you subscribe for the more you save. A 3-month plan works out at £12.00 per box while a year-long subscription saves you more than 30% at £8.33 per box. Deliveries are sent via Royal Mail express delivery.

Little Bakers Club

Best baking box for kids with dietary needs

LIttle bakers subscription box

Kids with food allergies can still enjoy learning to bake cakes that they can safely eat with a monthly box from Little Bakers Club, which lets you choose from 4 different dietary options when subscripting: No dietary requirements, Dairy free, Gluten free or Vegetarian. The boxes come with all the pre-weighed dry ingredients the little bakers need plus a recipe card to bake something new each month such as monster cupcakes, flapjacks and cake pops. The Club boxes are sent out mid month but if you need one in a hurry to get stuck in, you can ask for your first box to be sent straight away.

Poppies Bakehouse

Best baking subscription box for toddlers

Poppies Bakehouse kids baking subscription box

Kids as young as 18 months can begin baking with the Cooking Tots personalised baking subscription boxes from Poppies Bakehouse. The baking kits have been a hit since they were first introduced as a way to help infants develop key skills and try out new foods in a Parent & Toddler Cooking Group. The letterbox-sized boxes are personalised with the child’s name and come in a different theme each month so you can teach and play with fun scenarios like ‘Under The Sea’, ‘Ancient Egypt’ and ‘In the Jungle’.

Britain Loves Baking

Best baking boxes for older kids

Britain Loves Baking four pack kids baking kit

The wide range of kids baking boxes from Britain Loves Baking are suitable for children aged 8 years and above. They’ve got double packs, triple packs and four packs of baking boxes so you can get up to four different recipes in each box. All the ingredients are included in pre-measured packages along with simple step-by-step guides for baking pastries, cakes, muffins and flavoured breads. The contents of the four-pack box that we tried had kits and recipes for Orange Chocolate Bread; Fruit & Nut Muffins; Banana Cupcakes and Choc Chip Cookies. Yummie!

Cookie Crumbles

Best all natural kids baking subscription boxes

Cookie Crumbles kids baking subscription box

The baking boxes from the Cookie Crumbles Baking Club subscription are wholesome treats aimed at teaching healthy baking skills to kids of all ages. All the recipes use 100% natural ingredients and colours with no preservatives and no hydrogenated fat. Among the hearty recipes are Sunny Oat and Raisin Cookie Mix, Granola Energy Mix, White chocolate and Cinnamon Muffin Mix and Gluten free Brownie Mix to name a few. Subscribe for 3 or 6 months at a time for your baking mixes to be delivered in the first week of every month.

Bake a Day of It

Best themed baking kits for kids and adults

Bake a day of it subscription

The Bake A Day Of It themed subscription boxes are fun baking kits for bonding experiences between kids and adults. There are two new recipes in each monthly box plus other baking tools you might need such as biscuit cutters, decorating equipment or special ingredients. The changing themes make baking an enthralling experience for young bakers. So far this year themes have included Teddy Bear’s Picnic, Ghostly Gathering and Paris Cafe. The subscription boxes cost £13 a month but you have to subscribe for a minimum of two months. Delivery is free in the UK.

Craft and Crumb

Best themed baking boxes for kids

Craft and Crumb baking kit for tweens

Craft and Crumb sell baking kits for all ages and abilities by making the boxes available in age categories for Little Bakers (2-5 years), Midi Bakers (5-8 years) and Tweens (8-12 years). The baking boxes for tweens are really appealing for creative minds and better hand-eye coordination than younger kids with recipes for bakes such as Pizza Biscuits Watercolour Biscuits. Sign up for a three- or six-month subscription to get monthly letterbox friendly deliveries of seasonal baking kits (Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Halloween etc.) with pre-weighed ingredients and easy-to-follow recipe cards. The boxes usually include a craft as well plus any baking tools needed such as cutters, icing bags and pans. The first box comes with a personalised gift message and welcome note, which is shipped as soon as you place your order. After that the boxes are delivered at the beginning of each month.

Bakester Box

Best classy baking boxes for older kids

bakester baking subscription

Getting the Bakester Box 3 or 6-month subscription is a good way to introduce older budding bakers to more adult-like home baking recipes using classy ingredients such as gourmet Valrhona chocolate blends and French patisserie flour, which are professionally dried and perfectly measured. Baking guides are included in the boxes but if the going gets tough there are online tutorials too. You’ll need to source your own basic ingredients such as eggs, butter and milk.

Katie Bakes

Best pancake subscription box for kids

Katie Bakes kids baking subscription

Kids love making pancakes and with a ready-made mix it doesn’t get as messy as starting from scratch. With a three-month Pancake of the Month subscription for £30 from Katie Bakes, you and the kids can make some really jazzy pancakes with fantastically fun flavours for young bakers such as Raspberry & White Chocolate, Apple Crumble and Cinnamon and Cherry and Dark Chocolate. Each pack gives you enough ingredients to serve four people.

Baking subscription boxes for kids: The verdict

Before you get a baking kit, think about what you already have in the way of kitchen space, equipment and tools such as mixing bowls, whisks and rolling pins because baking subscription boxes don’t usually include fresh ingredients such as milk and eggs. However, most kits come with any small tools needed such as cookie cutters and piping tips. Some of these subscription services also give you the option to send the boxes as a gift with a message. If you are looking for baking kit suggestions for adults then see our review of the Best Baking Subscription Boxes.

Best Self Care Subscription Box in the UK (2021 Update)

Self care subscription boxes are quite an esoteric niche in the realm of subscription services. They range from collections of curated home spa products for physical relaxation and downtime to bespoke planners and journals aimed at helping you get organized and find direction on your inner journey.

A lot has changed in this corner of the subscription market over the past couple of years. Some suppliers have ceased trading while others have gone on to develop their services to being only online subscriptions. There are some newcomers too with innovative combinations of physical products paired with digital apps and services tied in with their subscriptions so here’s our updated list of the best self care subscription boxes available in the UK.

Best self-care subscription boxes in the UK

Elosia Pee Testing Kit

Get it Together Self Care Subscription Box

The Natural Wellness Box

Bath Box


Good Space Delivered

Buddy Box

The Happiness Planner

Syzygy Sister

Flower be

Elosia Pee Testing Kit

Best Instant Home Hydration & Nutrition Tests

Elosia pee testing self cae subscription box

Testing your vital nutrition levels to ensure you stay in tip-top condition has never been easier. The Elosia test kit and app let’s you get almost instant results from home urine tests to help you maintain your body’s unique, natural balance.

Test your pee in just 60 seconds for your ketone, hydration, nutrition, vitamin C and electrolyte levels and let the app’s algorithm create a personalised plan especially for you then monitor your progress as you make lifestyle changes. You’ll get four test strips per month in a letterbox-friendly envelope. Then all you have to do is follow the Elosia app’s advice. Shipping is free worldwide.

Get it Together Self Care Subscription Box

Best self motivation subscription box

Get it Together self care organizer subscription box

If you are a disorganized individual and wish you could get your life on track and start achieving your goals then the Get it Together subscription box will help transform you into a well-organized achiever. Every month you’ll get a box packed with affirmation cards with words of encouragement and empowerment, a new self care journal and a habit tracker to help you set goals and stay organized so you can smash those goals. You’ll get an extra surprise gift each month as well. Keep the self care bits and bobs by your bedside or on your desk to jot down notes when you get a spark of motivation.

The Natural Wellness Box

Best vegan and cruelty free wellness & beauty subscription box

Natural Wellness Box subscription

The Natural Wellness Box subscription was founded by mother of two, Catherine, who loves to share her passion for natural health, wellness and beauty. Every month she sends out subscription boxes containing five new products to help you achieve a balanced body and mind with chemical-free health and beauty alternatives from a variety of brands. Everything in the self care boxes is suitable for vegans and always cruelty free. You can subscribe to receive your self care boxes bi-monthly or with six and 12 month subscriptions.

Bath Box

Best bath bomb subscription box

Bath Box self care subscription box

Turn bath times into an aromatic and sensual pleasure that will calm your mind and soften your skin with the hand made bath bombs, bath salts, bath fizzers, artisan soaps and more in the Bath Box subscription boxes. The monthly boxes come with 5 cruelty-free items freshly made in the UK, including a luxury edible treat. Each monthly box contains new fusions of fragrance. Recent boxes have included scents such as heather & herb and fruit salad bath bombs along with lemon & lime bath salts.


Best mental wellbeing subscription box

Pause self care subscription box for mental health

Pause is a monthly subscription box service by the mental health charity Mind. By subscribing to receive their boxes you are donating to supporting Mind’s work to ensure that no one has to face mental health problems alone. The Pause boxes help you put aside daily stresses and chores so you can focus on your own wellbeing with activities and gifts designed to encourage creativity and relaxation or learn a new skill with a little alone time.

Good Space Delivered

Best aromatherapy self care subscription box

Good Space Delivered self care subscription box with scented soy wax candle

Get a monthly supply of scented soy wax candles and curated surprises in the self care subscription boxes from Good Space Delivered to create sensual solitary moments of calm head space. The large, mood enhancing hand-crafted candles burn cleanly and last ages so they can be reused whenever you want to indulge in a me-moment. In the monthly themed subscription boxes you’ll find between 5 and 7 curated items for an immersive experience, including good mood herbal teas and other tasty treats plus journal tools to capture moments of inspiration when you’re relaxing and tuning in to your inner self.

Buddy Box

Best surprise self care subscription box

Buddy Box self care subscription

Buddy Box subscriptions are a ‘hug in a box’ – a monthly supply of five hand-picked quality products to nourish, inspire and encourage self-care. The box contents are always a surprise and a tightly kept secret until yours is delivered but come with the assurance that everything is vegan friendly and cruelty free. The boxes usually include edible treats too and are suitable for men and women of all ages. The boxes are very popular as gifts for others that you know need a pick-me-up and time out from the pressures of modern life. Buddy Box subscribers also get ‘a daily dollop of kindness’ through their mobile app plus two digital products a month with a self-kindness theme. You’ll also be helping to support people affected by depression by contributing to a mental health education programme.

The Happiness Planner

Best mental wellbeing subscription box

Happiness Planner Growth Mindset subscription box

The Happiness Planner offers their subscribers five types of monthly self care boxes: Law of Attraction Box; Growth Mindset Box; Purpose Box; Self Awareness Box; and the Confidence Box. The happiness planners and guided journals created by founder Mo Seetubtim are a twist on personalized organizational tools that enable you to explore and work on your inner world. Mo’s mantra is that happiness is achieved by managing ourselves through our emotions, thoughts, and behaviours. The Growth Mindset Box pictured above contains a journal with 30 questions to help you challenge your beliefs and expand your mind, printables to help you turn ideas into trackable action plans, a set of quote cards with a wooden stand, a notebook, an inspirational pen and a motivational sticker sheet.

Syzygy Sister

Best spiritual self care subscription box

Syzygy Sister self care subscription box

These self care boxes are lovingly put together by two sisters who want to empower and energize women with 4-5 spiritual products accompanied by an inspirational monthly newsletter filled with knowledge to help you harness the Goddess in your life. The kind of monthly offerings you can expect include crystals, beauty products, aromatherapy, curious books, superfoods, home accessories, inspirational prompts, stationery, rituals and healing spiritual growth tools. We love the personal touch of hand-written calligraphy on parchment in the box lined with aromatic dried flowers.

Flower be

Best fresh flower subscription

Flower be self care subscription

Send flowers to yourself or a special person with a Botanical Posies or Micro Plant subscription from Flower be. The botanical posies are a freshly cut arrangement of aromatic, seasonal flowers that you can put in a jar to fill your home with their fragrances. The micro plants are indoor plants such as Aloe and others that you can place on a desk or windowsill and are easy to look after. The plants come with a ceramic pot, a packet of soil and packet of drainage chips. You can add extras to the subscriptions such as chocolate and bath infusions as well as a personal note if the subscription is a gift. Both subscriptions are available as 3-month, 6-month or 12-month deliveries.

Self-care subscription boxes: The verdict

Self care is a very personal thing. Everyone’s different so some of the subscription boxes here might or might not appeal to you directly but you can probably think of someone close to you that might really appreciate having one of these boxes delivered. Most of the boxes here allow you to add a personal note if it’s a gift. Our blog has more recommendations for skincare subscription boxes as well as beauty boxes.

Best Crochet Subscription Box in the UK (2021 Update)

Crochet and knitting subscription boxes are not just for grannies. They are surprisingly popular for all ages. Kids quickly pick up the technique and can soon be making flowers and puppets out of yarn that they’ll proudly show off at every opportunity. Learning to crochet and knit gives you a new practical skill too. For the price of a few yarns of wool you can make your own clothes and with today’s choice of colours you can knit something fitting for any occasion.

So for our list of the best crochet subscription boxes in the UK we’ve included crochet kits for beginners and young knitters as well as crochet kits with challenging patterns for more accomplished knitters, plus yarn-only subscriptions for sock knitters.

Best Crochet subscription boxes in the UK

Knitting Yarn Bundles from HobbyBox Club

Best complete crochet kit

Knitting yarn bundles subscription from Hobbybox Club

The Hobby Box Knitting Yarn Bundles subscription is one of the few monthly boxes to include hooks and needles. Most others don’t. The Knitting Yarn Bundles Subscription is a complete set of a vibrant variety of 6 to 8 balls of yarn (depending on weight and size) along with the correct sized needles for each yarn plus decorative items such as buttons, lace, and ribbons so you can begin knitting straight away. Subscribe for £34.99 a monthly rolling subscription, including free delivery in the UK. Sign up for 6 or 12 months at a time and get two months’ worth free. You’ll also receive a free knitting bag. The yarns in each monthly box are enough for you to crochet dolls, baby clothes, shawls, throws and more. Patterns are not provided but can be easily sourced online.

The Crochet Craft Co

Best crochet subscription for beginners

Crochet Craft Co. subscription box

There are three subscriptions available from The Crochet Craft Co for complete beginners. Kids love crocheting the cute animals and hand puppets with the ‘Amigurumi Subscription’. You’ll get a new character to make plus a surprise gift in each monthly box. With the monthly ‘Greeting Card Subscription’ you can make hand-made gifts for friends and family. The ‘Seasonal Wreath Subscription’ is for more practised crocheters as the wreaths are quite complex but you’ll have three months to complete each one, giving you delightful ways to decorate your home.

Subscribe for 12 months at a time to receive four crochet kits over a year – one for each season. Subscribing to The Crochet Craft Co also gives you access to the members-only Facebook group for sharing tips, chats and ideas with fellow crochet lovers. Subscription options vary depending on the frequency of the crochet kit deliveries but they are very reasonable; starting from just £5.99 a month.

Amanda Bloom’s Little Box of Crochet

Best crochet subscription with community support

Amanda Bloom's Little Box of Crochet subscription box

The best thing about becoming a member of Amanda Bloom’s crochet club is the warm welcome you’ll get from Amanda and the other crochet enthusiasts sharing their project ideas and accomplishments in the Little Box of Crochet community, where you get access to video tutorials and the chance to sport your latest creation. This crochet subscription is for capable beginners or intermediate skill levels. Each subscription box is delivered every other month and comes packed with everything you need. Your box will include all the yarn you’ll need to make a specially chosen project, complete with a pattern book featuring lots of how-to photos. You’ll get a surprise treat in each box, which costs £37.90 plus postage. You can split the cost into two monthly payments.

Crochet Society

Best craft magazine and crochet box subscription

Crochet Society Subscription box

The Crochet Society subscription box is brought to you by one of the UK’s top craft magazine publishers, giving you oodles of inspiration with new crochet ideas and the assurance of the highest quality products in each box, which includes: quality yarn, a bespoke crochet hook, a pattern book plus a special surprise collectible gift. If you can’t read a crochet pattern, fret not, as you’ll get at least 2 hours of expert video tuition with each box, presented by resident crochet expert Sarah-Jayne Fragola of Bella Coco Crochet, who personally puts together the themed boxes for her subscribers. Baskets, blankets, hats and patterns for babies are among the crochet projects you’ll get to try your hands at. A monthly subscription with The Crochet Society costs £18.99 per month and includes free delivery. Subscribe for 12 months at a time and you’ll save up to 25% on your subscription.

Mystery Yarn Subscription Box

Best surprise all-round crochet subscription

Mystery Yarn subscription box

Choose from six subscription box options, from beginner to expert, when you subscribe for monthly deliveries of Mystery Yarn boxes from Diana’s Home of Crafts. Priced from £14, each monthly box has a colour theme. If you are a beginner and want to take your time, you can go for the ‘Basix’ subscription option to receive a skein of yarn and a stitch marker for a simple project. If you have a larger appetite for yarn, you might want to try the ‘Advanced’ and ‘Luxury’ subscription options, giving you merino or merino/nylon base 100g skein of yarn plus a stitch marker and other surprise knitting or crochet accessories.

You’ll need a Paypal account to pay for and receive reminders for your subscription, which you pay on the 15th of every month for the box to be posted by 2nd-class post on the 25th of each month.

Black Cat Custom Yarn

Best custom yarn colours subscription

Black Cat Custom Yarn subscription

Black Cat Custom Yarn makes crochet and knitting really cool! Their multi-coloured custom yarn colours come in trendy themes to make dazzling socks and other knitwear that wouldn’t look out of place at a grunge music festival or on the catwalk. Movie buffs love their Star Wars and Marvel coloured yarns, and they are continuously adding new colour combinations to their collections. Join the Yarn of the Month Club for one, three, six or 12 months at a time and get an exclusive custom yarn colour each month.

This is a yarn-only subscription so it’s really for those of you that can create (mostly socks) without the need for instructions. When you order, you have a choice of yarn types based on weight and thickness, such as fingering weight, lace weight, double knit, worsted weight, bulky and super bulky. Be aware when you order that the shipping price might seem a bit high but that’s because it covers the shipping for the duration of your subscription.

Felt Fusion Sock Yarn Club

Best sock making yarn subscription

Felt Fusion Sock Yarn Club

Make a stunning new pair of snug socks each month with a Felt Fusion Sock Yarn Club subscription. For £25 a month you’ll get a surprise 100-gram skein of variegated or semi-solid yarn, with or without a complimentary mini skein, which is enough to make a standard sized pair of socks. You might get a yarn blank or a cake of self-striping yarn along with some nylon for sock knitting plus a surprise edible treat. Each month’s yarn is a new colour but you will have to source patterns yourself.

The yarns are sock/4ply/fingering weight and will contain some nylon. The coloured yarns are hand dyed less than a month before they are shipped to subscribers to ensure you’ll always get fresh and vibrant colours. Subscribe for one, two or three months at a time. The longer you subscribe for the more you save with discount rates for long-term subscriptions.

Toft Subscriptions Bird Club

Best quirky bird crochet subscription

Toft subscriptions Bird Club

These quirky crochet birds are challenging but fun projects for competent knitters from British wool yarn supplier TOFT, which also publishes a quarterly crochet and knitting magazine. Subscribe to the Bird Club for quarterly payments of £30.00 and every three months you’ll get a new pattern created by Kerry Lord to follow along with all the luxury 100% British wool yarn you need to create your bird. As these designs are for experienced knitters, you’ll need your own 3mm crochet hook, a wool needle and a handful of polyester toy stuffing.

Hook It Yourself

Best for baby crochet

Hook It Yourself crochet subscription for baby wear

A baby on the way in your family might be the kick up the backside you needed to start doing crochet. The Hook It Yourself subscription is an ideal way to start. Each box contains the pattern and yarn plus any buttons and other embellishments needed to create a crocheted garment for a baby up to 12 months old. The pattern and yarn are a surprise but suitable for baby boys and girls.

Crochet hooks are not included in the subscription boxes but you can order one separately if you wish.

You can opt for a monthly rolling subscription or pay up front 12 months at a time. Boxes are delivered in the UK using Royal Mail Tracked & Signed Service. International shipping is also available. You’ll also get exclusive access to the Hook It Yourself VIP Facebook group, where you can get tips and advice about anything crochet related and show off your handiwork.

Crochet Me Time Monthly Subscription

Best crochet subscription with Zoom sessions

Crochet Me Time subscription

Join a monthly knit and natter session on Zoom with a subscription to Crochet Me Time, which gives you everything you need to make a small crochet item each month. You’ll get the pattern, yarn and anything else you need for the monthly knit packaged in a discrete cotton reusable drawstring bag. You’ll need your own hooks though. The optional monthly virtual crochet club via Zoom is a very informal affair, held on the first Saturday of the month from 11am to 12pm and led by Sam, who demonstrates live how to make the project in your kit. There’s plenty of time left over to chat with the other like-minded subscribers while you crochet away. The rolling monthly subscription price is just £8 per month plus £3.70 postage payable through Paypal for first-class Royal Mail delivery 7-10 days before the Saturday club Zoom session.

The Crochet Club

Best crochet blanket bundle

The Crochet Club subscription

Get a free crochet blanket bundle plus £70 worth of assorted yarns and more than 450 crochet patterns when you subscribe for monthly deliveries of the ‘Let’s Get Crafting Knitting & Crochet Magazine‘. Each issue features 40 crochet patterns and stitch guides plus advice from the pros and the large crochet and knitting community. The minimum subscription period is 3 months, which costs just under £27, or you can pay in advance for up to 10 or 20 issues, which entitles you to numerous giveaways and discount deals from the main store. The free crochet blanket bundle with your first subscription includes 6 balls of Caron Simply Soft Yarn and a Rich Ripple Crochet Afghan Pattern so you can get started right away.

Best crochet subscription boxes – The verdict

Base your crochet subscription decision on your crocheting or knitting experience. If you are just starting out, start small with simple patterns like the ones provided by The Crochet Craft Co., which is also the cheapest crochet subscription on our 2021 list. Circular designs like coasters are among the easiest. Throws, shawls and table spreads are easily achievable once you’ve got the knack (Amanda Bloom’s Little Box of Crochet; Crochet Society).

Keep in mind that most of the subscriptions don’t include a crochet hook as they come in a variety of sizes so check first and buy one separately yourself, which you can easily do at your local haberdashery or through one of the subscription services’ online stores.

If you’re already a dab-hand at crochet and want to get more creative then you should definitely try the wild bird patterns that come with the Toft crochet subscription. For making your own socks, we recommend the Black Cat Custom Yarn or Felt Fusion Sock Yarn Club.

Now get crocheting!