Best Cheese Subscription Box in the UK (2021 Update)

Blessed are the cheesemakers. They bring to our tables a plethora of flavours from green pastures with exotic ingredients and names that make you sound educated and interesting at dinner parties if you can pronounce them properly. 

The Greeks and the French are of course famous for their cheeses, especially the smelly ones, but that doesn’t make them the best by a long shot. Right here at home in the British Isles there are close to 1,000 different varieties of cheese made by independent farms and dairies, so if you are a turophile (cheese lover), our list of the best cheese subscription boxes in the UK will help you discover some of those lesser known cheeses from small producers that you won’t find at the supermarket delicatessen.

Read on to find out more about these local cheese suppliers, many of whom give you the option to choose vegetarian cheese as well as cheese made from raw milk, goat milk and sheep milk.

Ten Best Cheese Subscription Boxes in the UK

The Cheese Geek

Best subscription for cheese lovers

Cheese Geek subscription UK

The Cheese Geek subscription is the subscription for true turophiles. You get four to five different cheeses weighing 600 grams in total each month, along with information about the cheeses, pairing notes for wine and a scorecard.

The Cheese Geeks aim to give you an eclectic mix of award-winning classics along with lesser known alternatives to ensure diversity in taste and texture in each box. Sign up for a quarterly subscription and you’ll save on the cost of monthly boxes.

The Fine Cheese Co

Best seasonal cheese subscription

The Fine Cheese co subscription box

The Fine Cheese Co specializes in supplying quality cheeses, deli produce and sweet treats for weddings and other prestigious events. You can have three of their finest seasonal cheeses delivered to your door each month with a monthly subscription box containing around 600g of freshly cut individual cheeses, which is enough for six to eight people.

You’ll also get a pack of their own crackers to go with the cheeses, which are different each month.

The Cheese Society

Best farmhouse and artisan cheese subscription

The Cheese Society subscription

Run by a mother and daughter team, the Cheese Society has been in business since 1997. Founder and renowned cheese award judge, Kate O’Meara, selects five 200g cuts of seasonal, artisan cheeses from the UK and the Continent for your monthly subscription.

The family of cheese lovers are always on the lookout for new and traditional cheeses to add to their subscription service. The cheeses are wrapped and packed by hand and delivered with tasting notes.

You can subscribe for a month at a time, three months, four months, six months or a year at a time.

Paxton’s Cheese Club

Best quality cheese subscription

Paxton's Cheese Subscription

Based in London, Paxton’s Cheese Club sports royal warrants of appointment for their generations of commitment to quality. Cheeses are chosen for the season and the cheeses are sent to subscribers by overnight courier to ensure they reach you in peak condition.

Leave the choices of cheese up to the experts. All you have to do is select from a 3-month (Bronze), 6-month (Silver), or 12-month (Gold) subscription.

The Courtyard Dairy

Best award-winning cheeses

Courtyard dairy cheese subscription

The Courtyard Dairy specializes in selecting award-winning cheeses for their subscription boxes. Three different cheeses are featured in each monthly box – all of them previous award and medal-winning cheeses at The British Cheese Awards, World Cheese Awards and International Cheese Awards.

You’ll also learn about the seasonal selection of cheeses in detail from the accompanying article and tasting notes, plus you’ll get a free packet of crackers in the box too.

Sign up for a rolling 3-cheese monthly subscription and you can choose as many cheeses as you like with options to choose ‘no blue’, ‘no goat’, ‘gluten free’ and ‘vegetarian’.

The Cheese Shed

Best customizable cheese subscription box

The Cheese Shed subscription

You’ll find dozens of different soft and hard cheeses lining the walls of the Cheese Shed, and you’ll find it easy to customize your subscription with a few quick mouse clicks.

The cheese subscription boxes come in four sizes, starting with 3 cheeses (about 600g in total) and going up to 6 cheeses (about 1.2kg in total). The cheeses you get in the boxes will be a surprise selection but you can let them know your preferences (vegetarian, no goat, no blue, pregnancy friendly).

You can also add some zesty edibles to your subscription, including organic vintage cider, biscuits and chutney preserve and olives.

Bath Soft Cheese

Best bespoke organic cheese subscription

Bath Soft cheese subscription

The five bespoke cheeses from Bath Soft Cheese are hand made using traditional methods from a small herd of 160 mainly Holstein Friesian cows on Park Farm in Somerset, where no fungicides, pesticides or artificial fertilisers are used on the land; making the cheeses totally organic.

Steeped in history, the family farm dates back to 1914 and was even known to Admiral Lord Nelson. Today the farm produces five distinct varieties of cheese: Bath Soft Cheese; Wyfe of Bath; Bath Blue; Merry Wyfe of Bath; and Extra Mature Wyfe.

You can set up a six-month subscription for home delivery or get a monthly bag delivered to your door containing your choice of their cheeses. Delivery is free in he UK.

Pong Cheese

Best artisan cheese subscription

Pong Cheese subscription

The people at Pong Cheese want to introduce you to the best and smelliest cheeses they can find that are produced by leading independent and artisan cheese producers in the UK, plus the odd classic from Europe.

Cheeses like the ‘Oxford Blue’ and ‘Stinking Bishop’ are hallmarks of Pong Cheese, which is run by two cheese experts based in Bath, Somerset, who have even served their smelly cheeses in the House of Commons as well as supplying Waitrose and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

When you order from Pong Cheese you’ll get four different cheeses weighing between 50g and 200g each month.

Neal’s Yard Dairy

Best cheese subscription by weight

Neal's Yard Dairy cheese subscription

Most cheese subscriptions send you boxes of cheese totalling 600 grams but with a Cheese of the Month subscription from Neal’s Yard Dairy you get four different cheeses weighing at least 1.1kg in total.

Neal’s Yard Dairy specializes in providing subscribers with ‘hearty British farmhouse cheeses’ for entertaining, cooking or just having in the home as a snack that’s always on hand.

Subscribe for three, six or 12 months at a time and feel free to take part in the monthly live virtual tastings.

Cheese Etc.

Best variety cheese subscription

Cheese Etc subscription

Cheddar, soft, hard, blue, goat, sheep, smoked, smelly and flavoured are among the cheese options with a monthly subscription from Cheese Etc (The Pangbourne Cheese Shop).

Featured in the Independent’s Best Cheese Subscription Box 2020, the monthly subscription boxes contain a hand-picked selection of three or four cut and wrapped cheeses along with tasting notes. You can also send the boxes as gifts including a personal note to the recipient.

Cheese subscription boxes: The verdict

Even if you are a true turophile, there are likely some cheeses that you don’t like. Most of the subscription providers listed here recognize that by giving you the option to not receive blue cheeses or goat cheeses for example. Most subscription box suppliers also offer vegetarian cheese options.

If you’re looking for a consistent supply of the same cheeses each month, go for a subscription with Neal’s Yard Dairy. For the assurance of totally organic cheeses through your letterbox, we highly recommend the Bath Soft Cheese subscription box, as the farm is registered with Organic Farmers and Growers.

To try new cheeses from beyond the borders of Britain, you should subscribe for boxes from The Cheese Society.

If you want to discover an endless range of cheeses, occasionally leave your comfort zone and learn lots about the cheeses then we suggest you sign up for boxes from Pong Cheese or Cheese Geek and you’ll be a cheese connoisseur in no time.

Best Book Subscription Box in the UK (2021 Update)

You can’t beat a book subscription box for value for money. Books last for years, indeed generations, and once you’ve read them, you can pass them on for others to enjoy.

The biggest challenge is finding a book subscription which gives you a choice that fits your taste in reading material. So to make it easy for you, we’ve categorized the 11 best book subscription boxes featured here by genre to help you quickly narrow down the one that’s best for you.

Best Book Subscription Boxes in the UK

Books Plus Beer

Best book subscription for blokes

Books plus Beer subscription box

Beer Plus Books is a cracking concept for blokes that are into reading about real life and practical things with a craft beer in hand. What a way to appreciate two fine arts at the same time! You get a paperback book from your category of choice plus two cans or bottles of beer from innovative and emerging breweries in each monthly subscription box.

Subscribing is simple, which is probably a good thing for beer-loving blokes. Start by choosing from just two categories: Non-fiction and Crime. The non-fiction books are in subject areas right up the thinking man’s street, such as popular science, current affairs, business and self-development.

The books are new editions so there’s a low risk you’ll get a book that you’ve already read.

Wildwoman Book Club

Best book subscription club for women

Wildwoman book subscription

Girls, give yourself a good old pampering with subscription boxes from the Wildwoman Book Club. The themed monthly and bi-monthly boxes contain a book with a female theme along with a collection of curated self-care products put together to make your reading time a luxuriously relaxing indulgence.

In the boxes you’ll get gifts to reconnect you mind, body and spirit while you read, including products for the bath, beauty, aromatherapy and wellness. You’ll also receive a copy of the 16-page Wildwoman magazine and you might find some healthy snacks in the boxes too.

Sign up for three, six or 12 months at a time and save money on each box when you pay upfront for several months at a time.

My Chronicle Book Box

Best personalized crime book subscription box

My Chronical book subscription box

We love the personal touch you get with a Crime Fiction subscription from My Chronicle Book Box. In each monthly book box you’ll get a first-edition hardcopy signed by the author and a letter or interview with him or her, giving exclusive insight into the books.

The books are lovingly wrapped in paper and tied with string, and you’ll get a few bookish gifts from UK designers too. Get monthly subscriptions or sign up for three, six and 12 months at a time to save on your boxes.

Shelterbox Book Club

Best charitable book subscription

Shelterbox book club

Shelterbox has been providing emergency shelter to families around the world that have lost their homes from disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and wars for the past 20 years in 97 different countries.

By joining their book club for just £10 a month you contribute towards helping those disaster-hit families and in return for your charity you’ll receive a book every six weeks. The book titles are inspired by people and places in the real world who have been helped by ShelterBox.

Book Box Club

Best teen read book club

Book Box Club subscription box

The Book Box Club is an excellent avenue for teens to get their noses into books instead of gawking at phone screens but they make the transition easy for social media addicts with short attention spans by having a dynamic online presence that keeps their young subscribers engaged and looking forward to the next book box.

The themed boxes are sent out each month containing a book aimed at young adult readers along with a selection of unique themed goodies. Subscribers are also invited to join the Book Box Club’s exclusive online membership so they can chat with the month’s featured author and other like-minded members.

Abominable Book Club

Best horror fiction book subscription

Abominable book club subscription box

Not for the faint hearted, the Abominable Book Club wants to scare the crap out of you with heaps of horror and thriller fiction. In the monthly box you get a brand new release and a second-hand book plus one of the club’s featured magazines (Black Static, The Ghastling and Hellebore) or an independent novella.

Another novelty included in the Abominable Book Club is an exclusive bookmark featuring micro-fiction written by Owen Morgan. You also get a luxury snack made in the UK and a handful of hot drink sachets.

If you only want the books and none of the extras, sign up for the ‘Bare Bones’ subscription.

Prudence and the Crow

Best vintage & second hand book subscription

Prudence and the Crow book subscription box

We really like the personal touch that you get with the Prudence and the Crow book subscription. The aim of book curators, Abigail and Peggy is to share their love of the content and aesthetic of previously loved paperback books, which they’ve been doing for more than 20 years.

They select books just for you based on your preference in genres including Classic Fiction, Science Fiction, Classic Thriller and Classic Children’s. Subscribe for a month at a time or pay for three, six or 12 months in advance.

Rare Bird Book Club

Best no-frills random book subscription

Rare Bird Book Club subscription box

The book you receive each month from the Rare Bird Book Club is a complete surprise. You don’t have to choose a genre or tick any preference boxes. They’ll simply send you a random but carefully selected book that could be in any genre. The only thing in common with all the books in this subscription is that they each have a female protagonist, which actually opens up a whole new world of engaging reading.

Date Night With A Book

Best movie and book subscription

Date Night With a Book subscription box

Get a movie book and the DVD movie along with snacks and drinks in the Date Night With a Book monthly subscription box. Seeing a movie and reading the book are totally different experiences. This way you get to really know the story and characters more deeply than just watching it unfold on the screen, making for a much more fulfilling experience, filling in gaps in the story told in the movie.

You don’t choose the book and DVD. They do that for you, so each month’s box is a total surprise. They also throw in traditional movie night treats like popcorn, hot chocolate drink coasters and a bookmark.

What makes this the best movie and book subscription in our eyes is that you can choose to have one, two or three DVD and book titles delivered each month. Subscribe for three months, six months or a year at a time.

The Willoughby Book Club

Best books for children

The Willoughby Book Club

You can choose book subscriptions in a wide variety of genres from the Willoughby Book Club, including the usual choices such as fiction, non-fiction and crime but they also offer subscriptions for more niche readerships, including: natural history, gardening and food and drink.

We are really impressed with the choice of subscriptions for children, which includes subcategories for babies, toddlers, children and young adults. The Children’s subscription is aimed at 4 to 12 year olds, who will get a book a month for three, six or 12 months at a time.

Teatime Bookshop

Best variety of genres

Tea Time book subscription box

Find every genre imaginable with a Teatime Bookshop subscription. As the name of the online bookshop suggests, you can also order ethically sourced tea with your book subscription. Coffee, hot chocolate and luxury biscuits are also on the menu.

First you choose your book subscription then you choose which drink you want to go with it. You can choose to receive one, two or four books each month from the wide variety of genres, which include best sellers, vintage, historical fiction, current affairs and children’s books.

Book subscription boxes: The verdict

We don’t want to tell you which subscription is best for you. Only you can decide that. Hopefully the ones listed above give you a good starting point. If you area real bibliophile then you’ll love the extras you get with subscriptions like author interviews and goodies in the My Chronicle Book Box of crime fiction. If you’re a no-frills bookworm and enjoy books in any genre then we recommend the Rare Bird Book Club, Prudence and the Crow, or the Bare Bones subscription with the Abominable Book Club.

Best Sweet Subscription Box in the UK (2021 Update)

Fizz bombs, gobstoppers, sherbet straws, aniseed twists, pear drops, jelly babies, penny chews, lollipops, liquorice… How many sweets can you remember from those childhood trips to the sweet shop, where you were greeted by the tinkle of a bell above the door and wall-to-wall shelves stacked with jars of sweets in every imaginable shape, colour and flavour?

Many of those traditional sweet shops have disappeared from our high streets – replaced with hair salons, bistros and supermarkets – but you’ll be glad to know that you can still find those sweets of yesteryear from dedicated confectioners selling sweet subscription boxes so we’ve compiled a list of the best sweet subscriptions available in the UK, including American candies, too, plus sweet treats from Korea and South Africa.

A note to our American readers. When us Brits talk about sweets, we mean candy. And when we say crisps, we mean potato chips… But our chips are French fries.

Best sweet subscription boxes in the UK


Best 70s pick ‘n’ mix sweet subscription

Bonbonville sweets subscription

Build your own 1kg pick-and-mix pouch with a selection of Haribo penny sweets and other favourites from the 1970s like Cola Bottles, Black Jacks, pink and white Chocolate Mice and Love Hearts.

Deliveries are monthly and choosing your sweets is easy. You just add different types of sweets by the scoop on the subscription page. Twenty scoops makes a kilogram so you can get plenty of variety in your bumper variety bag. Sometimes they throw in drinks too.

Sweet Surprise Club

Best artisan sweet mix

Sweet Surprise subscription box

This artisan sweet subscription box is for you if you want to experience rarer brands of British sweets and desserts – the kind that would look right at home on an antique tea trolly with elevenses or afternoon tea.

Explore new sweet treats every month exclusively from premium confectionery suppliers in the UK, including fruit jams and preserves. Each monthly box is unique and contains a surprise selection of cookies, lollies, chocolates, popcorn, jam and other curious confectioneries.

Subscribe for three, six or 12 months at a time. The more months you pay for in advance, the more you save on the monthly subscription boxes.


Best South African sweets and snack subscription

Yebobox sweet subscription

Yebobox is a monthly snack subscription from South Africa – ideal if you are staying in the UK and craving snacks, sweets and teas from the Rainbow Nation. The boxes contain sweet and savoury snacks sourced from Zimbabwe and South Africa that you won’t find in British stores. Fancy some Romany Creams washed down with a cup of Five Roses Ceylon tea?

You get a choice of two box sizes; the YeboBox Mini and YeboBox Classic, which you can subscribe to receive monthly or send as a one-off gift.

Signature SeoulBox

Best Korean sweets and snacks subscription

Seoulbox sweet subscription box

Sweets and snacks from Asia are so vastly different from what we’re used to here in the UK, which makes getting a subscription box of Korean nibbles is quite an adventure in new taste experiences without having to get on a plane yourself to go and try them out.

Young teens love the K-pop culture emerging from Korea. It’s a fun mix of colour and cuteness. The monthly subscription boxes contain up to 25 authentic Korean items. Not only hand-picked snacks and sweets but K-pop merch, too. A 12-page tasting guide also comes with the box sent directly from Korea, which takes about two weeks to arrive at your door in the UK after ordering.

Carway’s Candy

Best pick ‘n’ mix variety box

Carways Candy sweet subscription box

Carway’s Candy monthly subscription is a purely pick-and-mix box. There are hundreds of sweets on their list to customize your box but you don’t have to bother going through them all. Just let them know a few of your favourites when you subscribe and they’ll fill up your box with a variety to suit your sweet tooth.

Easily replenish your sweet supply with this subscription, which you can have delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Update your choices any time and enjoy a regular supply of surprise sweets too.

Choco Club by Fellow Creatures

Best vegan chocolate club

Choco Club sweet subscription

The sweet subscription from the ethically oriented Choco Club by Fellow Creatures is strictly vegan plant-based chocolate with the aim of providing you with chocolate that’s harmless to animals and helps us make ethical choices.

They’ve found a way to make delicious chocolate without any dairy products in a range of weird and wonderful flavours such as Creamy Hazelnut, Salted Caramel and Raspberry White Choccy.

With a monthly subscription you get three veggie chocolate bars every four weeks.

The Old Tuck Shop

Best old school sweet subscription

The Old Tuckshop sweet subscription box

The name of this sweet subscription tells you exactly what to expect in a monthly box packed with boiled sweets and retro treats just like tuck shops round the corner from school, where they sold sweets by the pound in paper bags.

The Old Tuck Shop’s selection of sweets is vast, just like the jars of sweets lining the walls of a traditional sweet shop. They’ve got a massive pick and mix selection, too, with Barratt Fruit Salad Chews, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Foam Shrimps and more sold by the 100g.

Subscribe and they promise to send you limited edition sweets that you won’t find advertised on their online store as well.

The Sweet Club

Best British & American sweet mix

The Sweet Club subscription box

The Sweet Club lets you customize your subscription with British and American sweets plus a plethora of sweet categories, boasting a range to suit every taste.

Apart from a large selection of traditional sweet shop goodies, plus pick ‘n’ mix they’ve got specialist collections for vegans plus gluten-free and sugar-free selections.

Taffy Mail

Best exclusively American sweet subscription

Taffy Mail sweet subscription box

Taffy Mail is a sweet subscription filled with treats loved by Americans, including Twinkies, Pop Rocks and especially taffies, or what the Brits call ‘chews’. Some of the subscription boxes include good old American soda, too!

Subscribe for a monthly box of the exclusively American sweets in three box sizes: Lite, Classic and Extra. The Lite subscription box contains 4-5 American goodies. In the Classic box you get up to 10 sweet treats plus a can of American soda. In the Extra box you get up to 20 treats and at least one can of soda.

Sweet Society

Best seasonal sweet subscription

Sweet Society sweet subscription box

The Sweet Society is a monthly sweet subscription by Sweets in the City, which sends you seasonally themed boxes of hand-picked sweets each month, ideal for the office.

Expect fun fillers such as gummy bunnies for Easter and spooky trick-or-treat sweets for Halloween like fangs and eyeballs. They’ll also send you exclusive or limited edition sweets.

You can choose from two sizes of monthly subscription options: Letterbox or City Sharer with vegan options for both. The City Sharer is an ideal subscription to give you a regular supply of sweets and chews for the office. The sweets are kept fresh in separate resealable containers so you can leave out a pot at a time on the desk or reception counter.

The Great British Box

Best British sweets, chocolate and snack combo subscription

The Great British Box sweet subscription

Instead of wandering round supermarket isles pondering what to throw in your trolly, get a box of sweets and snacks delivered to your door by British Candy Box.

They offer three choices of subscription box. For a mix of sweets and snacks, including crisps, choose either the Great British Box (10 – 12 items) or the larger Ultimate British Box with up to 16 items.

In the Great British Box you’ll get 4 full-size chocolate bars, 3 smaller chocolate bars, 2 snacks or bags of crisps and 3 sweets. In the Ultimate British Box you’ll get the same as the smaller box plus a large chocolate bar and more snacks and sweets.

Sweet subscription boxes: The verdict

One of the best things about some of the sweet subscription boxes here is that they are cheap so experimenting with new flavours is inexpensive. A 100 grams of pick and mix sweets usually costs only a few pounds so a kilogram of pick and mix will cost you around £13. Check before you order whether postage is included. In most cases you need to pay a little extra for delivery.

For a touch of class and the chance to try rare finds from premium cottage brands, we recommend the Sweet Surprise Club, which promises to send you different traditional sweets and snacks each month. The fruit jams are a really nice touch.

If you are looking exclusively for chocolate then we have some recommendations on our blog for the best chocolate subscription boxes.

Best Eco Friendly Subscription Box in the UK (2021 Update)

You’ve got to jump through so many hoops to lead a totally eco-friendly lifestyle. Even if you shop for environmentally friendly products, the very act of going shopping increases your carbon footprint.

If you drive just 5km to the shops and back three times a week in a medium-sized petrol car, you belch out 6-8kg of CO2 into the air each week. That means you should be planting one tree a week to offset your carbon footprint just for going shopping.

On top of that, going from shop to shop and hunting down products that tick all the right boxes for being eco friendly is hugely time consuming and tiring, plus natural products that are kind to the environment are usually pricier than common or garden supermarket products laced with toxic chemicals.

Natural ingredients have the added benefit of giving off a much more pleasant fragrance than the usual artificial pine or floral scents found in household products.

Our list below of the top 10 eco friendly subscription boxes in the UK includes edibles, beauty products and cleaning products, plus a box to educate and entertain kids too.

Best eco friendly subscription boxes in the UK

Tea Turtle Teas

Best Fair Trade tea subscription

Tea Turtle tea subscription box

For a monthly supply of premium eco friendly tea delivered to your door, look no further than Tea Turtle Trees. The packs of loose tea that you get in each Tea Turtle subscription box are ethically sourced from Fair trade suppliers. The packaging is completely compostable too.

You get three flavour varieties from around the world each month, including breakfast, green and wild teas. That’s enough tea for two cups a day for a month. Enjoy reading the tasting notes as you relax with a calming, all-natural cuppa.

The Natural Wellness Box

Best natural health & beauty subscription box

Natural wellness box

Every two months get a themed box packed with bespoke natural wellness and beauty products sourced from premium UK suppliers.

The contents are a mix of products chosen to calm and comfort your mind, body and skin. The boxes are a wonderful way to try premium luxury products at affordable prices as you’ll pay about half the cost of buying the products individually.

Recent boxes have included exotic combos such as bath salts from Bampton House, a glowing radiance face mask, a superfood pouch and Life Armour Immunity Drops, among many other life-enhancing products.

The bi-monthly collections are released in January, March, May, July, September and November. Buy six or 12 months worth up front and you’ll save on the monthly boxes.

Green Future Box

Best plastic-free essentials for sustainable lifestyles

Green future subscription box

Every month the Green Future Box introduces you to new, essential eco-friendly products for the bathroom, kitchen and daily use, all with zero plastic packaging. You’ll be inspired by new ways to live sustainably with products that are sourced responsibly and create zero waste. Alternative edible treats are a bonus thrown in to sweeten the deal.

The boxes themselves are recyclable too. Postage is free in the UK.

Authentic House

Best eco-friendly homeware subscription box

Authentic House eco friendly subscription box

This eco-friendly subscription box was the first product launched by Authentic House in 2018 to offer a convenient and enjoyable way to discover high-end sustainable and ethical products for the bathroom, cleaning, healthcare, home, kitchen, laundry, pantry and skin care.

The box is a handy way to help you stay plastic-free and discover products for everyday use with a focus on being kind to the environment with refillable containers.


Best eco friendly utensils

Shorebox subscription box

The Shorebox is a lovely little monthly subscription box with a carefully selected collection of natural, eco friendly products for your home and your body; perhaps some soap, natural deodorant and something herbal for cleaning the home.

Subscribers get a heads up each month of three products included in the upcoming subscription box and get to choose a fourth product.

You won’t find any plastic packaging in these boxes and they plant a tree on your behalf for each box that you buy. Postage is an additional £3 per month.

Loving Earth’s Oceans

Best end-to-end eco friendly subscription box

LEO subscription box Lysander

Loving Earth’s Oceans subscription boxes are put together by award-winning environmental activist entrepreneur, Lysander Bickham, who was named ‘The Greenest Young Person in Hammersmith and received a Fulham Civic Honours award. His mission is to stop polluting the oceans with plastic by sourcing eco friendly products without plastic packaging.

Lysander and his team source the products in bulk to sell them on cheaply, so you can save money and do your bit to save the environment when you subscribe to receive the hand trialed eco-friendly products, which range from chemical-free surface cleaners to natural skin care creams.

All their deliveries are sent via a carbon neutral delivery service and they plant trees every month.

The Vegan Kind

Best eco friendly vegan subscription box

The Vegan Kind Subscription box

Get a monthly box of treats and tools for a full on vegan lifestyle with a Vegan Kind subscription Box. Each box contains munchies, vegan recipe cards and a special surprise lifestyle product, which could be anything from a cleaning spray to a bamboo toothbrush. You won’t know until you get the box.

Subscribing also entitles you to discounts on thousands of eco-friendly and vegan products and donations to animal welfare charities are made on your behalf.


Best eco friendly maternity box

Specially for expectant mums and newborns, the ecocobox Mum & Me subscription contains cruelty free and toxin free beauty products for mothers in the 2nd trimester and up to baby age two.

Delivered every two months, the boxes contain four to five items from ethical brands containing no animal products, so they are safe for vegan mothers too. Prepaying for a subscription gives you up to 10% discount.

Earthwise Kids Activities

Best kids activities subscription box

Earthwise kids activity subscription box

This is a really fun, hands-on way to get kids buzzing about the joys of nurturing nature. Inside the colourful boxes are bulbs that the little gardeners can plant and grow; one edible and one for wildlife, plus a booklet to help you make natural crafts from seasonal materials.

The whole package is made from recyclable packaging that fits through your letterbox and delivery is free in the UK.

Wearth Eco Living Subscription Box

Best eco friendly variety subscription box

Werth subscription box

The letterbox-sized Wearth Eco Living Subscription Box comes through your door containing sustainable, vegan and ethical homeware made by cottage-industry UK brands stocked at their store, which has a massive range of products to give you something special and unique with each monthly box.

Choose from two sizes delivered free in the UK. Each month’s box has a different theme but you can be sure it’ll be plastic free and create zero waste with packaging made from 90% recycled materials.


Best eco friendly cleaning subscription

Homethings subscription box

Clean bathrooms, mirrors and other shiny things around your house with a clear conscience using refillable bottles in the Homethings subscription box. Plastic free, the bottles are made of glass, and you fill them with non-toxic, vegan-friendly effervescent cleaning tabs that dissolve in water as a multi-purpose cleaner.

Once you’ve made your solution in a 500ml bottle labelled either: ‘Allthings’, Shinythings’, or ‘Baththings’, they have a shelf life of up to 12 months. How quickly you get through the tablets depends on how often and how much you clean.

Eco friendly subscription boxes: The verdict

To be sure you are buying products from an ethical supplier you can check whether they are a “certified B corporation”, which they’ll proudly display on their website if they are indeed certified. The certification is recognition of meeting the highest standards of social and environmental impact.

At The Box Hut we are passionate about sourcing ethical and environmentally friendly products. We’ve seen a boom in subscription boxes aimed at conscientious subscribers over the past year and we’re continually adding new products to the Box List.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to ask and we’ll see if we can find it for you.

Best Cocktail Subscription Box by Post (2021 Update)

Here at The Box Hut we’re all about sourcing the best food and drink subscription boxes but when you need cocktails by post it’s usually as a one-off gift or to treat yourself on a special occasion rather than a monthly subscription.

So instead of focusing only on subscription boxes in this article we’ve rounded up the 10 best cocktail boxes by post we could find in the UK. 

If you need a party pack or a comforting cocktail or two to keep safe for a rainy day, or perhaps take with you on a trip away when there are no bars nearby, read on.

If you are on the hunt for the best beer, wine or other drink subscription box ideas have a look at our article featuring the UK’s best alcohol subscription boxes.

Best Cocktail Subscription Boxes by Post

Moose The Mountain Spirit Mule Cocktail Box

Best organic cocktail spirit by post

Moose The Mountain Spirit Mule Cocktail Box

Moose is a grain-based spirit of botanical blends including mint, mountain pine, chilli, gentian and maple syrup specifically blended for mixing cocktails.

Distilled in the Austrian Alps, Moose is naturally sweet from the aromatic organic maple syrup in the concoction, tapped from trees in Quebec, making it the best organic cocktail spirit in the UK which you can get in the post.

In the Mountain Spirit Mule Cocktail Box you get a 200ml bottle of Moose Alpine Spirit, four Fever Tree ginger ales and four Fever Tree soda waters – enough to make four fizzy cocktails with really sassy flavours – plus a fresh orange, lime and mint for garnishing your home made cocktails.

Lollipop Box of Six Cocktails

Best cocktail variety box by post

Lollipop Box of Six Cocktails

The creative concoctions in the Lollipop box of six premixed cocktails in miniature bottles are guaranteed to give you a brand new taste experience.

If you’ve been to Ibiza before you’ve probably tried something similar to Lollipop’s Sunny Sangria (red wine, brandy, Triple Sec) but have you ever experienced a Flat White Bro (dark espresso, coffee liqueur, vegan Baileys) or a Tangy Paloma (tequila, ting, grapefruit)?

The box of six single-serving cocktails is too large for letterboxes but that’s also why we’ve awarded this craft cocktail collection the ‘best cocktail variety box by post’.

Each cocktail comes with its own set of special garnishes such as dried oranges, coffee beans and chilli.

Bitter Union Bitters Gift Set

Best bitters for cocktails by post

Bitter Union Bitters Gift Set

If you want to have a free hand in your cocktail creations or know a mixologist that will appreciate a gift of essential ingredients to conjure up exotic cocktails then order yourself or your friend a gift set of Bitter Union bitters.

Choose three different flavoured artisanal bitters from natural ingredients (sugar free) to be posted to you in sturdy tubes. Each 100ml bottle of cocktail bitter is enough for 35 servings and contains about 31.5% alcohol.

The choice of bitters includes: spiced orange, lemon, hop and herbs, rhubarb and hibiscus and more, which can be added to almost any kind of cocktail or blended with other mixers such as gin and tonic, Prosecco, rum and ginger beer.

Send a Negroni

Best classic cocktail for a tenner

Send a Negroni

The classic bittersweet Negroni cocktail was dreamed up in the early 20th century by Italian Count Camillo Negroni, when he asked a bartender in Florence to give his usual Americano cocktail more punch by adding gin instead of soda water.

For just £10 you can send yourself or a friend a premixed Classic Negroni with Porter’s modern classic gin, bitters and Baldoria Rosso vermouth or a Passionfruit & Guava Negroni (Sending Love Edition).

The recyclable letterbox-sized cardboard box includes a postcard with a customizable message. Delivery is free and shipped via Royal Mail within five working days. Just have some ice ready to chillax with a classic cocktail on the rocks.

Princess Prosecco Subscription Box

Best sparkling wine cocktail gift box

Princess Prosecco

Best served as a gift, even if it’s for yourself, the Princess Prosecco Subscription Box is put together to pamper with a themed box based on birthstone colours so it gets our vote as the best sparkling wine cocktail gift box.

Prosecco is on a par with Champagne. Just that it’s a sparkling wine from the foothills of the mountains in northern Italy. The Princess Prosecco has a floral aroma and delicate hints of apple, pear and citrus fruits – giving your cocktails a divine fizz with natural flavours.

Order a one-off box or go for a monthly subscription and get a bottle of 11% vol Prosecco D.O.C Spumante Extra Dry Treviso, a miniature spirit bottle and cocktail card to make two Prosecco cocktails plus some handmade artesian snacks.

Gin Lovers Gift Set

Best cocktail gift set

Gin Lovers Gift Set

The Gin Lovers Gift Set by Letterbox Gifts is a great way to get intimate with a friend as you share a passion for gin cocktails for a romantic evening in.

Inside the pearly pink box is everything you need to set the mood for an amorous evening with two 50ml bottles of Salcombe Gin (Start Point and Rosé), a tin of dried rose petals and pink peppercorns to decorate and infuse gin & tonic plus a bar of gin & tonic flavoured chocolate and glass tealights infused with citrus scents.

Microbarbox Variety Cocktail Box

Best cocktail variety box


Unboxing the Microbarbox Variety Cocktail Box is like opening up your very own mini bar with enough premium craft spirits and mixers to make four fantastic cocktails: Moscow Mule; Amaretto Fizz; Almond Cream and Raspberry Gin & Tonic.

You get a card with instructions to make each cocktail plus a surprise snack to go with your cocktail creations all very nicely packaged in a stylish box. All you need is your own cocktail shaker and of course some ice.

NIO Cocktails Build a Box

Best packaged cocktails by post

NIO Cocktails

NIO means “needs ice only”, which is all you need to prepare once you receive these square sachets of individually premixed cocktails made from premium spirits in the post.

To order, build your own customized box containing either three, six or nine cocktail sachets, which you simply tear open and pour over ice.

When you build your box you can choose classic cocktails such as Manhattan and Whiskey Sour or try something exotic and new like their Lemongrass Citrus cocktail or Brown Gold made from Bullet Bourbon, coffee and vanilla.

We think these are the best packaged cocktails by post because of the stylish but extra lightweight packaging which easily fits through your letterbox.

Salted Caramel Old-Fashioned Cocktail Experience

Best contemporary classic cocktail

Salted Caramel Old-Fashioned Cocktail Experience

This letterbox-size cocktail box from The Cocktail Man is a toolbox for creating five classic cocktails with a contemporary twist using premium spirits: Monkey Shoulder Whisky (40%) and The Cocktail Man’s own Salted Caramel Sliqueur (10%).

The bottles come nestled in a letterbox-size box along with instructions for making your cocktails with the sea salt flake garnish included plus a personal postcard from The Cocktail Man.

Mojito & Margarita Lovers Collection

Best craft cocktail box by post

Mojito & Margarita Lovers Collection

The cocktails conjured up by award-winning mixologist Pritesh Mody for the World of Zing are outstanding for the molecular wizardry he employs at his hi-tech cocktail lab in south-east London.

The Craft Cocktail Travel Pack contains four single-serve 50ml bottles of mojito and margarita cocktails premixed with bespoke bitters and liqueurs containing about 20% alcohol.

In the box you’ll get a Strawberry & Basil Mojito; Persian Lime & Nori Margarita; Pineapple & Ginger Mojito and a Hibiscus & Persian Lime Mojito.

Cocktail subscription boxes: The verdict

Having trouble deciding which is the best cocktail subscription or box by post for you? Think about what you want your cocktail experience to be, and whether you will be in when your box is delivered.

If you want to practice making your own cocktails from scratch then get a box containing separated ingredients so you can mix your own. Keep in mind that you might have to get hold of a cocktail shaker, glasses and ice if you’re going to be a mixologist.

To set a romantic mood for an intimate evening we definitely recommend the Princess Prosecco for sparkling cocktails or the elegantly wrapped Gin Lovers Gift Set.

If you are going away to a dry place where you’ll need to take your own supply of alcohol, the NIO Cocktails Build a Box is a good lightweight option to slip in your overnight bag, and the Mojito & Margarita Lovers Collection is essentially a cocktail travel pack.

Best Coffee Subscription Box in the UK (2021 Update)

Good quality coffee is an elixir procured in time-honoured tradition, requiring much patience and care to produce an aromatic hug in a mug.

You can nuke an instant coffee in a microwave in less than a minute but what a tragic end to such a precious gift from Mother Nature!

Given that coffee trees take up to five years to produce flowering fruit (coffee cherries), we should at least take the time to make a proper brew so we can really appreciate the full flavour of the beans.

Why coffee subscriptions are superior to mass-produced supermarket coffees

Even if you buy vacuum-packed whole coffee beans or ground coffee from the supermarket, you’re still missing out on the full-bodied flavours you can enjoy with coffee subscriptions sourced from independent importers and roasters. Here’s why:

Coffee harvesting is traditionally done only once a year, allowing the coffee beans to reach full maturity. Mass coffee producers often push farmers to harvest twice a year, resulting in inferior beans.

When harvesting is done by hand, the pickers select only the ripest coffee cherries, whereas all the fruits are stripped off the branches regardless of their ripeness when harvesting is done by machine.

To produce just 20 pounds of coffee beans about 100 pounds of coffee cherries have to be processed. They are either dried in the sun or fermented and then mechanically dried.

The beans are then milled, exported, roasted and ground. For the very best flavour and freshness, roasting and grinding should be left as late as possible before brewing.

Most of the coffee subscription suppliers listed here roast and grind the coffee beans just before delivery to give you a much fresher brew than coffee kept for months in warehouses and on supermarket shelves.

Read on to see our updated list of the 10 best coffee subscriptions available in the UK. If you are not a coffee person but prefer a cup of tea for a subtle pick-me-up, have a look at our list of the best tea subscription boxes.

10 best coffee subscription boxes in the UK

Pact Coffee

Best ethical coffee subscription

Pact Coffee subscription

Buying directly from farmers in 8 countries across 3 continents, Pact coffee is all about bringing fair-trade coffee to conscientious consumers in the UK that want to know the origins of their coffee are from ethical sources.

In fact, Pact Coffee claims that you can trace each bean back to the person who grew it and that the farmers are paid more than 55% above the average fair trade base price.

Make a plan to get ground or whole bean coffee by the bag (250g) or 25 Nespresso-compatible pods. Select your preferred roast, grind size and coffee range based on your choices.

Union Hand Roasted Coffee

Best freshly ground coffee subscription

Union Hand roasted coffee subscription

The coffee from Union Hand is hand-roasted on the day your subscription is posted in airtight, letterbox-friendly packages delivered directly to your door so it gets our vote for the ‘best freshly ground coffee subscription’.

Choose from 20 speciality coffees from around the world including house blends, single-origin coffees and Microlot coffees, which are limited parcels of rare and unique coffees.

The coffees are categorized in four key flavour profiles: Chocolate & Caramels; Floral & Citrus; Nuts & Spices; Fruit.

Kiss The Hippo at Home

Best coffee subscription directly from growers

Kiss the Hippo coffee subscription

With a focus on sustainability, Kiss The Hippo sources coffee beans directly from growers, mostly in Brazil, and pays their farmers at least 50% more than the Fairtrade price.

To ensure freshness, the coffee beans are sourced seasonally. They roasted in small batches 24-48 hours before delivery. 

You can choose single origin or blends to be delivered through your letterbox in 250g or 1kg bags weekly, every two weeks or monthly. And you get up to 15% off with annual subscriptions.

Rave Coffee Subscription

Best barista training coffee subscription

Rave coffee subscription

The aptly named Rave Coffee subscription schools you in everything you need to know about coffee from planting to brewing so you can rave about it like a genuine coffee connoisseur.

In a monthly subscription box you get ethically sourced beans bought at fair prices plus booklets on coffee bean growing, roasting, grinding and brewing to help you really appreciate tasting the dark nectar.

Subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months from £23.85 or just under £8 per month. If you are buying a subscription for someone else they’ll gift wrap the box for you.

Weanie Beans

Best coffee subscription for the office

Weanie Beans coffee subscription

For stocking up on a monthly supply of good coffee to keep you perked up and focused at the office we recommend the Weanie Beans Office Coffee Subscription.

Their coffee packs a powerful punch with two espresso blends to choose from. For £20 you get a 1kg bag of Scout espresso blend or the stronger, more traditional Citizen Kane blend.

You can also choose whether to have your coffee delivered as whole beans or freshly ground specifically for brewing strong espressos.

Perky Blenders 4-Week Variety Club

Best coffee blends

Perky Blenders coffee subscription

Perky Blenders gives you a tempting variety of coffee blends to chose from but if you don’t want to procrastinate over deciding between their forest, acacia and sow blends, among others, spend £26 to try all the blends with four weekly deliveries.

With this simple coffee subscription you get a different blend of freshly-roasted coffee each week. The eco-friendly boxes fit through your letterbox and contain a 200g bag of coffee, which is enough for about 11 double shots.

Chose from seven choices of grind when you order. Postage is included.

Clumsy Goat Coffee Home Subscription

Best surprise premium roast

Clumsy Goat coffee subscription

Clumsy Goat Coffee is a one-stop-shop for home and commercial coffee brewing. They supply premium beans, machines and catering equipment to retailers and wholesalers but they also offer a simple personal coffee bean subscription for everyday coffee lovers at home.

With this subscription you don’t have the rigmarole of choosing your coffee bean. They’ll supply you with a surprise premium roast each month of 250g bags of single-origin or whole bean coffee.

The only decisions you have to make are the type of grind you want, depending on your coffee brewing contraption, and whether you want weekly, fortnightly or monthly deliveries.

Batch Coffee

Best coffee for connoisseurs

Batch Coffee subscription

Batch Coffee sources speciality coffee from independent coffee roasters all over the world. We consider these batches best for coffee connoisseurs because each batch is meticulously reviewed with flavour notes and detailed information about the coffee’s origin, including details such as variety, process and elevation.

You can choose whether to have your coffee subscription delivered every fortnight with a recurring payment or you can make the following one-off payments: 3 deliveries over 6 weeks; 6 deliveries over 3 months; 12 deliveries over 6 months.

The more coffee batches you buy at a time, the more you save. Each batch comprises two 200g bags of coffee (about 25 cups), which you can choose to be delivered as whole beans or ground to suit your brewing preference.

Dog & Hat Coffee Lovers Club

Best coffee gift subscription

Dog & Hat coffee club

The Dog & Hat Coffee Lovers Club is an excellent source of whole-bean coffee as well as some unique coffee-related gifts.

We love the hand-crafted ceramic espresso cups from a trio of esteemed British potters made exclusively for this coffee club’s gift subscriptions.

As the coffee club is certified by the Speciality Coffee Association you can expect quality coffee with the assurance of expertly sourced beans and roasts from around the world.

Monthly subscription options include delivery of two, three or four 250g bags of coffee each month.

Gold Goat Tribe Coffee Beans

Best deal for long-term subscriptions

Gold Goat Tribe Coffee Beans

Gold Goat Tribe Coffee gives you a full-bodied Italian espresso style blend of coffee beans from Brazil, Columbia and Uganda at a very affordable price of £7.50 for a 227g bag (enough for about 30 cups). You also save 10% when you buy a subscription for three, six or twelve months at a time.

The Tribe blend is a medium roast of dark Arabica and Robusta beans accompanied by tasting notes.

Coffee subscription boxes: The verdict

The best subscription for you depends on your particular taste and caffeine tolerance levels, which you can easily decide based on the three main types of coffee bean.

If you enjoy a strong cup of coffee with a hefty caffeine kick you should go for a subscription of coffee made from Robusta beans, which has the most caffeine compared to other coffee types; about 2.26 grams of caffeine in every 100 grams of coffee.

Arabica is the most widely used coffee bean. It has a lower caffeine content than Robusta, containing about 1.61 grams of caffeine in every 100g of coffee.  

If you are looking for a premium brew then look for a subscription with Liberica beans, which are rarer, smoother and contain the least caffeine out of the three main types of coffee bean – about 1.23 grams of caffeine per 100g.

Originally native to western and central Africa (Liberia, Uganda and Angola), Liberica beans are now also grown in Asia, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Seychelles, the Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Malaysia. The lower yield of Liberica beans makes them pricier than the others, putting them on the premium shelf.

We are continually adding new coffee subscriptions and other products to The Box Hut. See the latest on our Box List.

Best Vinyl Subscription Box in the UK (2021 Update)

Have you got a record player gathering dust in your attic or left forgotten in the corner of granny’s living room? Get it out, brush it off and join the vinyl revival. You’re in for a really groovy trip!

We’ll forgive you if you’re under 30 and have never laid eyes on a vinyl record or heard the superior sound of an authentic analogue reproduction on an ‘old fashioned’ single or LP.

Vinyl records have been the choice medium for music since the 1930s but were eclipsed by CDs in the late 1980s as the world got hooked on the digital music revolution. Most high-street music stores had stopped stocking 7-inch singles and 12-inch albums by the 1990s, filling their shelves instead with 12-cm disks in plastic cases.

Now the virtues of vinyl are making a comeback as more music lovers get back into the groove of appreciating the full-bodied sound and tactile experience of spinning real vinyl records.

Three good reasons to get a vinyl subscription box

Vinyl records remain the ultimate way to enjoy music as they are far superior to digital formats in several ways. Here are three reasons to expand or start your own collection of singles, EPs, LPs and 12-inch records.

1. Better Sound. Any audiophile (vinyl record aficionado) will enthusiastically tell you in no uncertain terms that digital recordings simply don’t give you the warmth and richness of an analogue recording etched onto vinyl. That’s because the grooves of a vinyl record are a full-spectrum physical reproduction of the voices and instruments recorded, whereas much of that veracity is lost in compressed, digital formats.

2. Better Taste. Your taste in music and knowledge of artists past and present will dramatically improve as you get to listen to a much more diverse range of old and new releases aimed at audiophiles who really appreciate the artistic expression that goes into analogue music production for vinyl records. Bands often cut unique, limited edition vinyl recordings for aficionados and collectors as well as other formats for mass consumption.

3. Better Look & Feel. Handling and playing vinyl is a multi-sensory experience. Visually, vinyl record sleeves are canvases for amazing artwork which flesh out the musical story in the record itself. Sliding the weighty circular slab of vinyl out of its sleeve, turning it in your palms and placing it on the turntable is a tactile ceremony of appreciation before the stylus is finally placed in the groove to release the sounds within.

Best vinyl subscription boxes in the UK

Flying Vinyl

Best 7-inch vinyl subscription

Flying Vinyl

Flying Vinyl aims to bring you the best underground indie, alternative and rock tracks they can find, which they press as exclusive 7-inch vinyl analogue records with full a/b sides in spined sleeves and covered with eye-catching artwork.

Flying Vinyl works directly with artists and they press their own records. Sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription to receive five exclusive 7″ records plus an artist info booklet and music merchandise every month.

Wax & Stamp

Best vinyl subscription for new releases

Wax & Stamp vinyl subscription

Wax & Stamp bring you the latest dream pop, indie, cosmic disco, house and other obscure genres. With this vinyl record subscription you get two brand new records every month; one album and one single or EP.

You choose a monthly, quarterly or yearly package and they’ll choose the records to be sent out each month so every box is a surprise and you won’t know what you’re getting until after it’s landed on your doorstep.

Go for a yearly subscription to save 10% and by the end of the year you’ll have 24 of the year’s best releases outside the mainstream pop genres. As a subscriber you’ll also get access to a network of audiophiles with similar tastes so you can swap and share record ideas.

Stylus Vinyl

Best wine & music vinyl subscription

Stylus vinyl monthly subscription

The Stylus Experience pairs wine with music for you to enjoy an evening in, preferably with someone that’ll appreciate your tastes in both.

We think sending you a 12-inch vinyl album from a curated selection along with a bottle of wine is a brilliant idea. By time you get to the end of the album you’ll probably have gotten to the bottom of the bottle as well.

The wine and vinyl subscription is sent out monthly and you’ll get access to their online magazine as well. You don’t get to choose the wine or the album but you can select the kind of music that goes down well for you with a bottle of plonk.

When you order, just tick the box for ‘Classic’, ‘Lesser Known’, ‘Mainstream’ (latest chart hits) or ‘Alternative’ music when you set up your subscription.

You can also indicate which type of music you don’t like. If you already have an extensive record collection then this probably isn’t the subscription for you.

The Retro Co

Best retro vinyl subscription

The Retro Co vinyl subscription

The good folks in Glasgow at The Retro Co will choose three LPs from the past 60 years sourced from independent record stores around the UK for your personal taste in tunes.

Choose whether the monthly subscription is for yourself or as a gift then select three or more musical genres. Leave the rest to the retro vinyl experts to select your tunes for the month and package them professionally for delivery.

This vinyl subscription is a good money-saving option for students, who get a 20% discount off all monthly boxes.

Vinyl Wings

Best vinyl subscription for classic jazz and soul

Vinyl Wings subscription

The audiophiles at Vinyl Wings want you to discover the love for vinyl through two genres: Jazz & Soul and Classical. They are promising to add a third Rock & Blues genre soon.

At Vinyl Wings they are very passionate about music and they want to share the love with you. They spend oodles of hours listening to records before deciding which ones to recommend to their subscribers. They put paramount importance on the musical quality of their offerings to make three records per genre available to subscribers each month.

Sign up and pick two albums from the monthly selection and let them choose the third for you based on your preferences.

Vinyl Me, Please (VMP)

Best vinyl subscription with extra merch

Vinyl Me Please subscription

Every month VMP selects and presses one exclusive high-quality vinyl record for each of the four categories available: Essentials, Classics, Hip-Hop and Country.

Their mission at VMP is to celebrate and champion the culture, history and art of great albums past and present. Each subscription album comes with a story to give you deep insight into the artist and how their music impacted the music community.

We love how VMP goes the extra mile to give subscribers a wholesome phonographic experience with the extra goodies they throw in such as collectible art prints and street art stencils.

Vinyl Moon

Best abstract audio and art experience

Vinyl Moon subscription

Vinyl Moon subscriptions give you ‘the most crazy deluxe record jacket experience you’ve ever seen’ by partnering with different visual artists for each monthly release to create stunning, interactive records and covers for their subscribers.

Vinyl Moon presses their own unique, limited-edition coloured vinyl records each month by compiling a mix of their favourite music – usually an eclectic mix of genres like indie rock and electronic jams – on an LP or two, which is guaranteed to be a unique audio-visual experience.

Casa Vinyl

Best dance music subscription

Casa Vinyl dance music

Casa Vinyl caters specifically to lovers of dance music with lots of deep house, techno and disco titles to choose from, including new releases. Buy credits so you can sign up for the bronze, silver, gold or platinum subscription. The pack you choose should depend on the size of your existing record collection and how much you want it to grow over the next 12 months.

If you are an intermediate record collector with about 20 titles you can double the size of your collection over a year with the bronze subscription. Silver will add another 36 records to your collection, and if you are a serious collector with enough vinyl to open your own record store and you still have enough space, the gold and platinum subscriptions are for you.

Vinyl subscription boxes: The verdict

In the past you could spend hours ambling along the isles in record stores perusing the plethora of vinyl titles on display before eventually handing over your hard-earned cash; hoping you’d made the right choice.

Vinyl rarely disappoints but having such a vast choice at your fingertips from these online record stores can be even more overwhelming than picking a copy in a brick-and-mortar  store.

If you want to relive the popular sounds of the 70s, 80s and 90s, we recommend relying on the experts at The Retro, who also specialize in tapes, video games and comics. They also offer the assurance of authentic original pressings (no fakes or bootlegs).

If you are already the proud owner of an extensive vinyl collection and looking for totally unique recordings to add to your shelves we suggest you browse through the bespoke titles pressed by Vinyl Moon and Vinyl Me, Please (VMP).

If you want to be totally surprised each month and let someone else make the choices for you, try out Flying Vinyl or Wax & Stamp.

Best Face Mask Subscription Box in the UK (2021 Update)

Your face is one of the most sensitive parts of your body and the most exposed, taking a daily beating from a barrage of pollutants everywhere you go.

Smoke, smog, dust and microscopic airborne chemical particles small enough to penetrate our pores do massive cumulative damage to skin cells; giving us dull, dry and oily complexions, and causing premature ageing.

The good news is that even with our hectic lifestyles, you can easily halt the pernicious onslaught of pollutants on your skin and reverse the ageing process with a rejuvenating sheet mask, the latest advancements in Korean skincare (K-Beauty) to restore a youthful glow to your complexion.

K-beauty sheet masks are a simple no-mess alternative to slathering on a traditional cream face mask and waiting hours for it to dry. The thin and flexible sheet masks fit snugly over your face and stay there without falling off. They have holes for your eyes, nose and mouth so you can easily carry on with your daily routine without interruption.

The face masks are made from sheets of paper, cotton, bio cellulose or hydrogel containing various cleansing and rejuvenating ingredients in a serum that’s activated and gets to work once you place the mask on your face. In less than 15 minutes you can peel off the face mask to reveal your new radiating complexion.

Here’s our updated list of the best face mask subscription boxes available in the UK in 2021. And it’s not exclusively for women. Sheet masks are ideal for men that care about their complexion too!

Best face mask subscription boxes in the UK

Mask Time Glow Starter Box

Best Korean Beauty Mask

Mask Time Glow Starter Box

Mask Time is a small team of K-beauty experts headed by cosmetic and pharmaceutical professionals. They specialize in Korean beauty products for mask addicts and newbies alike.

Their Glow Starter Box subscription gives you the K-beauty glow for a youthful look with four tried and tested sheet masks plus other surprise skincare treats delivered to your door each month.

Pay for monthly subscriptions or get discounts when you buy three, six or 12 months at a time. You’ll save more than £8 when you buy a 12-month subscription.

SOS Revitalising Sheet Masks

Best vegan face mask

Decree sheet masks

The SOS Revitalising Mask is part of the sustainable vegan skincare range from the doctor-led team of dermatology professionals at Decree.

Each subscription box contains six rose-infused bio-cellulose treatment masks to nourish and hydrate your skin when your face is feeling dry and itchy.

Dermatologically tested, the masks are instantly calming for sensitive, irritable skin and best used weekly to boost hydration and radiance.

Decree is big on sustainability, too. All the packaging is recyclable and biodegradable for guilt-free skincare.

Space Masks

Best relaxing face mask

Space Masks

These ultra relaxing self-heating Space Masks are more about making a fifteen-minute break as relaxing as a good sleep rather than offering you any specific beauty benefits. Mind you, getting a power nap in the middle of a hectic day is a great way to naturally recharge and keep bags from appearing under your eyes.

The heating process begins in the mask when you peel off the cover, exposing a thin layer of iron filings to mingle with the oxygen molecules in the air and generate heat, which invigorates your skin and also releases a calming jasmine scent that can lull you into a refreshing sleep.

Lapcos Hyaluronic Acid Derma Sheet

Best skin hydrating mask

Lapcos Hyaluronic Acid Derma Sheet

Plastering a face mask filled with hyaluronic acid on your face might sound like an extreme beauty treatment but our bodies actually produce this substance to nourish and moisturise our skin.

The hyaluronic acid contained in the sheet masks is a naturally occurring sugar that holds water to help keep skin hydrated and plump.

The masks also contain Althaea rose flower extract, which is well known for helping brighten and soothe skin, making them ideal for healing dry skin.

Sheet Happens

Best variety of face sheets

Sheet Happens face mask subscription

The monthly subscription box of K-beauty face masks from Sheet Happens contains 8 to 10 carefully selected sheet masks plus a surprise goodie for your beauty routine.

Sheet Happens is the vocation of Swedish skin care and relaxation advocate, Paula, who has turned her passion for Korean skincare products into a subscription service available for delivery in the UK and EU from April 2021.

Paula chooses beauty masks which give you that ‘glass-skin’ look pioneered by Korean beauty specialists without having to spend hours using different products. After 15 minutes, the masks leave you with clean, shiny and smooth skin, which in the Swedish beauty world is also called ‘honey skin’.

Radiant Glow Set of 5 Sheet Masks

Best botanical sheet mask box

Radiant glow face mask subscription

For a dose of botanical skin therapy to give your skin a naturally healthy glow, we recommend the Radiant Glow pack of 5 sheet masks, which are packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants from fruit and plant extracts.

The exotic ingredients with wonderful scents you’ll discover in this sheet mask box include extracts from papaya leaves, kiwi, lemon, tomato and strawberry.

Simple Purifying Charcoal Sheet Mask

Best daily skin detox

Simple charcoal face mask subscription

The Simple Purifying Charcoal Sheet Mask from Korea is a chemical-free daily skin detox mask which leaves you looking and feeling fresher after 15 minutes.

Apart from natural bamboo charcoal, which is well known among Korean beauticians for its detoxifying properties, the masks also contain thyme, zinc and witch hazel.

As with all Simple skincare products, the sheet mask is Peta approved as a cruelty-free and certified vegan, containing no artificial perfumes or colours. The mask is biodegradable and the packaging is recyclable.

Vitamasques Multi-Day Packs

Best face and eye mask combo pack

Vitamasques subscription

The best multi-masking bundle we’ve found are the multi-masking packs from Vitamasques. Get a variety box for 3, 7 or 10 days’ worth of daily face care in a variety of sheet masks and eye pads.

The mix of K-beauty sheet masks and eye pads containing fruity extracts and serums help brighten lacklustre skin and detoxify pores to prevent premature ageing.

The gold eye pads are a lovely touch of luxury! Use the sheet masks and eye pads daily for up to 15 minutes at a time.

Face mask subscription boxes: The verdict

Base your choice of face mask primarily on your skin type and think about how your exposed skin is affected by the environment you live and work in on a daily basis.

For oily skin

Use sheet masks with kaolin clay and charcoal to draw out and absorb the excess oils such as the Simple Purifying Charcoal Sheet Mask. Sheet masks infused with tea tree oil and citrusy essential oils are also beneficial for oily skin.

For dry skin

You need to moisturise your skin with a hydrating sheet mask like the Lapcos Hyaluronic Acid Derma Sheet.

For vegans

Sheet masks are made from either paper, cotton, bio cellulose or hydrogel. The bio cellulose sheets are made from either plant extract or human fat tissue extract. They are popular because they stick to your face easily and feed your skin with nutrients in a natural way.

If you’re a veggie or a vegan you’ll of course want to be sure your masks are plant based cellulose, which actually allows your skin to breathe while the mask is stuck on your face.

For glowing skin

For that authentic K-beauty glow that gives your skin a glassy look, we recommend experimenting with the tried and tested Mask Time Glow Starter Box.

A word of advice before using a face mask

Always follow the instructions on the face mask packets and boxes. Most of them are supposed to be worn for between 10 and 25 minutes.

Don’t leave the sheets on your face overnight or longer than specified as you could end up irritating or damaging the skin instead of healing it.  

Best Wine Subscription Boxes & Clubs UK (2021 Update)

Wine clubs predate the Internet by decades and the first wine merchants in the UK began procuring wines from around the world for their customers more than two centuries ago.

The UK’s wine subscription trend was pioneered in 1969 by wine merchant Tony Laithwaite, who would meet his customers under railway arches in central London, handing over bottles from the back of his van.

Tony and his wife Barbara went on to launch the highly successful Sunday Times Wine Club in 1973, delivering crates of wine directly to customers all over the UK and became one the country’s biggest wine merchants with their subscription services.

Laithwaites and the Sunday Times Wine Club (as well as Virgin Wines) have recently become part of the massive conglomerate Direct Wines Ltd., which today delivers wines to more than a million subscribers.

For that reason we’ve not included those mega wine merchants in our list of the best wine subscription boxes and clubs for 2021. Instead we want to focus on letting you know about the lesser-known wine merchants offering a more personal service to their subscribers.

Another significant difference between the large wine merchants and smaller independent traders is that the large organizations rely mainly on agents to supply them with their wines, whereas the smaller or more exclusive wine clubs usually bring you wines directly from the producers, making them much cheaper.

Best wine subscription boxes and clubs in the UK

Averys of Bristol

Best wine subscription directly from world class estates

Averys of Bristol Wine Subscription

To ensure you get wine deliveries from people that really know their grape varieties you can’t go wrong with a wine subscription from Averys of Bristol; one of the UK’s most historic wine merchants.

This multi-generational family run wine merchant was first established more than 220 years ago in 1793; buying wine from agents until the 1920s, when Ronald Avery began visiting wine estates to meet the winemakers and taste the wines himself.

His son, John Avery, continued to fill their wine cellars in Bristol with imports from Australia, California and New Zealand, which you can sample with quarterly deliveries of 12-bottle crates from the Averys Signature Wine Collection.

With each subscription box you’ll get tasting notes and a free bonus wine suited to your tastes. Delivery is free for orders over £200.

The Wine Society

Best variety of wine subscription plans

The Wine Society subscription box

The Wine Society is a stalwart among British wine lovers, selling a vast variety of wines from all over the world to England’s aficionados since 1874.

They pride themselves on providing honestly priced wines from their selection of more than 1,300 brands, which you can work your way through with what we consider the ‘best variety of wine subscription plans’.

You’ll have to pay extra to have small orders delivered but you get free delivery for orders of 12 or more bottles or if the total is over £75.

Wanderlust Wine

Best organic wine subscription box

Wanderlust Wine subscription

A subscription with Wanderlust Wine makes it easy to indulge in as many organic, sustainable and artisanal wines as you like every two months.

Membership choices include Silver, Gold or Platinum wine subscriptions to have between 4 and 10 bottles of wine delivered to your door every two months, which you can pay for bimonthly, every six months or annually.

Wanderlust Wine specialises in sourcing wines from small, exclusive producers. They want you to really get to know the wines and their producers so they also send subscribers complimentary tickets to tasting events, where you can meet the producers and taste their wines.

Ourglass Wine Discovery Club

Best wine subscription for personal preferences

Ourglass wine subscription

Choosing from the vast range of more than 1,500 different wines available through Ourglass would be a daunting task if it weren’t for their focus on helping you choose the wines that are just right for your taste and budget so they get our vote as the ‘best wine subscription for personal preferences’.

You can choose from three pricing tiers for monthly subscriptions. Get three bottles for £40, three to five bottles for £80, or three to six bottles for £120 per month.

The £40 per month subscription for your first three bottles is an easy way to begin that’s also easy on your wallet with selected wines which are cheap but still guaranteed to be sourced from independent producers.

With each subscription box you get tasting notes and guides to help you appreciate the wines as you progress to higher quality (and more expensive) vintages.

The Grape Reserve

Best simple wine subscription

The Grape Reserve wine subscription box

Ordering your wine subscription from The Grape Reserve couldn’t be easier so we’ve awarded them our ‘best simple wine subscription’.

For a flat rate of £34 for two bottles of plonk including free delivery you simply check the box for either two reds, two whites or one of each. You get tasting notes and recipes too in each subscription box.

If two bottles a month isn’t enough to satiate your thirst for vino you can go for the 4-bottle wine subscription for just over £61, which gives you two bottles each of red and white wines.

Naked Wines Fine Wine Club

Best affordable fine wines subscription

Naked Wines subscription

Naked Wines supplies its 300,000 club members with exclusive wines not found on supermarket shelves. Rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot, Naked Wines has etched out a unique niche among wine subscription services by inviting customers to become ‘Angel Members’ by investing £20 per month to get discounts of up to 33% on subscription boxes.

Their Fine Wine Club is the best affordable fine wines subscription we’ve found with quarterly deliveries of 6 bottles of premium wines delivered to your door under £100 per box, which works out to be under £17 a bottle.

They offer a plethora of other subscription options with big discounts for angel members including cases of seasonal reds or whites plus various mixed cases.

You get tasting notes too and exclusive access to virtual tastings with the launch of each new case.

Savage Wines

Best wine subscription with flexible options

Savage Wines subscription box

Savage Wines makes it easy for you to choose the amount of wine you want to have delivered and the frequency of your deliveries.

You can choose to have 2, 3, 6 or 12 bottles of wine delivered every month, every three months, six months or 12 months so as far as we’re concerned this is the best wine subscription with flexible options.

Another feel-good factor with Savage Wines subscriptions is their focus on sourcing wines for you from independent family run vineyards. The wine boxes are delivered in a briefcase with a handle, which also includes a wine map, tasting notes and food pairing suggestions.

You can also tune into a podcast talking you through each wine.

Corney & Barrow

Best wine subscription for beginners and connoisseurs alike

Corney & Barrow wine subscription

Corney & Barrow is another of the UK’s original wine merchants. Their more than 240 years’ worth of experience gives them stalwart status among wine aficionados with deep pockets but they also offer introductory deals for those of you beginning your journey into the world of wines on a shoestring budget.

Subscribe for bi-monthly deliveries of either the Adventurer Case for £160 per case or the Explorer Case (£240). Each case contains six bottles hand picked by the Corney & Barrow team. The Adventurer Case includes classics and emerging wines. The pricier Explorer Case comprises fine wines from the world’s best producers.

Wine subscriptions and clubs: The verdict

If you are unrehearsed in the subtle differences between a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Chardonnay or a Pinot Noir then your best bet is starting off with a wine subscription at the cheap end of the scale that gives you a broad selection of various wines along with tasting notes and information about each wine so you can gradually build your knowledge and preferences. Then you’ll be able to order more expensive wine subscription boxes with confidence.

In this regard Savage Wines gives you the most flexible options, allowing you to set up a subscription for just two bottles a month to get you started.

If you’re looking for recommendations of other alcoholic drinks such as gins, cocktails and beers then have a read of our blog article on the best alcohol subscription boxes

Best Gin Subscription Boxes & Clubs (2021 Update)

Gin is a godsend any time of year. A straight shot in the winter warms you up and a classic gin and tonic or Tom Collins cocktail makes an excellent summer sun downer.

Juniper, lemon, coriander, orange and anise are among the botanical infusions in classic gins such as London Dry and Genever but the spirit’s versatility makes it an ideal base for contemporary experimental concoctions.

Here’s our 2021 list of the best gin subscriptions from distilleries producing limited and small-batch craft gins just waiting to be discovered by discerning connoisseurs.

We’ll start with the best value gin subscription and work our way up the wobbly ladder to those reserved for exceedingly special occasions. Hopefully we won’t be too tipsy by the time we reach the top!

Some are best served straight to appreciate the dance it makes on your palate right through to the finish. Others go down best with a specific tonic mixer depending on the botanicals infused with the gin.

Best Gin Subscription Boxes & Clubs

Little Gin Box

Best value mini gin subscription box


Why buy a big bottle of gin when you can have a pair of pocket-size craft gins with exotic flavours from around the world for a fraction of the price?

Priced at just £10 per month, this is the ‘best value mini gin subscription box’. Choose a rolling subscription or subscribe for a fixed number of months to get a monthly delivery of two 50ml bottles of selected craft gins with obscure origins along with tasting notes to really appreciate the little tipples.

I Love Gin Club

Best value gin and tonic subscription box

 Love Gin Club gin and tonic subscription box

For £14 per month, including delivery, get a box of 2 mini gins from unique distilleries that you won’t find in the shops plus 2 tonics or mixers – enough to make 4 G&Ts in all – from the I Love Gin Club, which gets our vote for the ‘best value gin and tonic subscription box’.

In each subscription box you’ll get a little booklet telling you the story behind your selected gins plus garnish ideas.

So despite the low price you still get to try a monthly supply of good quality gins. Then you can use your membership to get special discounts on full-sized bottles available at their online gin store.

The Old Curiosity’s Secret Garden Gin Club

Best natural botanical gin subscription

Old Curiosity Secret Garden Gin Club subscription box

Now we’re getting into organic gin appreciation with the Secret Garden Gin Club, which we’ve awarded the best ‘natural botanical gin subscription’.

Old Curiosity’s secret garden is a real garden, where the herbs and botanicals are grown to be infused with the seasonal 100% natural gins.

The all-natural ingredients earn these craft gins the ‘best natural botanical gin subscription’ on our list. 

Each month you’ll get a unique, limited edition 20cl bottle of gin with a seasonal twist created exclusively for the gin club’s members and not available in retail stores.

The gin subscription boxes include a 50cl bottle of gin and exotic mixers, plus freshly picked garnishes from the secret garden to go with your gin. From time to time you’ll also get invitations to exclusive Secret Garden Club events.

Think Gin Club

Best gin club for learning how to make cocktails

Think Gin Club subscription box

Do you want to learn the secret to serving a perfect Plymouth or making an Old Tom gin cocktail?

We think the Think Gin Club is the best gin club for learning how to make your own cocktails. Your first subscription box includes a classy cocktail shaker to begin your gin cocktail making masterclass.

In each monthly gin box you’ll get a different full-size bottle of premium craft gin with a selection of mixers and snacks.

You’ll learn how to conjure up classic gin cocktails in a jiffy with the copy of ‘High Spirits’ magazine included in the subscription boxes featuring fun facts about the gin of the month and recipes to help you refine your mixology knowledge and skills.

You can order monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly gin subscription boxes. Each box contains a surprise gift to expand your cocktail creating toolbox.

Friday Night Gin Club

Best mini gin medley

Friday Night Gin Club subscription box

The Friday Night Gin Club lets you choose a monthly subscription for either a full-size bottle of craft gin or a four pack of mini gins for half the price (£15).

We love the variety of Great British gins you get to try when you subscribe for a monthly delivery of 4 miniature bottles (40ml) of clear and yellow gins such as Copper Star Moonshine and their ‘Forever Autumn Gin’.

As a subscriber you’ll be invited to join live tasting parties online. And if you find a mini gin that you really like you’ll get a discount when you buy full-size bottles of gin from their online store with your membership.

Craft Gin Club

Best limited edition gins subscription box

Craft Gin Club subscription box

With a Craft Gin Club monthly subscription you get a full-size bottle of one of the world’s finest small-batch gins and limited editions not available anywhere else.

Throughout the year the gin club supplies you with half a dozen British gins. The rest are from other countries so the Craft Gin Club gets our vote for delivering the ‘best limited edition gins subscription box’.

The monthly gin subscription boxes include mixers, garnishes and sweet and savoury snacks. Bi-monthly and quarterly subscriptions are also available.

Inter Gin Club

Best flexible gin subscription

Inter Gin

Unlike most subscription boxes, which are sent out to all their subscribers on fixed dates, you can order your deliveries of gin from the Inter Gin Club any day you like; every one, two or three months.

Join the Inter Gin Club to begin wading through the more than 80 gin brands including independent craft gins boasted by this gin subscription service.

The subscription boxes include a full-size bottle of genuine small craft gin, a mini 5cl bottle of gin or gin liqueur, two tonics, garnishes, nibbles and surprise gift for budding gin aficionados.

Craft56 Scottish Gin Club

Best Scottish gin subscription box

Craft56 Scottish Gin Club subscription box

A lot of premium gins are made from the pure mountain springs of the Scottish Highlands with the region’s hardy botanicals giving them full-bodied flavour.

Craft56 Scottish Gin Club is the ‘best Scottish gin subscription box’ in our opinion with their eclectic offering of small-batch craft gins exclusively from Scottish distilleries paired with Scottish tonics or mixers.

The monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly gin subscription boxes contain a 50cl or 70cl bottle of craft gin with a collectible card featuring the distillery plus sweet handmade treats paired with the gin of the month.

First-time subscribers get a free gin glass in their first subscription box.

Sipsmith Sipping Society

Best gin subscription directly from the distillery

Sipsmith Sipping Society gin subscription box

Sipsmith is a bespoke British distillery producing gin and liqueurs based on their unique London Dry Gin recipe.

This is your chance to try truly experimental gin recipes with real character such as Spiced Pumpkin Gin, Toasted Marshmallow Gin Liqueur and Musket Navy Gin, to name a few.

In our selection of the ‘best gin subscription directly from the distillery’ you get 20cl bottles of gin procured by Master Distiller Jared Brown, who talks you through the gins selected for the month and supplies tasting notes and cocktail suggestions with each subscription box.

Pay for a year’s subscription to receive six subscription boxes with the latest experimental gins over the year.

Batch Innovations Spirit Club

Best savings on a gin subscription

Batch Innovations gin subscription box

Batch innovations Spirit Club offers both gin and rum subscriptions. You can opt for a gin-only subscription to get monthly deliveries of different craft gins such as ‘Buddha’s Hand’ and ‘Pear & Blackberry Gin’ in 700ml handcrafted collectible bottles.

The longer you subscribe for free delivery of these gin boxes the more money you save. Pay for a full 12 month subscription and save £70, which is equivalent to getting two months free.

Gin subscriptions and clubs: The verdict

The world of craft gins is steeped in history dating back to the 17th Century in Britain, which ranks among the top 4 gin-drinking countries. Spain is the top gin-consuming country by the way.

Back in those gin craze days, when the drink was cheap and largely unregulated, London boasted about 7,000 gin shops until the Gin Act in 1751.

Today there are more than 361 distilleries across the country so the choice of craft gins from the UK alone is almost endless. That’s why we’d recommend going for a gin subscription which regularly introduces you to new gins.

Pairing flavoured gins with the best type of tonic is an art form requiring years of experience so if you’re new to the gin-drinking culture go for a subscription which offers you a variety of gin cocktail choices over time.

The Box Hut’s choice of gin subscriptions is growing all the time. We pride ourselves on sourcing tried and tested gin subscriptions while making it easy for you to subscribe for a period that suits you, and helps you save. See the latest additions on our Box List.

If you are not a gin drinker and looking for a different kind of tipple see our feature article on the Best Alcohol Subscription Box.