What You Should Know When Gifting Subscription Boxes – Our Guide

What You Should Know When Gifting Subscription Boxes – Our Guide

If you are the type of person who likes surprises, you may find subscription boxes a treat. Every month, a subscription box service provides you with a package containing new, rare, and interesting items for you to try. Some manufacturers even partner with subscription companies to release limited edition items that can only be purchased through the service.

Monthly boxes are usually centred around a theme. There are boxes for make-up fans, skincare enthusiasts, wine collectors, and more. A subscription seems like a good gift for yourself, but would it be a good idea to give it to someone else? Before signing someone up for gift boxes, you should consider the following points.

  1. Are they fond of the items or the theme?

If you think that it is awkward receiving a gift that you don’t care for, imagine receiving unwanted gifts for a whole 12 months! Before you buy someone a subscription, make sure that they’d appreciate the types of items they’ll be receiving. For example, giving a diabetic a subscription to 12 boxes full of sweets is not the best idea, and will probably end up with their family or other friends.

Likewise, you should think carefully if you want to give them an entire subscription if they only like one or two items in the box. For example, if your loved one likes drinking unique coffee blends, they wouldn’t necessarily purchase t-shirts or merchandise with coffee on it. You should carefully consider the items each box will contain.

  1. Do the quantities make sense?

The idea of a subscription service is to give you or the box recipient enough items to last a month. This means a box must be well-curated—there should be a mix of items for different purposes, and in quantities that can be reasonably consumed in the span of 30 days.

Some companies give the impression that they are providing value for money by giving much more product than a consumer can use in a month, but this shortchanges the subscriber as they might rush through supplies just to finish them in time for the next shipment.

  1. Are there options regarding subscription?

When you give someone a monthly box, the assumption should be that you are paying for these during the entire time the service will run. A quality subscription service provider would have several options for subscribing. Some places have one- three- six- and 12-month plans, giving customers the option to subscribe according to their budget or their purposes.

Also, it bears saying that there should also be an option to give the box as a gift—that is, to have them mailed directly to the recipient. The service should also be trustworthy enough to not rope unwitting recipients into subscribing beyond what you, the gift-giver, have signed up for. If they want to continue the service, you can provide them with relevant information.

  1. Are the company’s policies on cancellation clear?

Some subscription services are easy to sign up for but hard to leave. Before buying anything from a monthly box provider, check their website to see how they present their service. Is there information about shipping, cancellation, and subscription times?

A quality service will allow you to cancel at any time, and to choose the date at which your gift recipient will get the box. Check the cancellation policy for binding clauses, or for fees that a person might incur for ending the service. If the information is not provided readily, choose another service provider.


Before you sign your family or friends up for a subscription service, carefully screen the service provider. Think of your loved ones’ interests, their likelihood of consuming the items included in the boxes, and the company’s subscription and cancellation policies.

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