How To Maximise The Effectiveness Of Your 3PL Subscription Box – Our Guide

How To Maximise The Effectiveness Of Your 3PL Subscription Box – Our Guide

Without a reliable third-party logistics provider, your subscription business won’t be able to flourish as you planned. When you are starting, it’s common to manage order fulfilment yourself. As your business starts to grow, however, a third-party logistics provider is the best way to focus on expanding your business.

You’ve been dying to find a reliable fulfilment partner to help you meet your goals. But, there are a lot of choices out there. In this article, read on to know the best practices to maximise Your subscription box third-party logistics provider. 

Have a Clear Idea of Your desired Outcome

When you know what you want, you can prioritise things and direct your provider with clear instructions. With clarity, they are in sync with your goals and can help you achieve them. To do that, you need to get personal and share your vision. Your fulfilment partner can be able to provide the series to your customers the way you want to when they’re on the same page as you.

Recognise Your Customers’ Expectations

People have expectations. When you fail to meet them, there are consequences. You need to consider the type of service that can satisfy your customer’s fulfilment requirements. Sometimes, a quick survey is all you need to get all the necessary information. Try asking someone who fits the persona of your target market some specific questions, such as the following:

  • Can I customise my order according to my preferences?
  • Do I have the choice to add products together with my original subscription order?
  • Can you deliver my subscription order with a personalised box?

Explicitly Set Boundaries of the Scope of Work

Your logistics provider needs exact project parameters with a timeline to create a personalised action plan for your business. Communication is crucial at this point. However, a robust discussion alone is not enough. You need to have actual specifics and requirements to relay to your provider. If you’re lost, here are some of the essential information you need to tell your 3PL.

  • Frequency of orders  
  • Your sales channels  
  • A projected order volume (monthly) 
  • Your space requirements
  • Your entire order process 
  • A shipping cut-off time for orders
  • A specific deadline for order cancellations or modifications
  • Your subscriber’s addresses  
  • Any existing carrier commitments
  • Your data security requirements
  • Your desired management needs for order returns 

Make Communication an Integral Part of Your Partnership

When there’s a transparency of information, running your business and handling partnerships concurrently will be easy. Both parties need to agree with a preferred means of communication as well as the frequency and time of interactions.    

Open and routine communication helps both parties reorganise when you change a part of your business model. As a subscription company, you tend to change to adapt to the feedback of your customers. Your logistics provider should also know what changes you made to your services so they can adapt along with you.

Make Your Provider Accountable

You can do everything perfectly, yet still receive negative feedback from unsatisfied customers if they have trouble with a shipment. Although it’s not your fault, it still reflects on your business as a whole.

Key Performance Index or KPIs help measure the success of your 3PL in achieving your objectives. You can use shipment punctuality, order accuracy, inventory accuracy, and order returns efficiency as metrics to track their performance. The information can then be used to streamline logistics and ensure prompt high-quality service.

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