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View all of your active orders in one place, with the ability to view how long your customer is signed up for, how many months they have left, and view their Sub ID to easily find a specific customer.

Provide Support

Easily manage customer accounts, view and manage their subscriptions by updating their delivery details, and provide shipping information so they can track their order!

Manage your Listings

With the ability to set discounts for long term subscriptions, set a catchy headline to grab attention, and list features quickly to provide important product features quickly.

Import Reviews

We integrated Google Reviews and use this as our main review system. So as soon as you join, you can import the reviews you already have, and throughout your time on The Box Hut, any reviews you get with us are yours to keep!

why choose us?


We are currently free to use. There are no monthly fees, no acquisition costs, and no commissions. We only charge a small transaction fee per sale.


You can request access to analytics on how your product has been performing, so you can understand more about how customers interact with your products.

Evolving Platform

At the heart of our platform is you, our merchants. So it only makes sense that we build the platform around your feedback. Whether its something you love, or something you hate, we want to know.


We perform & pay for our own marketing, which means your products are promoted for free, and you only pay when you make a sale.


We're always here to help, so if there is anything you are struggling with, whether it be on our platform, or on your own website, we are happy to help!

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