Best Chocolate Subscription Box UK (2021 Update)

A well chosen box of hand-crafted chocolates is a wonderfully personal way to say ‘Thank you’ or even ‘I love you’ to someone special. That special someone in need of sweet cacao comfort food might even be you!

With our pick of the best chocolate subscription boxes available in the UK for 2021 we want to introduce you to the year’s best bespoke collections of chocolate creations crafted by the many independent chocolate artisans dotted around the British Isles – about 500 at the last count.

These are bespoke chocolate boxes and bars for chocolate connoisseurs – a world far removed from the mountains of mass produced sweet treats filling supermarket isles.

The chocolate makers that we’ve featured here have a special place in the hearts of chocolate and fine food aficionados. They put love, care and generations of knowledge into each and every one of their cacao creations using authentic and often rare, exotic ingredients.

Each of the chocolate subscriptions we’ve listed here is unique and appealing in its own special way so we’ve this featured the ‘best’ chocolate subscription box or club in each of the following categories:

Best chocolate subscription boxes in the UK

The Chocolatier Subscription Box

Best healthy chocolate boxes

The Chocolatier Subscription Box

Awarded ‘best healthy chocolate boxes’, these chocolate subscription boxes of 18 water ganache truffles from The Chocolatier are very high-quality chocolates for health conscious chocoholics that are literally good for you and have even earned pride of place on the menu of a well known 1-Michelin-starred restaurant. 

The Chocolatier contains only half the calories of traditional chocolate truffles, because the makers use water instead of fatty cream or butter but you wouldn’t know any different from their exquisite tastes, which come in six exotic flavours each month.

The Chocolatier Vegan Subscription Box

Best vegan chocolate subscription box

The Chocolatier Vegan Subscription Box

Awarded ‘Best vegan chocolate subscription box’, this other healthy option from The Chocolatier is their monthly themed vegan chocolate subscription box, which opens to reveal an eclectic collection of 18 freshly made water ganache truffles and pralines in six different flavours each month.

The chocolates are made from only natural ingredients – no artificial preservatives or flavourings – yet despite not containing any dairy products they taste great and the variety of sumptuous flavours is quite a surprise. 

You can order monthly deliveries of these vegan chocolates for one month, six months or 12-months at a time from TheBoxHut.

Chococo Subscription Box

Best variety chocolate subscription box

Chococo Subscription Box

Chococo gets the award for ‘best variety chocolate subscription box’. Hailing from Dorset, the husband-and-wife artisans behind these exotic hand made chocolates use ethically sourced single origin chocolate blended with fresh local cream to create stunning chocolates in equally attractive boxes.

Chococo’s unique cacao creations such as the Dorset apple-smoked sea salt caramel and the Black Cow vodka truffle have won the ‘Great Taste Award’ and are bound to win hearts when given as a thoughtful gift.

The Truffle Club

Best truffle chocolate subscription box

The Truffle Club

These finely boxed luxury artisan chocolates from the Truffle Club are the recipient of our ‘best truffle chocolate subscription box’ award for the year. The exotic combination of all natural flavours such as juniper lemon & black pepper make the truffles an ideal gift for chocolate lovers with a taste for adventure.

The letterbox-sized subscription boxes include a free surprise gift each month and a personal message from The Truffle Club’s award-winning head chocolatier. 

Luxury Tiffin Box

Best traditional chocolate subscription box

Luxury Tiffin Box

The Luxury Tiffin Box is our choice for the ‘best traditional chocolate subscription box’. These soft wedges of freshly baked shortbread infused with Grand Marnier orange liqueur and coated in organic chocolate are a classic treat traditionally enjoyed by British Raj as they sipped tea in India.

Tiffin is essentially the colonial version of English afternoon tea served at about 3pm as a snack between lunch and dinner. The word tiffin comes from the colloquial English term ‘tiffing’, which means, to take a little drink. 

Play in Choc Subscription Box

Best kids chocolate subscription box

Play in Choc Subscription Box

This vegan-friendly subscription box wins our responsible parent vote for the ‘best kids chocolate subscription box’ with healthy chocolate treats aimed at giving kids a healthy snack as part of a stimulating educational activity with themed toys.

The six individually wrapped assorted ‘toychoc’ boxes in each subscription box contain organic, vegan, dairy-free chocolate plus a self-assembly toy for little chocolate lovers. Choose from educational and seasonal themes including Woodland Animals and Dinosaurs.

The Chocolate Society Subscription Box

Best seasonal chocolate subscription box

The Chocolate Society Subscription Box

The award for ‘best seasonal chocolate subscription box’ goes to The Chocolate Society. Their summer chocolate subscription box was voted the best Chocolate Subscription Box of the year by The Independent Newspaper.

The seasonal chocolate boxes are created by professional chocolatier Alasdair Garnsworthy, who is based in Somerset and makes only small batches of 750 limited edition boxes of chocolates each month so get your order in early avoid disappointment.

Dormouse Chocolate Bars

Best bespoke chocolate bars

Dormouse Chocolate Bars

So far we’ve only listed chocolates in boxes but here are some chocolate bars definitely worthy of a mention among our list of superior subscription boxes.

The award for ‘best bespoke chocolate bars’ goes to Dormouse Chocolates; a Manchester based bean-to-bar chocolate club sending out handcrafted chocolate bars every month with a new origin or new flavour combination in each box.

We love that they also include detailed information on the origin of the cocoa beans used in their bars.

Pure Heavenly Chocolate Club

Best chocolate bar variety

Pure Heavenly Chocolate Club

Finally for the ‘best chocolate bar variety’ award we’ve picked the Pure Heavenly Chocolate Club for its dedication to offering healthy, guilt-free indigence in a vast range of quality chocolates that never gets boring.

The subscription boxes of 80-gram bars of vegan chocolate contain 12, 16 or 20 bars in a wide variety of traditional and slightly quirky flavours with less than 4% sugar content. No palm oil is used. They are also dairy- and gluten-free. See the full range of monthly chocolate subscriptions here.

See more chocolate subscription boxes and other sweet treats which can be delivered directly to your door on The Box Hut’s Box List.

Chocolate subscription boxes: The verdict

Each of the chocolate subscription boxes we’ve listed has something special and appealing about it for different individual tastes so it would be rather presumptuous of us to say just one of them was ‘the best’ for you.

To us chocolate connoisseurs, they all look and taste great, and have all the hallmarks of quintessential traditional chocolate but it’s impossible for us to tell you exactly how they taste. The only way you can really know is to experience them for yourself.

Cheaper by the Dozen

Half the fun of having chocolate subscription boxes delivered to your door is unwrapping them to see what your personal chocolate chef has whipped up for you this month, then pondering with poised finger which one to try first and slowly appreciating the work that goes into each mouthful.

If this is your first time ordering a chocolate subscription box, why not try just one to begin with or experiment with boxes from a few different suppliers? When you find a chocolate club that you can trust to give you a nice surprise every month then you can usually save money by ordering up to 12 months at a time.

If you’re looking for a gift and want to play it safe, go for plain milk chocolate, which most British chocolate lovers say they enjoy. Chocolates filled with caramel, orange and ginger are a safe bet too with most chocoholics, while plain white chocolate is a choice that only about a third of us will go for.

We hope this helps make your gift hunting a little easier and gives you an excuse to treat yourself with chocolates that are good for you!

What is a Subscription Box? Subscription Boxes Explained

Intrigue, anticipation, elation, excitement and surprise are all part of the thrill of getting a subscription box delivered to your door. 

The arrival of a subscription box is a special occasion, just like receiving and unwrapping gifts on your birthday.

You know there’s something inside just for you that’s been wrapped by someone that cares about you and wants to make sure you enjoy every moment of opening and indulging in the products inside.

What are subscription boxes?

There are two main types of subscription boxes. The first is a convenient and often cheaper way to get regular deliveries of essential items which you usually replenish on a monthly basis, such as food ingredients and body care products from your favourite brands. 

The other reason we sign up for subscription boxes is to treat ourselves or a friend to a beautifully wrapped selection of bespoke, hand-picked products. 

As well as receiving a regular supply of rare products that you love, getting subscription boxes adds spice and adventure to your online shopping sprees as you discover new treasures and treats from far away places.

What comes in a subscription box?

You get a themed selection of goodies put together just for you, plus a surprise item or two. Your box could contain anything from a selection of chocolates and truffles to a collection of natural beauty care products infused with essential oils – unique products that you simply won’t find on supermarket shelves. 

How do subscription boxes work?

You subscribe to have an assortment of products boxed up and sent to you on a regular basis from categories including food and drink, beauty, pet supplies, arts and crafts, DIY and so on. 

Most boxes are sent out every month for as long as your subscription lasts, which is usually anywhere between three and 12 months. Of course you can order one box at a time if you like, which is wise for your first order so you can try out the products before committing to a longer subscription. 

The gimmicks that make subscription boxes attractive are that you can personalise your box and get surprise items with each delivery. The combined cost of the items is often cheaper than buying them individually and you usually get discounts for longer subscriptions.

Free delivery is usually part of the subscription service, if you are using a service in your country. 

Manage your subscription boxes with a single account

At TheBoxHut we offer free delivery to subscribers in the UK. You only need one account to manage and buy as many subscription boxes as you like. 

When you see a subscription box that tickles your fancy, register your free account and choose whether to pay monthly or every 3, 6 or 12 months. You’ll also get email updates when new subscription boxes are added to the network. 

Save money with longer subscriptions 

You can buy subscription boxes just like you do with any other product you buy online as a one-off purchase. The added attraction with most subscription boxes is that box suppliers often offer you a discount when you pay for more than a month at a time. 

Subscription boxes blossom as a good vibe business

We love buying subscription boxes for a bunch of feel-good reasons… 

It’s like the good old days when you’d go to a local specialist store stocking unique products, where the shop owner knows you by name, and knows what you like – giving you the kind of personal service that you can only find in a family-run store.

When we buy a subscription box we also know we are doing our bit to support home-grown startups run by real people with a shared passion that fosters a more personal customer relationship.

Brits are big spenders online

Online shoppers in the US have been buying subscription boxes for years, gradually procuring a cyber cottage industry into a 20% chunk of the country’s entire online retail sales.

Albeit a little late to the party, Brits have now embraced subscription boxes as a fun new way to shop online, making the UK subscription box market grow exponentially over the past few years.

Buying trend analyst Becky Postlethwaite says the subscription box industry grew by 30% in 2017 alone. Her data analysis saw spikes in subscription box sales on Black Friday, Cyber Week and in the run-up to Christmas; generating about 4.5 million visits to subscription box services.

Brits do 87% of their shopping online

The subscription box trend is growing with the increased confidence and convenience we’ve come to enjoy when shopping online. 

Excluding grocery shopping, online shoppers in the United Kingdom make more than 87% of their retail purchases online, spending an average of 39 euros at a time, which is an increase of about 10% year-on-year since 2017, according to a recent report by Ecommerce News Europe.

Britain boasts £1bn subscription box market

More than 27% of British consumers are signed up to a subscription box service, either for themselves or on behalf of somebody else. Most of them are aged 25 to 34 but more than 11% of them are aged between 55 and 64. 

The Royal Mail forecasts that the subscription box market in the UK is set to grow by a staggering 72% by 2022, almost doubling in size to £1bn.

What are the most popular subscription boxes?

Special food and meal kits are by far the most popular subscription boxes. They are a convenient and economical way to enjoy exotic regional food made from fresh ingredients that are hard to find locally, making up 37% of the UK’s subscription box market.

What’s on the menu – Venezuelan, Thai, Vegan?

Suppose you wanted to impress your friends with a spicy Thai curry. Unless you have your own tropical herb garden or a shop nearby stocking all the ingredients you need such as fresh lemongrass, fish sauce, green chili paste and coconut milk, you’ll have a hard time pulling it off. 

With a recipe subscription box you don’t have to shop around for all the different ingredients. Better still, you don’t even have to know what the ingredients are. Everything you need in a meal kit subscription box is neatly packaged in the right proportions so that you can cook up an exquisite meal like a michelin-star masterchef.

Meal kit subscription boxes are also very popular with vegans seeking something new and exciting to add to their meat-free diet. 

No matter how you slice it and dice it, meat substitutes like tofu and quorn quickly lose their appeal. Having another creative vegan put together a subscription box is a great way to spice up an otherwise bland vegetarian menu.

Men love subscription boxes too!

Beauty boxes and male grooming are the most popular subscription boxes among British buyers. Razors and shaving kits are the second biggest subscription box seller, comprising 30% of the market, closely followed by perfume and cosmetics aimed at women (about 26%).

Subscription boxes for kids and hobbyists

The growing popularity of subscription boxes means more variety as subscription box suppliers compete to come up with new and innovative niche products and packages. Arts and crafts supplies, books and other collectibles are all part of the subscription box market.

Essentially, whatever your niche, there’s a subscription box just right for you. And if you can’t find one that fits your needs, maybe it’s time to think about putting together your own subscription box and selling it online through a subscription box supplier?  

3 good reasons to buy subscription boxes

A surprise just for you or a special friend

The best reason to buy subscription boxes is knowing you’ll get something you really like, plus a special surprise from a supplier that goes the extra mile to give you something personal and wrap it like a gift from a friend that really cares. 

That personal touch with just-for-you products and brands makes subscription boxes an ideal designer gift for someone else as well.  

Cheap and convenient

Paying for several products to be boxed up especially for you often works out a lot cheaper than buying the products as individual items. It’s also a lot more convenient and much less time-consuming than going from shop to shop to buy each item, whether shopping online or in brick-and-mortar stores.   

Discover novelty products

You can be one of the first to try new, bespoke products that haven’t or won’t ever make it into regular stores. Subscription box suppliers are always hunting down new products to include to keep their customers anticipating the next delivery. 

As a subscriber to the Crime Chronicle Book Box, for example, you get a collectible signed first edition hardback book to treasure with each month’s delivery of gripping reading material.

How much is a subscription box?

Subscription boxes at TheBoxHut range from under £10 to just over £40 for monthly subscription boxes uk, where you can usually get a better deal by subscribing for three or more months at a time. 

Here are some of the most popular boxes on offer in the low, medium and high price range:

Treats from our tea curators

You can buy a month’s supply of Tea-Turtle’s ethically sourced tea in a variety of exotic flavours for two cups a day at £9.99. Each month is a new taste experience and it’s an eco-friendly way to buy tea, too, with their plastic-free packaging.

Tea Turtle Box

Deceptively Healthy Truffle Brownies

On a diet and struggling to keep yourself motivated?

Ordering a monthly supply of healthy chocolate treats is a good way to reward yourself for good behaviour. Get a 6- or 12-month supply of organic Gourmet Gianduja Truffle Brownies and you’ll save money as well as calories. 

For a one-off delivery of six freshly baked brownies topped with creamy hazelnut gianduja ganache pay £22.95. Buy a six month supply and you save yourself the cost of an entire month’s supply. Subscribe for a year and you’ll save £50 on your chocolate truffle indulgence.

Truffle selection

Selected fine wines from afar

Get the 3 Bottle Monthly Wine Subscription from Savage Vines for £44.95 a month with monthly payments or save almost £5 on your order when you buy a 3-month subscription. Get a 6-month subscription and save nearly £10 or get a 12-month subscription and save almost £40.

How to buy a subscription box

Buying a subscription box is easy. 

Browse through our box list and click on the images to see more details about the box, including monthly subscription options and prices, as well reviews from other customers. 

Set up your subscription for one month, three months or six months at a time and pay with your debit or credit card. 

Subscription boxes are delivered free of charge to anywhere in the UK. 
Once you’ve placed your order you’ll receive a confirmation email and a tracking number so you can track progress of your delivery, which usually takes 3-5 working days. There are no up front or hidden costs when you buy a subscription box with TheBoxHut.

6 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Chocolate Cravings Satisfied – Our Guide

6 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Chocolate Cravings Satisfied – Our Guide

If you’re as big of a fan of chocolate as we are, then you’d totally understand the need for this article. These delectable treats are not only delicious, but they can keep you motivated to get through your day-to-day activities! 

Chocolates, we believe, are a great source of happiness and energy, which is why having a handy stash you can easily reach for is so crucial. To help you ensure that your chocolate needs are always met, we’ve provided a few practical tips you should incorporate into your life starting now.

1. Store them properly

Many chocolates will do well at room temperature, but it’s totally fine if you prefer them to be cold. In any case, you need to be sure that they’re stored properly so that they stay at their best. This means keeping them away from other ingredients that might affect their flavour and being mindful of their expiration dates.

2. Have a secret stash

Whether at home or in the office, it’s always a good idea to have a secret stash in case others want to have a taste of your precious chocolates. Believe us, they likely will, and you need to be prepared for these occasions so that you don’t run out.

3. Keep enough variety

The world of chocolate is truly vast and full of surprises. You might have a few favourites now, but wait until you get to try the endless varieties that are out there. We recommend trying out new brands once in a while, and some services will even deliver these straight to you on a regular basis. These monthly chocolate boxes are a great way to try out new flavours, as they’re incredibly convenient—not to mention, delicious!

4. Buy ahead of time

To better ensure that you never run out, make bulk purchases of chocolate and store them in your freezer. All you need to do is keep these treats in an airtight freezer bag, and they’re guaranteed to stay fresh for many months. Again, you should be careful with the expiration dates, so label these bags accordingly so you know until when they’ll last.

5. Try out healthy choices

We all know that chocolate isn’t the most healthy thing you can eat, especially if you consume them voraciously. In this case, you can opt for vegan chocolate varieties and sugar-free alternatives. We promise that they taste great, and your teeth and waistline will surely thank you for making the choice.

6. Include them in your cooking

Packaged chocolate can definitely be used in recipes, so we encourage you to get in the kitchen and whip something up. You can find recipes almost anywhere these days, and you’ll be able to transform regular chocolate into something you can call truly your own.


Keep these tips in mind to make your chocolate habit as enjoyable as it can be. You can adopt all of these tips easily in your normal routine, and the results are definitely something to look forward to!

If you’re looking for a regular supply of chocolate, check out our sweet boxes at The Box Hut! We find the best subscription boxes available in the UK, and our gift boxes are sure to satisfy your chocolate cravings!